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  • Bodrum Sky Beach Hotel
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Bodrum Sky Beach Hotel

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Like the hell Tobeornotobe on 20/08/2015 21:26 95 Reviews

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Bodrum Sky Beach Hotel

BAHCELIEVLER MAH 137,Bodrum,TR,Turkey 95 Reviews
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Bahcelievler Mevkii Turgutreis 48960,Bodrum,TR,Turkey
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Bodrum Sky Beach Hotel

BAHCELIEVLER MAH 137,Bodrum,TR,Turkey 3 Star Hotel
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Bodrum Sky Beach Hotel

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Bodrum Sky Beach Hotel

#9 of 16 B&Bs / Inns in Turgutreis
Overall Rating 2.5Rating from 95 reviews
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What People are saying

Like the hell

Tobeornotobeon 20/08/2015 21:26

We spend here 6 days and we had half board!!! What a mistake!!! This is the worst hotel I have ever been in my life( I travel a lot)!!! The room is so dirty and we had to argue to have the towel changed one time in six days!!! The water in the shower is salty and they charge the air conditioning! They try to make us paying for a dinner we paid already( fortunately we had the receipt)!!! The sink was broken and we had water on the floor every time we tried to use it!!! The owner only smoke Sigarette and they don't care about the costumer!!! The water pool is so dirty!!! The service is good only because ALI is always ready to help!!! Food is not good for children because always spicy!!! We had fun because we are a good family but this hotel is a travel through the hell!!!!

3rd Time Unlucky

blondie-1967on 13/08/2015 19:50

I have stayed here on 2 previous occasions on an AI Basis and when I was there last year the New Management were just taking over.

I actually love the setting of this hotel so decided to stay for 2 weeks on B & B Basis. What a mistake. The service was atrocious and the rooms filthy. My bedding and towels were not changed for my first week and my rubbish wasn't emptied either. The final straw was having to go to the bar to ask for toilet roll. Luckily I helped myself to sheets and towels from stock room.

I actually moved out of the hotel for my second week after contracting an eye infection and moved to Ado Beach.

Although I only paid £66 for 2 weeks I expected cleanliness and some type of service. The only helpful member of staff was Barnu as she could speak English and is an asset to the hotel. Everyone else couldn't speak English including the Manager.

On a brighter note beautiful views and excellent WiFi. This hotel could be fantastic with the right management team just a pity they do not see the potential!!

Family from hell

triggy11on 27/06/2015 08:52

Well were do I start.This family do not deserve to have or run a hotel.They sit on there backsides all day.Never any butter at breakfast,so you would ask politley,only to be told "finished".I've never stayed in a place were the staff and owners eat from the same buffet before guests .Once guests arrived there was not enough food to go around and it was cold.No dessert or tea/coffee,even water at dinner was extra Everyone was hungry. .All the travel companys who sell this hotel, I'm afraid there not doing there job right.The hotel is not what it claims to be in the holiday brouchers at all.Its dirty,no cleaning is ever done,we even had no cold water tap in our bathroom,sheets with huge tears in them and what felt like a starched table cloth as your top sheet which did'nt fit the bed. All the running water was brown and salty,even the shower was salty water. The food if you can call it that,was a disaster waiting to happen,as it was not unusual to see the same dishes coming out time after time and left hanging about.I think this family wood charge extra if they heard you pass wind, thats how awful they were.Everyday they would sack some kind waiter or chef, once they had done all the dirty work for them.
So come on TRAVEL COMPANYS do your home work and get things right.
I know this was the worst hotel i have ever stayed in.


Traceygunneron 26/06/2015 23:22

spent a week at this hotel it was obviously good in its day but a little tired. staff friendly enough but none of them speak much english, ecept for the then manager who i believe was lrt go after we left.
rooms dont get cleaned unless u ask them to do it or leave the door sign out which is in one of the drawers.bathroom had a wipe over but the dirt was ground in needed a good bleaching.
the downside to this hotel is for some reason all the water shower and ice for drinks and the pool are all salty
And definately DO NOT BOOK TRIPS from EMRE the agent he over charges and dosent give tickets for some things and pockets the money and definately dont be talked into going to pammekale from there its over ten hour round trip for 2 hours in the park and u cant go in the water springs anyway
food wise we only had b and b which was fine but theres lovely restaurants near by the anitonion is a must.
and it dosent have half the facilites on the beach says it has like;
fridge,mini bar,money exchange kettle kitchen facilities, safty deposit box,lifts steam room turkish bath indoor pool .
overall its very basic u do get wat u pay for needs to be used just as a base and sunbatheing if u dont mind the salt it can get a bit much when theres no other unsalted water any where take moisteriser.

The worst hotel I have ever stayed in, in Turkey!

Lee Son 14/06/2015 12:29

On arrival we were hurriedly given our room key to be told that they were short staffed, no explanation of hotel when breakfast was etc. I had to ask about air con and safety deposit box to be told that I wouldn't need aircon as the temperatures were not really that hot. I think I can decide for myself on that one as I was boiling when we got there. She grudgingly gave me an aircon remote (which didn't work) and we headed to our room, sorry flea pit.
The room was tired, chips in all the furniture, paint peeling off walls and ceilings, bed was old and looked like it had been bought from Steptoe's yard, The TV had one snowy turkish channel that we could receive. Bathroom was grotty, chipped mirror, sink was at a funny angle, yellow water when the taps were turned on. The shower head had to be tied on to the wall bracket by my wife with a hairband as the bracket did not fit the head. Trying to get a decent shower was fun, because if the pressure got too much the water started expoding out the sides of the shower head and out over the shower cubicle flooding the whole bathroom. The toilet when flushed didn't stop running. There was also a TV Coax cable and connector running through the bathroom!
The major concern we had with this room was that in six days it was not cleaned once by the staff. After 3 days with the same towels we asked if these could be changed. They were grudingly changed, but the room along with the bin for putting your toilet paper in was not cleaned or emptied. We both got some really bad bites (especially me and I never get bitten in Turkey) which we think must of come from the bed, Lifting up our same 6 day old sheet revealed a filthy black dirty mattress protector that didn't reach the edges of the bed and had been stretched to it's limits like someone on a rack which meant that all sorts could be living in it.
After these 6 days we had had enough and booked into another hotel to finish our holiday. Guess what, when we left we couldn't find anyone to give the keys too, so we just left them in the pigeonhole behind the desk with a note explaining how disappointed we were with this terrible hotel.
Staff were more interested in drinking tea and smoking rather than actually clean the hotel and it felt like the guests were actually an annoyance to them. Breakfast was ok, but as a non tea and coffee drinker there was no water or juice as an alternative.
This hotel has been mis-represented on all of the internet booking sites which uses old photographs and does not reflect what is there now.
The pool area is very grotty with old tired and faded plastic sunbeds and worn out sun umbrella's that looked like they had been left in the back of a garden shed along with the stains that you would associate from it. There was also a nice metal table and chair patio set with a glass top that wasn't there (so why leave it on display) A pile of old electric scooters/bikes and mountain bikes existed in a sad corner of the pool area longing to be cleaned up and used, but no chance of that. Even Albert Steptoe would have been interested in them.

I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone and after coming to Turkey for the last 15 years I have never ever had a hotel that is this bad and disgustingly dirty.

Come on holiday companies, I think you need to pay a visit and stop misleading people.