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  • Antique Roman Palace
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Antique Roman Palace

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DISGUSTING FOOD Deepika k on 11/08/2017 20:36 155 Reviews

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Antique Roman Palace

OBAGOL MAH. ATATURK CAD. 31,Alanya,TR,Turkey 4 Star Hotel
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Antique Roman Palace

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Antique Roman Palace

#31 of 371 hotels in Alanya
Overall Rating 4Rating from 155 reviews
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Traveller Type business(3) couples(42) solo(10) family(61) friends(27)

What People are saying


Deepika kon 11/08/2017 20:36

We have arrived at our hotel just before 03.00 hrs, my children and I are tired, hungry and cannot wait to settle in. We arrive at the check in desk to then be told apologies we are overbooked and we will need to transfer you to another hotel and you can come back tomorrow.
>> I do not understand how this has happened I have rang the hotel a few times, arranged to have some food ready for when we arrive in the middle of the night. I explained to reception this can not happen as I have made direct contact with the hotel for various reasons. They again apologise and say it's an oversight.
>> It is 4am at this point and they have arranged for us to stay at a hotel 700m away, taxi booked to take us there and we have to take all our luggage as well. Well
>> What choice do I have??? I ask if we can have the food that we requested but they cannot provide this now.
>> We get in the taxi and I have to ask the driver if there is somewhere I can get food to feed my children at this point we all have not had a sufficient meal for nearly 12 hours.
>> I would like to add I have paid for all inclusive holiday, I am in a taxi at 4am with my children looking for food in a foreign country I have never travelled to before.
>> We find a local takeaway and pick something up to eat in the hotel we have been transferred to. We arrive at the hotel and check in and go up to the room. The check in desk advise we need to check out by 12PM and a taxi will arrive by 12PM to take us back to our hotel.
>> We go up to the room, eat and only up pack the necessary for the few hours we are in the room.
>> The next morning as we were advised we report to check out for 12pm. We were invited to eat breakfast and we gladly took the offer up.
>> After we wait in the lobby to go to our hotel, 12pm arrives no taxi driver, after waiting for 2 hours the driver arrives at 2pm. Considering the hotel is 700m away why are we waiting for so long???.
>> I'm thinking never mind must be bad luck we
>> Will enjoy when were settled in. But NO another issue we arrive at our destination the Antique Roman Palace Hotel to be told another problem, the previous guests have not vacated the room yet and we will need to wait. And the only thing the hotel can offer us is complimentary use of the room safe.
>> No offer of a different room or somewhere to store our luggage until we can get in our room.
>> Feeling quite embarrassed carting our luggage around we go and have something to eat from the restaurant. The food was disgusting. It is all Catered for Germans and Russians. Not a Turkish meal in sight. The food was bland. No toaster for even toast in the morning. I literally lived off bread. One day we got excited when we saw chicken wings however when I took a bite it was dripping red in the middle. I told the waitress that this was raw and she replies 'Oh yes our wings are unfortunately raw' This is dangerous and I couldn't help but laugh at how laid back they were!.
>> We finally get in to the room after 3pm (this is well over 12 hours plus from our original check in time)
>> We try to unpack but are absolutely exhausted.
>> I decide a rest and a shower is all I can manage but to my surprise I'm using the shower and the water stops midway!!! This has left me in awkward position as we have to try and call for help and I cannot leave with shampoo/soap all over me. The only help the hotel could offer was bottled water After about 30 mins they arrive with 3 bottles of water (please bare in mind I having been standing in a shower for over 30 minutes covered in soap now) and I'm starting to feel nauseous, head ache, stressed and generally unwell at this point. I manage the best I can with the 3 bottles of water provided and the hotel said they will arrange for someone to sort out the shower situation. An hour or so passes and I'm still not feeling good, I ask reception where the nearest doctors/chemist is and make my way there. I find the local chemist and spend 257 lira on some medication.
>> I go back to the hotel to my room and want to put my belongings in to the safe to which I now discover does not work. (I now have to carry all my belongings with me because there is no where safe to put them and the hotel can not provide a replacement).

On the final day of the holiday we had spoken to the Manager - Mr Hakan and due to our extremely late check in, he offered us our room until 3pm as our flight was not until 23:25. However at 10am a knock came on the door from House keeping advising us we needed to vacate the room so she can get it ready for the next guest. We advised her politely that we have the room until 3pm. Then the housekeeper came again at 12pm. Again we told her 3pm. At 12pm we were also called by Reception to advise us we needed to Check out and we advised the Receptionist too that Mr Hakan had told us we could stay until 3pm. Then at 14:15 we had come back from getting food and found the house keeper in our room moving our suitcases and cleaning the room. Once we entered she was shouting at us in whatever limited English she had to get out as she had just made the beds. Im sorry but if we were told we had the room till 3pm and we have continuously told her 3PM!!! why is she in our room taking our stuff out?! At this point we just left the room because we were so fed up of having the same conversation with this house keeper and went down to Reception to complain. We told Mr Hakan of what we had to deal with and he advised he will take money out of her pay cheque. This still isn't acceptable. This was clearly a communication issue between the hotel management and their staff so he should have taken responsibility for this error.

