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Arenal Palace

DE LA IGLESIA CATOLICA DE FORTUNA 9 KM AL OESTE,Northern Mountain Zone-Arenal,CR,Costa Rica
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It was decent for the area salachic on 24/06/2017 02:48 73 Reviews
DE LA IGLESIA CATOLICA DE FORTUNA 9 KM AL OESTE,Northern Mountain Zone-Arenal,CR,Costa Rica

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Arenal Palace

DE LA IGLESIA CATOLICA DE FORTUNA 9 KM AL OESTE,Northern Mountain Zone-Arenal,CR,Costa Rica 2 Star Hotel
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Arenal Palace

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Arenal Palace

DE LA IGLESIA CATOLICA DE FORTUNA 9 KM AL OESTE,Northern Mountain Zone-Arenal,CR,Costa Rica
#11 of 38 B&Bs / Inns in La Fortuna de San Carlos
Overall Rating 4Rating from 73 reviews
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What People are saying

It was decent for the area

salachicon 24/06/2017 02:48

We were here on a tour group. This is a small family run hotel. While they were helpful during the meal times, they went to bed early and there was no one to help if you needed something later. The food was provided in an open pavilion. Everything was fresh and homemade. While friendly most of the time, the owner seemed annoyed that some students were freaked out when a large moth the size of a bird started dive bombing us during dinner. The rooms were really basic but were fine. Room safe provided. Some but not all rooms had a mini fridge. Our bathroom smelled like urine, but don't know if all of them did. I suspect it was a plumbing/pipe issue. While on clear days this hotel will have direct views of the Arenal Volcano, we were there in rainy April and it was covered in fog the whole time. Wifi is free, but signal is not good, nor consistent.

Clean, natural setting, beautiful views

in1accordon 16/05/2017 04:47

Selim, the manager, and his family made sure that we were well taken care of. The personal attention was very much appreciated. We learned a lot about the local culture, nature, animals, and food because of Selim. We were shown toucans in the trees on the property, leafcutter ants, and the fruits from the trees. Arenal Palace needs updated but it is safe and we were treated like we were the only guests and felt very at home.

Family run hotel with big rooms and big views

puffin_10on 16/12/2016 18:23

Loved this hotel, a bit tired looking, but with amazing big windows and amazing views of the volcano. Family run, care and attention was given to an amazing healthy breakfast made to order. Fruit juices were changed daily and everything freshly made. Added plus was eating all fresco surrounded by silence and nature.

Costa Rican Hospitality

ryanschoop9on 09/05/2016 19:08

Family operated business, absolutely wonderful people. Prepared great meals and made us feel like we were at home. I was traveling with a group of students (13-14 years) and they loved the place. There was enough space for them to move about, be safe, and entertained. Excellent hotel!

Super view and nice people

FearfulFlyer2on 02/05/2016 15:15

I loved this mid-range hotel, which is one of the best I stayed in in Costa Rica. It has an amazing view of the Arenal volcano, partly interrupted by trees, but with a big gap that enables those with first floor rooms to have a postcard perfect shot of the still-smoking volcano, which is a neat cone shape, the lower slopes covered in rainforest, and the top still in clouds.

The room was big - it had two double beds in with room to spare!! - with huge picture windows to make the best of the stunning outlook. It was clean with plenty of plug sockets (US type). The bathroom was clean and well maintained and had good hot running water. At nights, you did see a lot of bugs around and I shared my room every night with at least one form of insect lift that I'd really rather not have twigged was my guest! If you turn off the exterior light next to you door it may help reduce the number getting drawn into the area. Bring a mozzie net if you're really bothered - you can hang it from the headboard - as a layer of protection. However I didn't get bitten at all here so despite all the big moths and grasshoppers invading my space, at least none of them were blood sucking sorts!

The staff are really friendly and nice, with a genuine warm welcome to guests. The breakfast is great, really nice food. The first course is fresh fruit and a smoothie, followed by your choice out of a typical breakfast (rice and beans - recommended - you should have it once at least to try it out) or scrambled eggs and toast. I didn't eat here in the evenings. There is free WiFi which is a good reliable connection available in the restaurant and reception (which are next to each other). Usually I get annoyed by 'lobby only' WiFi, but in this case the reception/restaurant are very close to the rooms and have a lovely view, so you can browse the internet whilst on the lookout for hummingbirds.

All kinds of wildlife could be spotted simply in around the gardens - in two days I saw a green iguana, hummingbirds, other tropical birds, and vultures. There are often sloths in the trees alongside the road leading from it.

I'd recommend this hotel to travellers in the area looking for a good value but nice place to stay in the Arenal area. The national park is fantastic and one of my favourites in Costa Rica (which is saying something!). I think it would be nice for families as it has big grounds, a laid back and friendly atmosphere, and the big two-bed rooms.