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  • Brandywine Stes Clarion Collection
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Brandywine Stes Clarion Collection

707 NORTH KING STREET,Delaware,DE,United States of America
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Nice low-rise hotel yipjcs88 on 12/08/2017 07:40 92 Reviews
707 NORTH KING STREET,Delaware,DE,United States of America

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Brandywine Stes Clarion Collection

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Brandywine Stes Clarion Collection

707 NORTH KING STREET,Delaware,DE,United States of America 3 Star Hotel
Check in 14:30
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Brandywine Stes Clarion Collection

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Brandywine Stes Clarion Collection

707 NORTH KING STREET,Delaware,DE,United States of America
#137 of 1,020 hotels in Dongguan
Overall Rating 4Rating from 92 reviews
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What People are saying

Nice low-rise hotel

yipjcs88on 12/08/2017 07:40

This hotel has a pleasant low-rise construction, unlike the high-rise ones in modern China. It has spacious gardens and swimming pools. Long corridors join the various blocks and they are surrounded by plants. Walking through the corridor is an enjoyable experience and brings back my memories of Singapore in its very old days. There is a huge lotus pond in front of the hotel. Unfortunately my trip to the hotel was stopped by a typhoon and in my August visit there was not a single flower. To see the lotus flowers, one has to go there in June/ July. The huge pond is converted to grow yellow rape flowers which blossom around Jan./ Feb. and the pond becomes a sea of yellow. Photographers are attracted to the hotel during these periods. There is a public park, with a pagoda, behind the hotel but it has too many steps for the average person to climb. Food is great and the hotel staff are friendly. It is a good hotel.

Not a China expert, but can give some perspective

JT14on 04/05/2016 17:30

Perspective this from a first time visitor to China. This area is not glamorous. It's a rather bland industrial town, and this is the best hotel in town (it seems). Prices are low - $50 per night - but it's very much a Chinese 5* hotel rather than an international one. It's hard to put your finger on why. Everything is quite lavish. Rooms large (in the poolside block 8), marble and gilt everywhere. Breakfast was lavish, but almost entirely Chinese food. The rooms are very luxurious - but still a bit off. Swimming pool is VAST yet I didn't want to get in it. The staff are warm and kind but I still found it rather depressing, even if all travel is an experience. I wonder if part of it is the fact that there is a linger of smoking. Part is just that it's just quite foreign. But the stay was sandwiched between a hotel in Hong Kong and a Sheraton in a major Chinese city, and there was a big difference. Made me wonder if I am too inflexibly Western - but worth being warned if you are like me!


Algenibon 23/04/2015 13:36

The hotel has been downgraded in service so much. I was a regular that had to be here for at least 2 times per month and I enjoyed staying here. However ever since the end of last year it had suffered a lot and now seems all services had been reduce in quality. The new staff is not trained and barely speaks English. The restaurants don't have enough storage anymore and basic services seems too much trouble for the staff.
Please avoid if you are looking for a descent 5 to 4 starts hotel.

Hope it helps for future travellers

Great stay

forerunnon 01/12/2013 04:07

Great place with privacy. Excellent for holiday and relaxation. I have great experience since the day I check in. As a business traveller, I have a tight schedule. My travelling was made easy with the friendly staff. And, most importantly at such remote area and time the arrangements for transportation is at a reasonable cost. Staffs were friendly and helpful. It's a great experience for first timer to stay in yhis hotel. I have no complaints and will definitely be back again soon.

nice stay for a night

baboon000on 26/07/2013 11:38

the hotel was located by the river, which i forgot the name of but it's meant to be full of lotus in spring, which we didn't get to see then as it was still not yet spring. the hotel room was spacious and with all decent things one wish for in a 4-5 stars hotel. our room was located quite far from the main building so we had quite a long walk to our room. we woke up late for our breakfast so we could barely make it with most of the food not available or clearing away. it'd have been better if we weren't rushed through it.
didn't have time to try the pool downstairs as it looks like a huge pool, but our fds advised us better avoid it. plus it was winter then so the outdoor pool wasn't open then. overall, we had a more than pleasant stay here as we were treated for the night here!