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  • Bega Eforie
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Bega Eforie

Bvld Tudor Vladimirescu 9,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania
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Popular Beyond Belief bassbum on 22/04/2017 19:55 39 Reviews
Bvld Tudor Vladimirescu 9,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania

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Bega Eforie

Bvld Tudor Vladimirescu 9,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania 4 Star Hotel
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Bega Eforie

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Bega Eforie

Bvld Tudor Vladimirescu 9,Constanta-Black Sea,RO,Romania
#2 of 8 things to do in Brookville
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What People are saying

Popular Beyond Belief

bassbumon 22/04/2017 19:55

This 7 mile long Corp of Engineers impoundment has been a destination location since its impoundment in 1974. Questions have been raised occasionally about the solidity of the dam due to marshy ground below the earthwork but the Corp inspections have always found everything acceptable.
Boating is the primary recreational use. Weekends see extreme numbers of watercraft on the lake during the daylight hours. Problems on the lake were influential in getting laws passed requiring watercraft operating licenses for juveniles due to a problem with jet ski operation on the lake - a trend that went nationwide within several years.
Fishing draws individuals plus local clubs for bass tournaments. Walleye, crappie, and striped bass are the main species. Bass and Muskie are present but not the predominant species in the lake. Over the last 40 years, the lake has become eutrophic and silted in severely eliminating many of the better fishing areas.
Campgrounds( both state run and private), dockage, and a swimming beach offer additional activities on the lake. Ainsley's Café is the only food service actually on the lake during the season.
The lake is served by a variety of businesses, convenience stores, groceries, bait shops, and restaurants with in the local area.

Great Boating Fun

Mark Son 14/02/2017 05:09

Clean lake, excellent family time on the water. Great place to swim, boat,tubing,skiing. Stay and enjoy the sunset!

Brookville Lake

888marciaon 19/10/2016 16:36

Awesome lake. Very very clean. Even when the parking lot is full of trucks & trailers, when you get on the lake you feel like you're the only one out there. It's huge!!! People are so respective. Love stopping to get gas and snacks. Fishing is good. Swimming is good. ALL is good!!! Great place to spend the day!!!

Boating, beach

travelkid69on 26/09/2016 01:19

I have been going to Brookville reservoir since I was a kid. The camp ground is big, the beach is clean and also very large. Enjoy watching the boats on the lake. Good fishing, swimming, boating and camping.

Relax at picnic/overlook area

Eleanora81on 26/08/2016 01:57

When weather permits this is a great place for taking pictures and sharing time together when celebrating special occasions