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  • BEST WESTERN Alexander Motor Inn
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BEST WESTERN Alexander Motor Inn

980 MOUNT ALEXANDER ROAD,Melbourne,VC,Australia
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Basic, clean, tidy in a good location Mr_n_Master on 21/08/2017 07:11 132 Reviews
980 MOUNT ALEXANDER ROAD,Melbourne,VC,Australia

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BEST WESTERN Alexander Motor Inn

980 MOUNT ALEXANDER ROAD,Melbourne,VC,Australia 132 Reviews
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BEST WESTERN Alexander Motor Inn

980 MOUNT ALEXANDER ROAD,Melbourne,VC,Australia 3 Star Hotel
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BEST WESTERN Alexander Motor Inn

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BEST WESTERN Alexander Motor Inn

980 MOUNT ALEXANDER ROAD,Melbourne,VC,Australia
#1 of 1 hotels in Essendon
Overall Rating 3Rating from 132 reviews
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Traveller Type business(26) couples(41) solo(17) family(30) friends(10)

What People are saying

Basic, clean, tidy in a good location

Mr_n_Masteron 21/08/2017 07:11

Perhaps I'm lucky as I always get a twin, but its basically the same motel as it's always been ie can be noisy, great location (try finding another this convenient to Essendon), but has always been clean and tidy, and Yes, new Chinese owners are probably still trying to get to grips with the business. The staff were friendly, but we were warned about early closing on quiet nights, and they'd leave a key, if we'd paid by card.

By now the restaurant and bar should have reopened, though we always go down the road to get a walk and there are some great places at the junction ie bottleshop, hotel, 7/11, etc or you could go to North Essendon, but that's further.

We had 1 fault on the inbound trip, but that was fully fixed on our return (same room).
I wonder if the people complaining so much below were regulars, so the old owner treated them differently, but I'd like to think the new owners will eventually sort things out, as it's going to take time and money to fix any faulty rooms.

When checking Airbnb, and other locations, there's nothing close (ie walk) in that area, for as good a price, though couples always have far more choice.

Terrible terrible level of service

pappi88on 02/07/2017 11:18

Have stayed here several times before and have never found fault
Not sure if there has been a change of ownership but things pertaining to this accomodation have certainly deteriorated
Went to reception at 7pm lights out advertised to be open till 10 pm
Rang night bell rang internal and external lines no response
This is not acceptable in the hospitality industry
Shower dirty
No teaspoons ????
I would think long and hard before staying or recommending this poorly managed establishment !!

Not what it once was. CRAP.

LinKel62on 31/05/2017 13:42

Welcome and book in was no drama..... THEN.... We went to the room.... It had obviously NOT been vacuumed.... Went to reception to report our grievance thinking they would apologise and offer either to vacuum or a room change.... NO.... I asked if the room could be vacuumed tomorrow as it had obviously NOT been done today..... But was told that they don't usually vacuum daily when guests are staying consecutive days!!!... I again explained that it had NOT been done today and could it please be done tomorrow..... He came and took photos and agreed that.... "Oh yes, I will see to it myself"..... The following morning I went to make a cuppa only to find the milk thingy's frozen solid in half inch of ice.... Oh and a salad that wasn't ours in the fridge.... Took said salad to reception as proof that the room had not properly been serviced between guests and had receptionist on duty laugh and ask me if I wanted to keep and eat it!!! Gee.... Let me think.... NO... I do NOT want someone else's salad....
Following day we left room at 9am... Arriving back at 930pm yes beds were made but room NOT vacuumed as requested.... Towels replaced on rack but had been placed with no pride in presentation.... (I am an ex housekeeper and currently am a caretaker of a hospitality venue in the Vic Mallee) if i had ever presented my rooms as they did i would have been sacked... And they were also the same chain of motels....
So considering we are managers of a venue we understand the value of return custom and word of mouth.... This place must be under new ownership or management and is NOT up to the standard it has been in previous years... Even if it is a little tired and worn... It had always been CLEAN...

We have been coming to this venue for the last 10 years but after the last stay will never come here again....
To the comments about smoking.... I am a smoker... However i make sure i smoke AWAY from where i think others might get the "wiff" .... I couldn't believe this visit the amount of ash tray (sand boxes) outside rooms that had NOT been cleaned or emptied.... In actual fact I emptied the ashtray boxes outside our room (not my butts) as well as the ash trays at the guest laundry 3 times in our 2 day stay..... It may be a filthy habit BUT I am a consciously clean smoker.... (don't believe others have to suffer my habit)

Not sure why but I googled the motel...... Dot points on website.... First dot point..... We will have your room spotless..... FAIL.....

I don't like to bag places but..... This place is now CRAP.... As stated we have been coming here for years.... Not any more.

Flashback to pre-smoking restriction days.

Forbes Kon 01/05/2017 06:23

The location was all we needed, as there is a renowned wedding reception venue a few blocks away (which, by the way is now about to close down!). We needed a family room for five of us, which was kindly arranged at a reasonable rate.

The room was basic but nice enough and the beds were good. There wasn't much space left once you're in there even though we weren't about to spend much time inside. Just a bit squishy whilst getting ready for the evening's events.

What stood out most - and unfortunately will remain the feature by which we will remember our stay - was the overwhelming stench of cigarette smoke when we entered the otherwise clean and tidy room. It wasn't going anywhere, so once I read that you could incur an extra $150 charge for smoking inside I informed reception that it wasn't us who made it like that!

One of the staff members was immediately onto it - apologising and spraying the room throughout in the hope that it might improve things. The other staff member seemed as though she had heard it all before and wasn't the slightest bit concerned. The smell remained, as expected, so we slept through it and we made our point again the next day. There's only so much they can do about it I guess, but how management didn't know about it when making up the room beforehand and remedy it then is a little worrying. Perhaps the cleaner smokes heavily, who knows!

Aside from that, there were a few rowdy guests around midnight who would have no doubt upset some others trying to sleep at that time. No fault of the motel's, although I would have hoped they held someone accountable for it. We didn't notice the traffic noise from busy Mt Alexander Road despite having one of the foremost-located rooms.

Finally, I read on the door of the former restaurant that it closed late in 2016. Pity, as I'm sure breakfast at least would have been a key feature of this place. Maybe I'm reading more into it, but given most of the surrounding area has undergone massive development in recent times, was there a possibility I saw some writing on the wall!?!

handy location

barrie kon 01/05/2017 00:28

Trams to city outsider front door, walk to Essendon CBD and just off the Tullamarine freeway . Ideal for those coming in from the north. Rooms are just basic, nothing special, just somewhere to sleep. Sufficient parking. family rooms available. Has external stairs