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  • Catalonia Grand Dominicus
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Catalonia Grand Dominicus

BAYAHIBE,Bayahibe,DO,Dominican Republic
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Great resort verob65 on 18/08/2017 12:35 5045 Reviews
BAYAHIBE,Bayahibe,DO,Dominican Republic

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Catalonia Grand Dominicus

BAYAHIBE,Bayahibe,DO,Dominican Republic 4 Star Hotel
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Catalonia Grand Dominicus

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Catalonia Grand Dominicus

BAYAHIBE,Bayahibe,DO,Dominican Republic
#3 of 15 hotels in Bayahibe
Overall Rating 4Rating from 5045 reviews
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What People are saying

Great resort

verob65on 18/08/2017 12:35

After last year spending our holiday at Catalonia Bavaro Punta Cana we choose again for a Catalonia hotel.
This hotel is smaller and older then the one in punta cana, and Some rooms need a renovation (changed 3 times from room!) No good working airco was the main reason.
The 3rd room was a Priviliged room, buy the upgrade So worth the money! A big clean fresh room, with minibar (Pepsi, beer, tonic, Lots of water,...)
The staff is realy friendly and helpfull. The ladies in the restaurant diserve a big aplause, always singing and in a good mood!!!
The bartenders make delicious coctails and do their best for you.
The pool is big and Very clean and has different depths.
The beach is breathtaking....so Beautiful. A white beach with turqouise caribean Sea! Ooooh I miss it! In front of the hotel is a reef were you can snorkel and see a lot of fish. There are enough sunbeds at the pool and at the beach.
The restaurant is not So big but has everything you can wish for. Salad, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, fries, Rice , fresh pasta, meat, fish...name it, they have it. It's Very delicious. Breakfast is every day the same but also Lots of choice.
There are 3 à la carte restaurants: Yuca-caribean : good
Rodeo-steak: Very good
We stayed 2 weeks and can eat there 8 times. We used 4.
There are 3 animation teams : the caribean, they are present and do pool games, wateraerobic, dance lessons,... the french team: mostly the same and the italian team. The last team (italian) only looks for Italian guest and only say Hello and Goodmorning to them, Ifound it a little rude :-( and they are Very present and loud. Good if you are Italian :-)
Lots of things a night, dancing, shows, beachparty, coconut-colour party to do.
The Gardens of the hotel are Very Beautiful!
There are gift shops, and beachwear shop and a grocery shop.
I loved My holiday here and that's because of the standard the Catalonia hotels keep to try high. Keep in mind this is a 4 stars hotel, pay the upgrade (in front by booking Your holiday) to Priviliged and you have a Great holiday!!!


Ministryos73on 15/08/2017 20:45

Here's the skinny. The Hotel itself (buildings) are a 3, the food is a 4, the beach is a 5! It is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited and I've traveled the world. The water is bath warm and calm. Stay in the privileged section or don't go. Worth paying the upgrade when you make your initial reservation as mine was significantly less than what the hotel itself charges. The perks this gives you is so worth the extra money. The people are great. Want people to bring you a drink before your other one is empty? Please tip as I saw most people did not. The hotel itself caters to mostly Italians and other Europeans but I've lived in Europe and had no issues. Great for families as they have lots to do for them and saw how great they took care of the children at the kids club (I did not use). I will say what others have said about the a/c, they are not good, be prepared to sleep in your underwear and uncovered. Overall I loved the hotel and enjoyed my 8 nights there.

Spent 5 days in paradise

Mireille Mon 14/08/2017 22:16

This resort made our vacation one of the best ! All what we experienced was amazing. The nature, the colorful buildings, the beach, the ambiance, the welcoming staff and the professional entertainement.
Thank you guys for bringing this much joy and wonderful moments to remember.
My recommendation for you : please make ur Wifi stronger and some air conditioning in your lobby and in the open buffet.
We will certainly come back...

Hygiene pulling scores down

Ljubo75on 09/08/2017 18:47

12 days od family vacation was a one big bad experience, which I'm going to summarize in this short review.
First of all we had a booking for a room with a complementary bedroom, which is, of course, only a wish, since the hotel has only 3 types of rooms, all small-sized without any additional complementary rooms. And it is supposed to be family-friendly. Apart from the animation team which did really well, I seriously didn't find any other family-friendly reason fot this description.
Rooms are small, furniture old and we experienced some leakage from the shower. And on top of this two days without hot water.
The beach is great and so is the sea, with an artificial coral reef in creation, where you can even see some real tropical fishes.
The restaurant has an interesting variety of dishes, with an Italian corner with a great guy Andrea ready to help out with informations about his cooking.
But, sadly, that doesn't counterweight the bad hygiene level at the restaurant. Since it is not closed, many of the local flying wildlife roam in there and consume the food wastes and therefore creating droppings, which can be found on the tables, chairs, sometimes even on plates. Secondly, the staff don't change the table cover, but instead only swipe it with a cloth, allowing all the liquid-type food to stay in between the plastic strings of the cover. At 38 C and a tropical humidity you can imagine the variety of germs feasting on it. And so the digestive problems came unexpectedly.
The pool is old, some parts of it are clearly decaying, but for the toppings of the Catalonia cream cake I must mention and place human droppings in the pool, which I found twice in a couple of days. For the sake of my children,I threw them out of the pool and for my part I had enough of the pool.
The staff at the reception is by my oppinion not qulified or capable. Well, the guy there didn't even know they posses sewing kit and upon asking for a launch-box for our family the next day (went to a zoo), another one told me that we don't qualify for it, since we're not privileged or exclusive guest there. Only a guest in 4 - star hotel with AI.
I still don't know how this hotel got 8,5 at Booking.com, but I guess it's from locals or other spanish-speaking tourists.
Don't recommend it espacially not to famillies, I'm sure that at this part of the world it's more than easy to find a much better resort.
A disappontment.


Pedro Von 07/08/2017 15:38

Not good at All!!!! The hotel is olddddd!!!! The staff is not friendly. The food taste not real, the photos lie. There is nothing recomended about this hotel. My room got flooded. The towels dirty!! Dont even try it.