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  • Anastasia Resort & Spa
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Anastasia Resort & Spa

MAIN ROAD,Halkidiki,GR,Greece
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Amazing trip! jdiego423 on 31/08/2017 06:13 118 Reviews
MAIN ROAD,Halkidiki,GR,Greece

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Anastasia Resort & Spa

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Anastasia Resort & Spa

MAIN ROAD,Halkidiki,GR,Greece 5 Star Hotel
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Anastasia Resort & Spa

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Anastasia Resort & Spa

MAIN ROAD,Halkidiki,GR,Greece
#1 of 2 things to do in Bingham
Overall Rating 4.5Rating from 118 reviews
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What People are saying

Amazing trip!

jdiego423on 31/08/2017 06:13

My family and I rafted with north country rivers a few weeks ago and our trip was amazing! Our guide chris was better than amazing. Half our group was family visiting from Portugal and primarily spoke Portuguese with very little English so there was a language barrier with some of the commands. But that wasn't a problem for our guide chris he made it a point to learn the commands he had in Portuguese so it made it super easy for everyone to paddle. We had a great vacation and will be rafting with north country again!

Cruising the Kennebec Rapics

Michele Bon 24/08/2017 01:45

River rafting was out of my comfort zone, but North Country Rivers made the day fun, funny, and exciting! Our guide, Jeremy, was awesome: He covered the serious things (safety & skills) seriously and with verve, guided a bunch of newbies through class 2 & 3 rapids with perfect timing, praised our accomplishments, and treated us to special features along the river such as waterfalls and 'surfing' spots. Our stay in the cabins was wonderful: they were clean, spacious, and comfortable. Looking forward to coming back to try other adventures!

Moose Tour - No Evening Moose :( But morning moose spotted :) /Cabin notes

REDSHOES45on 23/08/2017 18:41

The moose did not get the memo and didn't show up for the evening tour. Six of us were riding in a van looking for moose around Bingham, Maine. Our guide was very knowledgeable, but only the person in the front seat could hear what he was saying. He tried his best during the 3 hour ride to find them. I think they should have at least cleaned the van windows in case we saw one. We did see some deer and a bunny in the road. The following morning at 5:30 am my husband went out on the tour again. This time they were lucky and saw a cow with baby in the bog. My husband got some nice photos to show me when he came back. I might add that we didn't see any restaurants or hotels around this area so we ate at North Country and stayed in their cabin. That was roughing it for me. The food was what I would call 'camp food', mostly fried. They did have salads available but I opted for the chicken fingers and onion rings. My mistake. By the time we got to breakfast after the morning tour at 9 am, it was pretty old. Most of the guests eat at 7:30 before the raft tours so the powdered eggs were sitting there since 7 am. The cabin was huge (sleeps about 20 people!). It was clean and well maintained, but the bedding was old and the futon/sofa definitely needed a new futon and a new cover. Next time I would bring my own food. There was a full kitchen in the cabin. I would visit again and go on both tours (evening and morning) to increase my chances of seeing a moose.

Very cool overall

rculp1969on 14/08/2017 18:50

North Country is one of a number of companies that does rafting on the Kennenbec River. It takes a while to get the speech about this and that, get your gear and the bus ride to the take off spot which we then had to wait again as there were other groups there ....you get it...it takes more time that you'd like.
But....then the adventure begins. If you go with North Country, they have a guide named Greg who is one of their main guides...get on his raft. He's awesome. Tells you history, makes sure you hit all the big rapids, etc. When you're not in class 2, 3, and one 4 rapids, you're in a picturesque river valley...hard not to enjoy. There were chances to "go swimming" which means you get out of the boat and ride the river current just behind the rafts....very fun for those with a little more adventurous side...especially teens. They put out a tremendously tasty lunch of chix, fish, steak, veggies and cookies.
If this is your first white water rafting experience...it'll be great (once you're in the water). If you've rafted before, you'll enjoy it as well. (The Penobscot River will have more higher class rapids but it's further north)
One thing I wished they did was let you bring your own camera. Any waterproof bag worth its salt would do. They basically tell you 'no cameras' because they take pictures and videos and obviously want you to buy them at a pretty steep price. $25 for the first picture...cheaper after that. I think people should have a choice, at their own risk, of bringing their cameras.
Staying at the Sodom campground is definitely recommended if you're in the area overnight.

Camping and rafting trip

ljshankon 14/08/2017 18:31

Camped here with a 26' travel trailer for 3 nights and rafted the Kennebec river. Had a great time. the rafting was professional and safe, highly recommend it for anyone, I am slightly disabled, have a hard time walking and some back issues but I had no problem and they accommodated me (although there are some steep stairs you have to descend to get to the river start). Get one of the free loaner water proof pull overs they provide, it will help keep you warm, a wet suit is probably not needed unless you go when the temperatures are really cold. The water was a comfortable temp when we were there in August.The campground was a large field of cut grass. The RV sites are along the edge of the field and have electric, water, wifi and cable. Black water needs dumped as you leave at the dump station. The sites are close together but we had an empty site next to us during our stay which made our site seem bigger. The restaurant was nice but not special, what you would expect for being a long way from any major city. The food was good and the staff was helpful and friendly. I recommend the place, we had a good time and would go back.