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  • Apartamentos Carema Aldea Playa
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Apartamentos Carema Aldea Playa

Urbanitzacio Platges De Fornells, S/n, Fornells,Mercadal,ES,Spain
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I'm here... and I wish I wasn't. .. Marie V on 02/08/2017 05:15 231 Reviews
Urbanitzacio Platges De Fornells, S/n, Fornells,Mercadal,ES,Spain

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Apartamentos Carema Aldea Playa

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Swimming Pool Gym Spa Bar Travel Desk Currency Exchange Doctor on call Luggage Storage Multilingual Outdoor tennis courts Parking Facility Pool table Sauna 24 Hour Front Desk

Apartamentos Carema Aldea Playa

Urbanitzacio Platges De Fornells, S/n, Fornells,Mercadal,ES,Spain 2 Star Hotel
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Apartamentos Carema Aldea Playa

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Apartamentos Carema Aldea Playa

Urbanitzacio Platges De Fornells, S/n, Fornells,Mercadal,ES,Spain
#3 of 5 hotels in Fornells
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What People are saying

I'm here... and I wish I wasn't. ..

Marie Von 02/08/2017 05:15

The fact that I am sitting here, still in the hotel (room 320) and writing this with three days to go until we leave speaks volumes for me.

Our holiday has been a 10 day one. We are located in the apartments in the garden complex. Initially things were OK. The apartment is smaller than expected but the bathrooms are clean. There are a lot of ants, anything even accidentally left out attracts an army of them.

The food has been excellent - no cause for complaint there. The restaurant is very, very noisy, no air con and operates on a stack it high, sell it cheap mentality. Its a bit of a free for all and younger children will probably be a bit intimidated being pushed around by hungry adults. However the food is very good - lots of fresh fruit, and breakfasts are excellent - they cater well.

The pool areas - if you hope to get a sunbed by the apartments in the complex, you should probably set a 4am alarm - I am not kidding. There are around 30 loungers for the whole apartment complex and the sunbed reservation mentality is absolutely nuts...

The main pool is better but be up by 7.30am for a spot. The poolside has one attendant who runs around all day trying to keep the area clean but it is a big task - the pool area is not as tidy, not hosed each night, so it is not very clean. Sunbeds are mainly broken on tge slats on the base, meaning the slats dig into your back all day. The main pool is heaving with people, half of whom really don't understand the concept of any form of personal space.... I realise I sound very "English" as I type that last point but be prepared - it's close quarters here. Too many people, everywhere.

There is a beach very close, but we were put off on day 1 when my husband noticed that the rain overflow from the sewage drain went directly into the sea. It had rained heavily the morning we arrived and the whole area around the village smelt of sewage. We stayed away from the sea from that point onwards.

There are good points, I am very conscious that we have both been trying to justify them to ourselves since coming here after spending 4 grand on this holiday. The staff are nice, they work very hard and they want to help.

If you are getting ready to come and reading recent reviews in peak season - be prepared for the humidity. It is at 100% right now. The place has no air conditioning (which has not been a problem for us on previous holidays). The fans are very weak. Opening windows at night is a big no - for two reasons 1) The Spanish families located in villas opposite keep (understandably) to continental time but this means kids are still in pools and shouting until nearly 2am. You close the windows and essentially you sit in a sweatbox awake until 3am when they go to sleep. However you cannot open your windows again because of 2) - the mosquitoes. They are swarming. I have never been bitten as much since I have been here. Myself and my children have been ravaged by them. We have bought every possible solution now, plug is, sprays and roll on protection and I have spent over €50 at the local supermarket trying to stop these little beasts the best I can.

I'm sitting here at 4am, having been awake all night for the 3rd night in a row, sweltering and itching and I am googling early flights home. I am completely used to holidays in a continental climate but this place at night is bloody inhumane.

It's gutting having to even think like this on the holiday you have saved for all year. I have never been on holiday counting down the days until I leave the place before but right now, here I am.... 3 days to go and counting. Its that unbearable that right now I don't want to stay another hour and I am begging my husband to leave.

If you are coming here soon, pack as much repellant as possible, bring sprays, plugs, bracelets - anything. Bring mini fans... bring sleeping tablets. Otherwise you will be a stir crazy as I am.

Lovely family holiday

Kerry Won 30/07/2017 21:06

After reading the reviews on here for the last few months, I actually posted to ask previous people if I should cancel and swap hotels - I am VERY glad I didn't.

I travelled with my hubby, sons aged 8 and 4 and our 2 year old twin girls. We stayed in the Garden Village part of the resort for 11 nights on an all inclusive basis. We initially had a ground floor room ( as requested) however, as we arrived the room was having some paint work touched up and I was a bit worried about the smell, a quick trip to reception and we were moved to a different room. 3rd floor but accessed via the road so only a few steps.

