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  • Blue Diamond Alya
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Blue Diamond Alya

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Nice hotel Marrru on 10/08/2017 09:58 61 Reviews

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Blue Diamond Alya

OBAGOL MAH. ATATURK CAD 1,Alanya,TR,Turkey 4 Star Hotel
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Blue Diamond Alya

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Blue Diamond Alya

#71 of 371 hotels in Alanya
Overall Rating 4.5Rating from 61 reviews
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What People are saying

Nice hotel

Marrruon 10/08/2017 09:58

Our room was nice and clean as it is on the pictures. We had our room on 6th floor. Even if you will live on other floors, you just have to go to 6th floor. There is such a lounge area where is amazing view (especially at night)
Location is good when you love to spend your time at the beach. We really liked that beach.
There were 2 pools (both of them quite small) and few sunbeds. Slides were nice (there were specific times when those worked).
If you want to go to the center it is good to take a bus (2,50 lira per person). To walk to the center and back is quite a long way.
Near hotel is a buzy street (especially at night) where are shops and bars and restaurants (you just need to walk like 200 meters I think. So if you dont want to go to center, that street is good to shop and walk and eat etc.
Food was quite good. Not the best but it wasnt bad too.
We loved that snack bar which was open from 11AM to 5PM. We rarely woke up so early to go to breakfast. So we woke up like 11 AM and then went to snack bar. You could order omlette, turkish pizza, hamburgers etc. It was lovely. You just cant starve on that hotel :)
And the beach bar, this was nice! To go to beach in the morning and have your morning coffee there, spectacular!
Staff was quite friendly and service was OK.
We were there 8 days. One night there was live music in that hotel. It was nice, we really enjoyed it.
So overall a good place to stay and have quite a peaceful holiday.

Very good location

NorwayEmmaon 24/07/2016 10:13

Very nice hotel, perfect location. Rooms are very nice, but nearly no storage place,- just a cupboard. Buffet was good, very nice the first 2 days, but in a week you get bored with nearly the same food every day. Most of the personell were very nice, some couldn't smile. One arrogant manager arrived in his Porche nearly every morning and had breakfast while one of the staff washed his car- with a lot of noice, just outside the breakfast-balcony.....We can absolutly recommend the hotel, clean, location, beach etc, but would suggest to have a meal at one of the local restaurants some evenings.Very difficult to have only one key especially since the reception couldn't keep our key while we were away

Perfect stay in Turkey

sil79plon 14/03/2016 17:55

This is a modern hotel with two swimming pools and slice. Very good kitchen. I especially recommend the pool bar with delicious pizza.
The beach is perfect and the hotel has a special tunnel under the road to get there, so it's very safe.
The city is close enough to walk to. There you can find some interesting places to visit as well do shopping. The food bazaar is pretty good there.

The best hotel

Johanna Mon 10/06/2015 20:26

Honestly the best all inclusive hotel I've ever lived at. Let's start with the welcoming atmosphere and the lovely staff. Everyone is sincerely glad to have you there and if you want to you would quickly get new Turkish friend - and if you don't want to friend the people working at the hotel they won't disturb you. I'm the outgoing type and really love how nice and polite everyone are.

The next you will find out is that everything is perfectly clean and organized. The rooms are of high standard, you'll get shampoo, conditioner, scrub glove and soap on each room. The towels are changed everyday and the nice cleaning ladies will make beautiful arrangements on your bed. The only thing that's a minus with this hotel are the beds - they're really hard comparing to the Scandinavian standard. But they will gladly try to help you by putting blankets between your bedsheets if you ask.

The food has something for everyone - veggi, salads, desserts, carbs or no carbs and fat or none fat. You decide from the big buffet.

Try this hotel and you won't be unpleased. If you fear that it's to long from the center? Don't fear, Oba has its own center just around the corner and you can always grab a bus just outside the hotel if you want to go to Alanya city center.

Many guests at the hotel visit every year, that's a sign of good quality! I hope you'll enjoy :)

Far from our expectations!

Einar Kon 27/08/2014 16:34

Our vacation at Blue Diamond can be described as “not exactly perfect”. The food didn’t taste very good and almost every warm dishes was boiled in tomato sauce every day.The desserts were actually in the “okay” category, but you have to like bananas since most of them, including the brownies, tasted like it. Another disappointment was the beach bar, which in the hotel description (when buying the trip) bragged about the free soda. Not everything in the food department was bad, though.The Cola served at this hotel was extremely good! Probably because they didn’t water it out like they clearly did with the alcohol…

So, the food was not up to our expectations, but I have to say that the hotel staff was helpful, polite and very friendly :) A big “Thank You” to the uniformed staff for making the hotel okay. The reason I say “uniformed staff” is because of a certain annoying lady, which seems to be the one getting customers to all of her small services at the hotel. At our first day she saw us, and the next 2 weeks she tried to spend our money on massages, oils, haircuts, tourist trips, photo sessions and who knows what else. Her argumentation for buying products was that her products were “special”. I don’t know about that, except for the price.
Since we are not awful people, we tried some of her offers. The massage was incredibly overpriced compared to what you got. I could probably get much more back in Norway for the same price… We decided to also go for the photosession they offered, to have some nice photos when we got back home. Since the price was 5 euros per photo we decided to buy 3-5 photos depending on the quality, but the saleslady forgot to mention that you must buy at least 20 pictures. After taking photos for 45 minutes where they insisted to make us sit down in the wet beach sand wearing our fine clothes, we ended up in a heated discussion with the photographer. The quality of the photos was not very good and he insisted on selling 20 pictures.

The hotel room was nice and the view was good - but unfortunately not from the room, where you look straight into another hotel’s 4-star hotelroom window, but from the empty meeting room in the 6th floor. Every evening/night our hotel played really loud music and some times it was hard to sleep. Not recommended for families with small children.

After what we experienced we would not give a good rating of this hotel, and we think that is a pity since we had big expectations to our vacation and the hotel..