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  • Binsar Eco Camp
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Binsar Eco Camp

Om-Nagar, Dhaulchhina,Binsar,Uttarakhand,India
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Spandau Citadel Jamie B on 23/08/2017 20:49 268 Reviews
Om-Nagar, Dhaulchhina,Binsar,Uttarakhand,India

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Binsar Eco Camp

Om-Nagar, Dhaulchhina,Binsar,Uttarakhand,India 268 Reviews
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Binsar Eco Camp

Om-Nagar, Dhaulchhina,Binsar,Uttarakhand,India 2 Star Hotel
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Binsar Eco Camp

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Binsar Eco Camp

Om-Nagar, Dhaulchhina,Binsar,Uttarakhand,India
#99 of 798 things to do in Berlin
Overall Rating 4Rating from 268 reviews
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Traveller Type business(5) couples(118) solo(27) family(27) friends(44)

What People are saying

Spandau Citadel

Jamie Bon 23/08/2017 20:49

A highlight of our trip for me. (Total History Geek)
A wonderful moated Citadel building with it's earliest part dating from the 13th century. The audio tour was easy to follow and led us to some amazing discoveries. Look out for the out of place innocuous bungalow on onecof the bastions, it harbours a dark secret.
The exhibition of German monument building was a hidden gem too. The sound installation with make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
The view across Berlin from the top of the Tower was awesome even better through the telescope.
Well worth a visit.

Not worth visiting

martin mon 15/08/2017 06:22

On paper the place looks interesting...old tower, fortified garrison, exhibition hall. But the place has a very neglected feel...no one cuts the grass and the sign posting is absent. With some investment could become a nice location but in the meantime skip it.

More than just a fortress

amarilloannieon 07/08/2017 18:43

Just a short bus ride out of the city center you find the Citadel, surrounded by water and peacefully waiting for your visit. The exhibits, including a tower and a bat enclosure, are interesting, mostly translated, and trace the history of this historic edifice. The buildings grew over many years and held strategic importance because of the location guarding the rivers entrances to the city. Stroll the bastions, gardens, and museums. There are places to eat and picnic.

If you have enough time in Berlin - stay a bit in nature and in silence

Ivan Gon 03/08/2017 09:33

Together with his friends, visited the courtyard during the concert of Jean-Michele Jarre. Of course, we did not have the opportunity to visit museums, but in general this fortification left a pleasant impression.

Great History, Awesome Restaurant and Fantastic Views!

Gary Won 08/07/2017 23:04

This is a very interesting visit the price is low (if you have a Berlin Card you can get 25% off as well the views from the tower are awesome. If you don't feel like it or have the time to walk around the citadel make sure you at least walk up the tower. There are great views of Spandau and the city of Berlin. It also is a great walk. Take care when you walk back down the steps at least until your eyes adjust to the dark. We also had lunch in the restaurant which has a real medieval theme. They give you these great napkins and treat you like a medieval king or queen not to mention the food was good an the price reasonable. Definitively worth a visit if you are going to the Spandau altstadt. You can get off at the Citadel station or the Spandau altstad station. Enjoy.