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Ana Hotel Yonago

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十分良いホテルだけど朝食ブッフェが高過ぎでは? HiroyukiNakata on 23/02/2017 06:54 127 Reviews

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Ana Hotel Yonago

53-2 KUME-CHOYONAGO CITY,Tottori,JP,Japan 3 Star Hotel
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Ana Hotel Yonago

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Ana Hotel Yonago

#4 of 47 hotels in Yonago
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 127 reviews
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Traveller Type business(44) couples(22) solo(23) family(27) friends(8)

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HiroyukiNakataon 23/02/2017 06:54





Visited for business trip, I think good enough hotel even though not many selections in the area. Also it was happy to get free upgrade from single to double room due to occupied.

It's convenient to look for restaurants and pubs by foot around 5 minutes on the way to Yonago station.

One thing that I was surprised is price for breakfasts, because it costs usually less than 1,000 yen in bigger cities and 1,400 yen for breakfast is higher than lunch... why?

I went to convenient store to get foods.

Very good choice for Yonago

MunichEricJon 25/07/2016 19:28

I was checked- in quickly and given Room 813, facing more or less north.
My room was a bit larger than the usual standard for Japan and was well- appointed and comfortable..
A nice feature was the variable intensity reading light at bedside, with the switch placed at the edge of the fixture closest to the bed -- nice touch, I have often wondered why switch placement does not often anticipate the user’s situation -- the ANA has done it well.
The bed was comfortable, the linens and towels were high quality, and the A/C worked well. The room was quiet, even though it faced the street.
The restaurant has recently been changed to a “Beer Hall” theme. The setting is pretty plain, as it is used mostly for the breakfast service. The tables and chairs are a bit incongruous and not suited to a beer hall, but never mind that. They were serving local craft beer, Daisen, named after the nearby towering mountain. I tried the Daisen G wheat beer, and it was actually pretty good. The restaurant staff were excellent, they hopped to and anytime I wanted something they were on it in a flash. There were several sausage types, strangely affixed to bones – presumably so you could use the bone as a handle to eat it. They were three very good sausage types, and one of them, a spicy one, was fantastic, with a very long, hot burn. I would buy that back home if I could find it. Two thumbs up for the beer hall for the beer, food and service, despite its lack of character.
Breakfast was good, with an omelet chef and the usual breakfast items in a Japanese breakfast buffet. The staff were very quick and accommodating. Even a simple breakfast can feel special in Japan.
The location is a bit further away from the train station than most of the other hotels, but not so far that it is decisive. The service is decisive and definitely worth the little extra distance to get there.
Highly recommended.

I'm baffled as to how this can get an average rating of 3.5

Lorraine Eon 15/03/2016 18:06

I was a bit dubious upon check in when they offered me a choice of two types of instant coffee to have in my room. While the lobby looks nice and I thought that ANA hotels were of a better quality my room was anything but. My room #706 was very small (although this is to be expected in Japan) and it was the most basic room I've ever stayed in. The bed is lumpy and hard and I usually take the cover off but I needed it for warmth. The pillows have hard beads in them and are very high and hard. And it was like a sauna when I walked in and the only solution was to crack the window open. I started to feel claustrophobic and the window was the only saviour as I tried to upgrade but was told that the hotel was completely booked up (how? there must be a shortage of rooms in Yonago).

The bathroom is cramped and the amenities are dispensed from a three part pump system installed on the wall. But really the bedroom is the main problem.

Pros: free, fast wifi

Writing this review at 1am as I am unable to sleep because of how bad the bed is. Thankful that I am only here for one night.

A good lodging option in Yonago

BoulderTravelers5on 07/03/2015 14:23

I've stayed at 5 different hotels in the Yonago area, 2 business hotels downtown and 3 Onsen style hotels in the Kaike area.

ANA is a good downtown option.
Rooms are fairly standard for Japanese business hotel
Internet was good.
Breakfast buffet had a good selection.

Only drawback was that the hotel is a few blocks further from the central business district than others. From the train station it would be a long walk with luggage.

If staying in downtown Yonago again, I would choose the ANA.

No air conditioner and the staff replied "Yes, open the window then"

Hon Son 18/04/2014 15:06

I feel so hot sitting in my hotel room, then find out the air conditioner there is blowing hot wind actually.

I call front dress for help and they send a staff here, just to tell me to stop the air conditioner and open windows inside the room.

I ask rather it is an instance of electric outage or other technical problem. The staff there just can't explain anything in English and keeps tell us to open the windows.

I know not any issue can't be fixed, but at least you should be able to tell us what have been happened here.