The room was fab! It was a 2 bed duplex with 2 balconys, one was a roof terrace and was huge! Very very clean and any niggles dealt with immediately. The bathroom was a bit difficult to keep dry, I have 4 children....but each day the maid (Nelly) provided new towels. Kitchenette was great for making snacks and the fridge to keep the all important wine cool! No air con, but we knew this when booking and the fans were actually really good and my skin didn't get dried out like it does with air con!

Food was great in the buffet restaurant with a different selection each day. The staff in here work so hard (as they do all over the resort!) wine and beer available on tap too with real glassware! With the all inclusive you can use the 2 restaurants on site. The Marlet Playa was horrendous, and everyone else we spoke to whilst there (and on all the reviews I have read on here!) agreed. One of the staff even argued with my husband in front of my children as I'd not eaten my meal and he demanded to know why. I was really upset by it. In comparison the Marlet Grill is fabulous! Food is fresh and service was spot on. We also tried Es Cactus and Okapi up the hill a little way, both were lovely.

The pools do get really busy, we mainly stayed at the garden pool, towels needed to be out by 7am....but we often just set up on the grass. The splash pool was a favourite of our sons but did get hot up there.

Staff throughout the resort were amazing, really attentive. Special mention to the guy that cleans the garden pool, his attention to detail was amazing and he was always so happy!

Animation staff work so so hard!! All so friendly. The pool party was a highlight for us! Take glow sticks to keep tabs on your children.

We visited lots of places using the buses that stop directly outside - Fornells, Es Mercadel, Mahon (Mao) and Son Parc.

All in all a really good quiet family resort, really glad we didn't cancel.

Carema Garden village menorca

ferg2812on 28/07/2017 08:44

The rooms are basic no mirrors in bedrooms no drawers only holes in the so called wardrobe and boiling hot as no air conditioning.Light shades were missing ants crawling everywhere shower flooded every time we used it.

Great holiday!

Julie Oon 26/07/2017 22:36

Our family of 5 have just returned from Carema Garden Village. Basic accommodation but very clean. (Bedrooms need a mirror!) We were all inclusive and the food was amazing! There is a huge variety of meat, seafood, salads, pizza etc all served in a spacious restaurant with sea views. The staff were friendly and helpful and the complex is literally on a beach. The beach is shallow and clear and our children loved it. Would highly recommend this hotel, you will love it! The only niggle was the shower..... it was literally a 'dribble'.... very difficult to wash long hair! Other than that, a beautiful hotel.

Definitely no more than a 3 star

Kimboballon 25/07/2017 17:37

We had a 2 bed apartment on the 3rd floor , I had previously requested a sea view and we had a lovely view of the bay and beach , unfortunately at least 4 times in the 10 days we were there , large groups of teens camped right on the beach outside the windows to the apartment, singing and shouting drunkenly until 4am , the hotel can do nothing unless they call police as it's a public beach and despite complaining about it , they didn't and it made it difficult to sleep as you need the windows open and the fan on or you literally are sweltering at night as no air con .
The next day that the groups were there ,they all seemed to use the pool at the garden village to wash themselves as loads used to turn up for about 20 minutes with back packs , dive in or use the pool side shower then go ! Not great for residents !
The apartments have all been recently renovated so they all look very nice , they have however the most uncomfortable beds I have ever slept in on my life - pillows too ! I wasn't the only one , loads of people were complaining of back ache every morning that we spoke to .
The lights in the pool at the garden village frequently came out of their fixings and I pulled our children out of the pool 3 times as obviously cables and lights in the water are a major concern ! The first time it ended up being fixed by someone in the pool as no one ever came to fix it ! The 3 rd time we photographed it and sent it to them to highlight the risks and it was promptly fixed .
There are nowhere near enough sunbeds , I asked twice if they had anymore as there was loads of space but no beds , they brought 6 more about 7 days in , but still there wasn't enough , approx 30 for 70 plus apartments! there seems more at the hotel though .
The buffet restaurant is very good with a good range of salads , meats and lots of choices at all 3 meals so I have to say that was really good , the staff are lovely and very friendly , the entertainment team were great with the kids and the splash park is a really good addition for younger kids , my two youngest loved it .
You get the opportunity on all inclusive to use the marlet playa restaurant and the grill if you book before , which we did once with each .
I would recommend the grill ( only available at lunch ) as it was a lovely meal with great service and friendly waiters , we really enjoyed it , the marlet playa however was terrible , with rude grumpy staff , the food was very poor quality , my pasta tasted like a packet mix ! You only get 3 choices per course and one of those is for children , honestly I wouldn't bother ! We went out for meal elsewhere one night for abit of variety and that was fabulous .
All in all we enjoyed the holiday as the beach is lovely too , but you definitely get what you pay for and weighing it all up I wouldn't go back again 😔