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  • Almont Inland Resort
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Almont Inland Resort

J.C. Aquino Avenue Butuan City,Surigao,PH,Philippines
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Attended a Wedding Kaye F on 27/08/2017 22:07 108 Reviews
J.C. Aquino Avenue Butuan City,Surigao,PH,Philippines

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Almont Inland Resort

J.C. Aquino Avenue Butuan City,Surigao,PH,Philippines 3 Star Hotel
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Almont Inland Resort

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Almont Inland Resort

J.C. Aquino Avenue Butuan City,Surigao,PH,Philippines
#2 of 7 hotels in Butuan
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 108 reviews
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Traveller Type business(22) couples(31) solo(12) family(28) friends(9)

What People are saying

Attended a Wedding

Kaye Fon 27/08/2017 22:07

My hubby was attending his cousins wedding in Inland. The whole event was perfect though there was a bit problem with the food. It was outnumbered. But aside from that every body was having a good time.

Family 👪

Juvy Con 17/08/2017 05:36

We arrived here in almont inland resort butuan city on 13 August 2017 from London England United kingdom In the morning am not feeling well the room service in charge Lillian abarcada send the nurse in my room and the nurse is friendly too after checking me up due to a new climate every 2hrs the nurse always checking me up How's my feeling and am good after seeing the nurse..and the Zumba in the evening 6pm is very
Handy suit me because I like my Zumba Zumba.. I read some comments about mosquitoes well is any one can tell me if you come to the Philippines 🇵🇭 or any hotels very standard or 5 star 🌟 hotels no mosquitoes you can't see.. Nobody can tell me right.? So don't expect like here in the almont inland resort no mosquitoes beside I am there quest since 1997 to now 2017 August we always stays here because we all trust them.. You can leave your jewellery.. Money gadgets in my table room when you come back still there.. Mind you people is not the same what you expect when visiting this resort.. Well I am there guest since 1997 til now and next year we well come again this place.. We leave here on 28 Aug 2017.. Back to London England United kingdom..

Nice hotel but......

ron con 14/08/2017 22:29

This would have been a nice hotel but that Zumba before 6 in the morning has got to go. The room I stayed was next to the pool and they have Zumba at night around 7 pm which would have been ok but it was super loud and it was bad since my room is next to it. The Zumba in the early morning was somewhere else in the hotel but I can feel my walls thumping. Before I forget, there were mosquitoes in the room, how the heck did they get in there? I keep swatting them and more seems to come.

Deteriorating Service and Quality

Jan_travelisloveon 13/08/2017 23:06

A constant visitor since childhood, comes back every now and then when in Butuan to dine and swim at the resto/pool area but this time we experienced really something different, very disappointing. This place has changed. Prices went up which is ok given they have done something. They refurbished resto place but pool area is not well maintained. Changing/toilet, shower room needs so much improvement. They were dark, smelly and mosquito dwelling areas.

We booked the function hall for a big party but the quality and service rendered years ago is sadly not the same anymore. Paid a premium price and thought we get the service we paid for, not at all. I wouldnt mention the things here one by one. We thought of celebrating something big next year but this occassion didnt prove them worthy.

We hope management will do something.

This was one of Butuan's nicest hotel and they should preserve that.

Not great for the price!

Symphony910on 10/08/2017 11:57

The staff and reception are friendly but our room is not worth the price. Cheap looking, mosquito infested, dark standard room.
It's in the older building which is located far from the entrance and pool.
They sprayed the room to kill the mosquitoes - about 12-15 dead ones on the floor after a few minutes.
We decided to stay overnight in this hotel since it's closer to the house thinking they may have a cooler a/c but it's not better. The cabinet / closet door won't close so I had to use a bench as stopper.
Not extra outlets for our laptops and phone chargers!!!
Food is not allowed in the rooms or pay the corkage fee.
I should have checked the rooms first before booking and paying. Too late! Now I know.

On the other hand, we did stay in other rooms two years ago. That was probably a Deluxe Room with a walkout to the pool. That was a newer, cleaner, brighter room, A/C was great.
But still infested with mosquitoes!