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  • Balada Nej
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Balada Nej

BD 1 DECEMBRIE 1918 12,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania
Check in 15:00
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150 Eur for room without AC... Woostritz on 03/08/2016 10:19 27 Reviews
BD 1 DECEMBRIE 1918 12,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania

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Balada Nej

BD 1 DECEMBRIE 1918 12,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania 4 Star Hotel
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Balada Nej

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Balada Nej

BD 1 DECEMBRIE 1918 12,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania
#78 of 92 hotels in Constanta
Overall Rating 2.5Rating from 27 reviews
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What People are saying

150 Eur for room without AC...

Woostritzon 03/08/2016 10:19

"Royal Hunt" style it's a matter of taste, of course. I have booked a 150 Euro room as there were not much choice for saturday night in Constanta.

I could not start Air Conditioner and informed reception desk. They tried to help but could not succeed as well. Open window was not an option at all. So, i can say it was my worse night for money.
To my surprise, morning shift at reception did not have any clue of this problem...


Anca Don 27/10/2015 12:49

I slept but one night in this hotel. Moved the next day. It was incredibly dirty, quite a shock actually, since the hotel has got 4 stars. The smell was really bad, the curtains, sheets and towels were torn and dirty. There was a thick layer of dust everywhere. Do not recommend!! Stay away!

Creepy hotel and rip off prices

Alex Mon 21/07/2015 12:11

This hotel is so 90's - but I guess this is also the last year it got a renovation or good cleaning.

To start the experience I would mention the smoke-smelling lobby, the barrier that has to be manually lifted by an old man and the all in one front desk and bar, packed with friendly communist announcements like: "customers must pay ahead stay" (once you get ti see the rest of the hotel you can understand why they have this hooker-like approach). Same with the air con remote, you have to ask for it specifically at the front desk. :)

And the ordeal continues with an elevator that does not go to your floor, some creepy stuffed dead animals all over the dark hall ways, dirty room, intermittent hot water, no mosquito nets at the windows, noisy street, poor sound insulation.

All these for over 100 eur per one weekend night.

The only decent thing about the place is the front office staff. They are trying to offer a decent experience in this creepy place.

close to Civic Center

Dana Hon 01/07/2015 14:52

We traveled for a day and we wanted to be halfway between Mamaia and the center of Constanta.
It could be a better hotel if they will not allow smoking everywhere, start the ventilation, A/C, clean the lobby and the stairs.

The restaurant is very little and there isn't any place to eat without being surrounded by smoke. When you have kids or non-smokers it is horrible to breath all that smoke. The smoke from the lobby is getting upstairs because they do not use any ventilation or A/C.

The price is good if smoke is eliminated or they use A/C.
Some front desk workers are nicer than others. A little proffesionalism didn't hurt anybody.

The sheets should be replaced with new ones, without holes.
The TV-s in the room is ancient and required assistance each time we wanted to watch it.

The phone in the room didn't work for 2 days.

Hotel in centrul civic al Constantei, raport pret-calitate bunicel!

Stefan Son 20/06/2015 18:00

Camera Regala este destul de ingrijita, baia este dotata cu cada vintage! Patul dublu este de fapt format din doua paturi mici lipite fiind complet incomod ca pentru doua persoane! Personalul este foarte lent, receptionera a emis factura intr-un sfert de ora dupa care a uitat sa ne inapoieze documentele personale pe care ni le-a cerut la cazare. Parcarea hotelului exista insa eu nu am reusit sa o accesez in 24 de ore. In concluzie, hotelul este unul decent pentru banii pe care ii percepe si zona in care se afla este destul de buna si usor accesibila in Constanta.

Royal Room is pretty good and clean, the double bed isn't a double bet at all, it consists of two single beds connected and it is not cosy at all if you are using it as a double bed! This hotel gets useful as long as you know Constanta well as it is situated near the city center. It is pretty cheap for a four star hotel and that is revealed in the quality of the services offered! The staff is kind off unproffesional and it takes them forever to issue your receipt. In over all, it is an useful hotel if you are not staying for more than one night, great transit hotel, but not as good as other 4 star hotels, so don't expect more! The breakfast consists in 3 options that involve eggs, and is not complte in any way!