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  • Canal Quays Luxury Apartments
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Canal Quays Luxury Apartments

WEST QUAY ROAD FORESHORE,W. Cape-Cape Town-Garden Route,ZA,South Africa
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Small details Pauline O on 04/01/2017 02:26 19 Reviews
WEST QUAY ROAD FORESHORE,W. Cape-Cape Town-Garden Route,ZA,South Africa

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Canal Quays Luxury Apartments

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Canal Quays Luxury Apartments

WEST QUAY ROAD FORESHORE,W. Cape-Cape Town-Garden Route,ZA,South Africa 4 Star Hotel
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Canal Quays Luxury Apartments

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Canal Quays Luxury Apartments

WEST QUAY ROAD FORESHORE,W. Cape-Cape Town-Garden Route,ZA,South Africa
#150 of 164 B&Bs / Inns in Cape Town Central
Overall Rating 3Rating from 19 reviews
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What People are saying

Small details

Pauline Oon 04/01/2017 02:26

The apartment was clean and lovely but the lifts had a mind of their own and we had to walk down 17 floors with suitcases via the fire exit on our departure with no help from the staff. Several people were trapped in lifts and none of the staff seemed to care. Avoid for that reason only as I'd hate to see what would happen in an emergency with hundreds of people. The building has over 150 2 bed apartments.

Worth every penny

mazengoon 02/09/2013 12:18

First of all my sincere appreciation to the 3 staff manning the reception all were superb and very cooperative , can not forget the smile On Tanya's face whenever we approach the reception
affordable place to live and within everything a tourist might need inCapetown's CBD
The only draw back is the cleaning staff are tooooo lazy . The windows are not double glazed as such you can hear the external noise
I stayed at the A building which was recommended as the noise level is a little bit better !

Horrendous! Horrible Experience!

Carmen312583on 05/04/2011 09:23

What a shoddy and dirty hotel! Took me two hours to get settled in a room on the evening of the 28th. Room 1: relocated because of the road works below which management professed not knowing about...even though there's an information letter on the reception desk for all to see. Room 2: Great surprise when I walked in and there was another guest sleeping....so much for safety! Room 3: sat 20 minutes in front of a locked door waiting for the receptionist to try and open the access door. Room 4: now it's 1am and I would like to take a shower....but waite! No water! Walked down to reception again and moved to Room 5 which was once again right above the road works; dirt left in the bathrooms, plastic packets in the cupboards. Decided to sleep on the coach as the bedding was dirty....only to wake up to flea bites all over my body! Shocking shocking - this venue should not be allowed to operate in cape town. Jack up your service; clean you back office (it's a mess!) and stop blaming the poor receptionist. The buck stops with management and housekeeping which is shining in their absence,

Affordable luxury in a great location

Soumi08on 01/04/2011 09:47

I went there with my parents last year for a holiday in Capetown.
The Hotel is centrally located, just a 5 minute drive from V&A waterfront.
Staff were friendly and willing to help at any given time.
Rooms were very well maintained, kitchenette that had good quality equipment, lounge had nice furniture with a huge flat screen tv.
we took a family room that had two bedrooms, one ensuite , and the other with a separate shower, quite luxurious.
The hotel has a mini mall downstairs, with its ouwn little supermarket which is very well stocked, ideal for breakfast or lunch..
The place also has a coffe shop and hair salon.
Overall a fantastic place for the family and worth every penny spent, I would highly recommend to all.

big NO NO "luxury" I think not!

MBPEon 18/03/2011 09:05

A group of us staying at the Hotel were very excited to stay at the Hotel for 4 days for the Argus as the web and pics were great...but let me tell you...it was so so dirty, noisy and there was terrible service from management.

We booked in as two couples per unit, we were told that each room had their own bathroom for each couple and “surprise” we had one for all four of us to share. There were a shortage of cutlery and crockery, we had to share glasses and mugs. The carpets were disgusting – that I never walked or showered bare foot, the shower revolting – like the floor had never been washed and there was mold, oh wow wait till you see the pic of the oven - sick. It was as if, somebody had lived there for months and had just moved out and we moved into their dirt. The maintenance was just as bad, the towel rail was hanging on its last screw, the walls were terribly chipped...bad bad bad news for a place of the “luxury” class they profess.

We never had enough towels for the four of us and had to ask each day if we could get another two as they only gave us two?

The noise was terrible, it was truly like living in a residential apartment block and everyone was shouting in the walk ways and slammed their doors.

Anyways, thank goodness it is over and now we know for next time. They are going to have to up their game BIG TIME if they want to survive or see us again.