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Artemis Princess

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Great hotel and people! King503 on 30/07/2017 20:45 164 Reviews

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Artemis Princess

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Artemis Princess

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Artemis Princess

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Artemis Princess

#33 of 371 hotels in Alanya
Overall Rating 4Rating from 164 reviews
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What People are saying

Great hotel and people!

King503on 30/07/2017 20:45

Great time spent vacation. After checking in we were guided through the hotel by Cana who signs up the guests to hamman (sauna, hammam and massage). I recommend to use this procedure immediately after the arrival before sunbathing. If you need help or you have questions Can can help you. He is a good person, talk to him. Meals on the 5th floor are sensational, the drinks on the bar are standard, the pool is sufficient. I recommend to take bike equipment and explore the area. Opposite the hotel is Cafe Diva where we spent time after closing the hotel bar, you can eat some interesting dishes. I recommend this hotel and Can.

Clean and good location, not for English

Jonathan Ton 13/07/2017 12:35

We arrived early hours on Thursday 6th July after a 3hour transfer from airport.
We got off to a bad start, wasn't offered any food after travelling all day and being knackered, receptionist spoke limited english and the guy who showed us to our room spoke none and shrugged when we asked where we could get some food and drinks, the keycard didn't work twice so after a 20 minute wait we was moved to another room on the top floor. Luckily a market across the road was open for us to buy some snacks.
Room was clean, aircon, everything you need, the TV only had 1 english channel but that didn't bother us much. Food is good, not much variety though.
Now the drinks I was a bit dissapointed with, the beer was included with all inclusive but it tasted like fizzy water most the time, no cocktails included but had coffee and vodka ( not nice )and usual soft drinks. The pool area is nice but sometimes not enough sun beds. Now the elevators, for the first building there is 3 but tiny inside, and the building with the other rooms where we stayed just had the 1, which we had to make 2 trips in for 2 of us with our baggage as it was that small. So half the time we just climbed the 4 flights of stairs to the restaurant and our room due to people waiting for lifts. Same with other reviews, we were the only English people in the hotel, again didn't bother us that much.
DO NOT buy trips from the 'rep' who visits you. We did and found out how much we had been taken for a ride with the prices. Much much cheaper elsewhere.
The WIFI is horrendous and you'll probably get connected 3 times a day if that. We didn't stay in the hotel for the entertainment at night because knowing we was the only english we didn't think we'd enjoy a russian karaoke and we didn't like the drinks.
The entertainer seemed shocked that we had come here being english, he was the highlight of the hotel and helped us loads as he spoke the most english. One thing we noticed, most of the staff in the restaurant look unhappy with life!
Theres an English bar around the corner (viking) which had entertainment and great staff.

All in all it's a good hotel, if i was to change anything I'd not go all inclusive because like i said we didn't drink much and the food was a bit repetitive but you get what you pay for. If you don't mind being the only english then you'll enjoy this nice quiet hotel.

Great fun for relaxing

Miles Hon 06/05/2017 19:30

Just spent 7 days here last minute deal on my own. It was fantastic I'm Scottish and don't know why people say not for brits. Made very welcome hotel and rooms are immaculate. and a lot of fun was had in the evening entertainment after a relaxing day by the pool. Food was great and varied. Would I come back? Defiantly it was a great deal and fantastic hotel.

If you tolerrate the smell of cat urine, you are welcome

Jože Mon 03/05/2017 17:19

For my trip to Turkey, 26 th. April to May 3rd, in my style, here comes my report:

+ a superficially clean hotel, nice rooms, safe in room, tv, phone, bathroom ok, a bit tiny (the doors hit the toilet every time), air condition in room
+not too far from the beach No.12
+a tiny, but lovely pool, no noisy animations at this time
+at the time of my stay: not overcrowded
+elevators: slow, but many of them, fine.
+ the dinnig room quite a big one, classical equiped in the 5th floor
+well maintained outside area, the pool clean, lovely building
+ a bazar street the very near
+a fine possibilitty to walk along the sea, towards Alanya, but verly long transfer to Antalya international havalimani airport… , with lots of stays on the way, collecting, picking up the passangers…

o food; so so. could be more offered to the guests. Especially fruits. Cakes, so so…

-INTERNET!!!, crashes over and over again, NO ACESS, you can get MAD. I just wonder how and what is it like, when the hotel is full of guests!!! A BIG MINUS: NO GO!!!!!
-I arrived at 3 am, had to take a COLD SHOWER; NO WARM WATER AT ALL!!!!! NO GO!!!!!! At the airport (yes, l booked a hotel tfansfer), there noone was waiting for me!!!! In the middle of the night a very not suitable occasion, never happened before!!! I was just about to call the police! Twoo young representatives of another company helped me and called to the hotel, The meeting point, several agents in order to get me to the hotel!!! NOOOOO GOOOOOO!!!!!!
- a yellow stain of sperm on a bed sheet as a welcome sign!!! Dissssssssgusting!
-quite a lot of cats out as well as inside of hotel, resting also on the reception desk for customer arrivals and procedures: NO GO!!!!
-the cats urinate inside so the smell of an urine is just teriblle! Cant imagine in summer, at hot temperatures!!! A big NO GO!!!
- the dinning room staff: to progressive towards pulling everyspoon, knife, plate, cup etc from you as soon as you are even not finished! You go for another cup of juice, you are back, your table is EMPTY!!! NO GO. They walk beside you and make you feel unconfortable, just like in prison. Not fine.
- the MOJITO beach bar charges for drinks. Not happy with that fact at all! The Sensitive Spa Premium in Bogazkent in june 2016: was really a diamond All inclusive case, even at the beach bar!
-exept reception: no foreign languages speaking staff, very sad. Not even basics…
Abstratct: despite positive conclusions l probbably will not enter this hotel any more. I can not recommend it as well. But it is you choice, because now: YOU KNOW.


Jeyhun Son 03/09/2016 17:55

Artemis Princess is a nice hotel; however, did not like its hamam, and wifi was not good. Dont buy tours from the hotel, buy them from travel agencies. We bought ours from Ministers' tours and enjoyed. It was much cheaper.