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  • Breckenridge Mountain Lodge
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Breckenridge Mountain Lodge

600 S RIDGE STREET,Breckenridge,CO,United States of America
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Cannot stay at a hotel that cannot provide wifi sirguyon on 22/07/2017 01:01 130 Reviews
600 S RIDGE STREET,Breckenridge,CO,United States of America

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Breckenridge Mountain Lodge

600 S RIDGE STREET,Breckenridge,CO,United States of America 2 Star Hotel
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Breckenridge Mountain Lodge

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Breckenridge Mountain Lodge

600 S RIDGE STREET,Breckenridge,CO,United States of America
#10 of 13 hotels in Cannigione
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 130 reviews
Rating Summary LocationSleep QualityRoomsServiceValueCleanliness
Traveller Type business(2) couples(59) solo(2) family(37) friends(17)

What People are saying

Cannot stay at a hotel that cannot provide wifi

sirguyonon 22/07/2017 01:01

It is now 2017 - for a hotel to tell you that wifi is only available in the lobby and not in any room is unacceptable. And when they say lobby, they literally mean lobby -- not the dining area, not by the pool, just the lobby. On top of that, they limit it to 2 devices -- which they enforce because you have to ask for a password from the front desk. Do they not realize that the internet exists and travelers rely on wifi to plan excursions, dining reservations, and everything else in life. Also insulting to your guests is to charge them for pool towels. Do you really need the money that badly. Would not stay here again and would make sure to tell anyone else not to stay here.


Maurizio Bon 15/06/2017 16:42

Hotel personnel is outstanding. Really nice people. the structure is very well maintained. From the outside I was not impressed but as soon as you walk you you have a completely different experience. Great place to spend you days of vacation in Cannigione!


loislionharton 02/09/2016 00:44

Having been a holiday rep overseas and a guest relations manager I always give the hotel/restaurant
I visit constructive feedback if there's anything not up to scratch and I've never given a bad review. I feel however compelled to make sure any fellow Brits visiting here who are used to other world all inclusivenes the information I wish we'd had thoroughly before booking.
Good -
hotel room for family nice, roomy with a lot of storage
If you go out for the day ask for a pre booked lunch - we found out about this by another family on our last day - lunch out is super expensive - everything is!!
Hire a car - Cannigione is quite small with not much going on the coastal line is beautiful - we used my iPhone maps.
Its only max 30 mins from airport
Food is reasonable if you are happy with only 2 hot options one of them being a selection of pasta ever night

service was unfriendly (especially service staff). The older guy managing the team in the restaurant in the sister hotel where lunch and dinner is served was miserable and when my son asked for butter with his bread roll he told him "only at breakfast" a few waiters were friendly after we tipped them hoping to receive better service but the next night they all moved sections
You have to sit at your room allocated table every night! We weren't told about this on arrival which was embarrassing when we were told quite bluntly by misery guts running the operation to sit at another table.
All hot food is served for you, you queue like a school kid in the canteen and even the staff queue for their dinner in front of you.
Get to the restaurant early as none of the cold foods are chilled - breakfast the meats and cheese gets sweaty.
Breakfast is in Baja - lunch and dinner next door
Only one desert per sitting. Alternate ice cream nights.
All inc is poor - no snacks - not eve a biscuit - ice lollies (lemonade or cola) are available from Baja pool bar - drinks are only available from this bar so if you want to take the kids to the sister hotel where entertainment is then you have to walk back to Baja for it
All inc drinks start at 11am by the pool only- we had to go buy juice and water - when it does open only water, Coke, Fanta, Sprite, beer Nd lemon chello - NO WINE. - if you want wine you can only have it with your meal at lunch or dinner in the other hotel and once dinner finished you can't take these wind out of the restaurant. You either have to drink beer or go buy a bottle from them at around 18Euros - I filled up a couple of empty bottles of water with wine in the restaurant and popped it in the fridge in our room - I like a glass on the balcony before dinner!
There's only water for the kids during meal times. My son is a really fussy eater so went without as he'll only drink juice
Maintenance and care was poor around the hotel and I never saw a member of management. There was literally a handful of people on duty everyday.
There's a small jacuzzi which I thought was great as the kids loved it butt noticed their costumes stank foul next day and realised when I sent to get in that it was the jacuzzi that stank!!

Believe it or not I never complain on here and believe me Sardinia is beautiful but honestly this hotel is not for Brits, I know that as there was only 1 English family there and they felt the same as us. I always use Love Holidays and they've got it right every other time but I'm not too impressed with the £2K on flight and hotel only - we spent £700 out eating 3 nights and 2 lunch

I'm sorry for such a long review and it wasn't horrible but just not worth the 4 rating it received.

I didn't complain when I was there because I had to visit reception with 3 maintenance issues already and I wasn't going to chase for a manager.

Back home now, would I go to Sardinia? Yeah in a few years, would go to this hotel? Absolutely not

Hope this is helpful

Very poor experience

eyedaktarion 08/11/2015 23:26

We booked through Amazon UK, Arrived to be informed we had no booking but probably had one at the hotel next door (Marisco) - apparently all part of the same resort. Not what we booked nor expected. Would have been fine except the room provided was really very poor with AC that did not work. Supposed to be a "quad" room at a rate on expedia twice that of a single room. Maintenance came to look at the AC and informed us that was the best it would perform. We asked to move to another room, nothing was available. The hotel staff were defensive and hostile and informed us that it did not matter if we booked at Hotel Baja, Marisco and Baja were under the same resort and of equal standard and we just had to accept the fact. Not a very good start - not a place that we could stay in. We looked for an alternative and found a wonderful aparthotel in Porto Cervo at a lower price with loads of room and very luxurious with a private beach. We left the hotel and unfortunately lost the full cost (5 nights). No discretion, no apologies pure arrogance. Be careful if you book here or any "Blu Hotels" in Italy. In my experience, they are not very friendly or hospitable and you might not get what you expect in terms of location. They sadly have no clue about customer service.

Clean, nicely decorated, and quiet

MJC664on 24/10/2015 12:40

We spent two weeks here in early September. The hotel was clean, tidy, and well decorated. Our room was a good size, not massive, but not small. We had a queen bed, which was very comfortable. The staff were generally friendly and helpful. The breakfast had a reasonable choice for a buffet. The bar had a very limited stock, so you had to either go to the sister hotel next door, or elsewhere in the resort. The hotel is in the town and there are a great choice of restaurants and bars nearby. Excellent location.