Honestly do not book this hotel. They only care about the money and not the experience of the guests.

Also their WIFI barely works. It only works in the Lobby but even that is very limited!

What I will say is the best thing about this Hotel is the Animation Team. Any questions or problems you have they will do their best to help. They make sure you have fun and we really did have the best experiences with them. Ali from the Minimarket was also very helpful. we were so depressed by the food that we decided we would eat out. Ali took it upon himself to ring up a superb restaurant and arrange a free pick up and drop off service for us. This was amazing service. The Management Team could learn a lot from them.

Looked Fab

Raymond Ton 07/08/2017 13:29

Location good.Out of town but enjoyed the short journey into Alanya.Transport great value Evening entertainment ok off the strip but after 2 weeks a bit boring .Head for the city I would suggest.Actual hotel sits opposite beach.On occasion had to wait to cross road but no hassle.Beach bar ok and served no alcohol.Again no great deal.Plenty of loungers and parasols.Staff in all departments really good.Thought some reception staff should be more informed .Green bar pleasant to sit around but old grumpy, the barman should smile more and stop moaning so much. Actually he was ok. Food good to very good.Selection definitely not 4*. Was surprised to see russians and turks waste so much food .Piled the plates high and left sometimes half of it.Rooms were again seemed to be ok.We had a suite .Smallest balcony ever had.One huge bonus ,out our entry door on the first floor and nobody used the balcony that looked right out to the front.Two sets of tables and chairs.Reckoned we had best room in the hotel .Pity jacuzzi didn't work.Advised reception but think it hadn't been working for months.Lock on balcony door also not working but again no response from hotel.All in all a good hotel that is requiring a bit of refurb.Animation team were enthusiastic but were much the same as hotels on either side .Same dance routine ,songs etc. We could see and hear them from our big balcony.
The restaurant staff did work very hard and were very pleasant .One young waitress stood out and I've lost her name.Was going back to uni .
Would I recommend this hotel .Yes, if you can put up with the less than polite russians .Afraid I won't be back but wish it well.

Worst in Alanya

Mahmut Aon 23/07/2017 10:36

I spent my worst three days in this awful hotel. I could not even eat anything because of the horrible food service. Everything is old and unhealthy. The beach which this hotel is situated in is very dirty too. The reason I post this review is because I do not want other people to make their holidays bad one. Alanya is a nice place but this hotel destroys the image and perception of Alanya.

We were happy with this house

keeperron 15/07/2017 21:18

The hotel stands - like many of its neighbours along the East beach of Alanya - next to the long coastal street what separates them from the sea. Its architecture distinguished, reflecting to the name somehow, and the design in some details follow the same way . Our arrival was late afternoon , reception fast ,perfect, informative . Rooms are good sized , comfortable enough for two, can be good for three. AC was working properly, room service OK. Beds are very comfortable, ( No 405.) Small little balkony is attached , good wiev to Alanya peninsula and to the sea, ( I think , all the rooms in the main building provides side wiev to the sea from their balkony) Restaurant and Green Bar are great, means that they offer good quality coffee variations, beer, at least one good rose, raki and soft drinks. Meals were tasty, according to my taste at least. Once , after having maybe the best turkey I ever had, spicy, roasted to the perfection, we congratulated the old chef...other meals were fine ,as well. Variety of salads, 3-4 type of olives, and fruits were on the tables all the way. They offer a good selection of local cakes, pastries, sweet foods...who liked them, told them to be delicious. I would say , food was ample , and good enough to tempt the "weaks " to eat more than enough. In the around street there are plenty of shops , groceryes , restaurants, bars, bazaars.
The staff members, with no exception , did excellent service , even under pretty pressure of the full house, I realised. The manager , Mr. Hakan ( I do hope spelling correct) is a reliable man , a kind of host you wish.
To reach the beach you have to cross the a.m. street , sometimes busy... from the neighbour hotel's front yard there is a tunnel undercrossing this street. Beach service OK, Mr. Ibrahim prepares sunbeds and parasols and runs the beach-bar...here, however the free list is shorter, no beer on it.
Cons: there is no private parking lot, you have to park on the streets around. The restaurant sometimes crowded , must wait few minutes . Tablecloths should be changed more frequently. Frontside elevator is small, at mealtimes the capacity seems to be weak. Crossing the litoral street ..I mentioned. Noisy till 10:30-11:00PM, inevitable in this kind of holyday hotels, I guess.
After all, sitting on the roof terrace with my family and friends last night , drinking the
scotch, staring towards the illuminated Alanya castle, we agreed , that were lucky to pick up this hotel , out of hundreds. Other than the hotel, Alanya itself was a (+) surprise to me, ...cleanliness, restaurants, shops, irrigated parks, etc. Last I was 25 years ago on Türkish countryside ....now it is another word

Very nice hotel

irmazulicon 19/06/2017 15:54

We stayed in this hotel on our first vacation in Turkey, 4 years ago. A very nice small hotel, the beach is across the street, pool OK, food as well.. if you wish to go to the center of Alanya you can take the local bus which stops near by..
all in all for us a very nice hotel