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  • Cavo Christo
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Cavo Christo

PETRA LESVOS .,Lesvos,GR,Greece
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Casual on the beach bar worldender on 01/10/2016 11:47 31 Reviews
PETRA LESVOS .,Lesvos,GR,Greece

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Cavo Christo

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Cavo Christo

PETRA LESVOS .,Lesvos,GR,Greece 3 Star Hotel
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Cavo Christo

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Cavo Christo

PETRA LESVOS .,Lesvos,GR,Greece
#7 of 27 Specialty lodging in Petra
Overall Rating 4.5Rating from 31 reviews
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What People are saying

Casual on the beach bar

worldenderon 01/10/2016 11:47

Definitely one of the nicest areas to sit on the beach in the wind breeze and the sun at 25 degrees. Drinks and wine overlooking the beach with classical and chill out music in the background. Nice people.

The best value for money Hotel

Alexandros Gon 14/08/2016 13:17

An amazing little hotel with its own restaurant by the beach of Petra.
I think the pizza guy there is from Italy because it was as good as the real thing.
Try the pasta and the risottos as well they are amazing.
The beer is served on ice by your sunbed which is free for the customers.
It has been my fifth year in a row and we will go there again for sure.

A family-run hotel that will make you feel welcome

Barry Mon 13/07/2016 16:58

"Welcome, welcome," were the first words out of her mouth as she picked up one of our suitcases and lugged it off in the direction of the reception area. "First have a drink on the house and then we'll take you to your room," was the second thing she said to us. I thought to myself - I could get to like it here!

We crossed the street from the hotel to the bar area they have, which is right on the beach. How cool a location is that? I had a Mythos beer - which only seems to come in half-litre bottles, what a bummer - and my girlfriend had a sparkling water. Not five minutes after us sitting down to enjoy our drinks, the lady of the house arrived with a plate of olives, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, tzatziki, spicy sausage and bread. On the house again!!

After polishing all that off, we headed to our room as we wanted to freshen up. A decent-sized room... with air-conditioning! Essential. Costs €5 per day. Well worth it.

The lady of the house (we'll call her by her proper name from now on - Electra) asked us if we wanted breakfast. What does it consist of, we asked?
Hard-boiled egg, orange juice, tea or coffee, cooked ham, sliced cheese, cucumber, spicy sausage, an omelette and bacon! That sounded like quite a breakfast we concluded. "What does all that cost?" we asked. Three euro-fifty!! It's a steal. "Yes please, put us down for breakfast," we said immediately and before she might change her mind and withdraw this wonderful offer.

It was a pleasure to get up each morning and tuck into that wonderful breakfast. Set the tone for the day. We often had lunch there as well. Their souvlaki sandwich with chips was wonderful, as were their pizzas. We didn't eat dinner there but I'm sure it was up to scratch.

We hit the pool shortly after breakfast most days. It's located between the main building and a second building with bedrooms. This meant there was always a nice breeze blowing through the area, which kept things cool. There was a covered area under some green where you could sit as well.

After lunch, we'd usually head across the road to the beach. Your beer was always served in an ice bucket. There were plenty of places to sit/lie and watch the waves lap up on the shore and then later watch those spectacular sunsets that Petra is famous for.

Electra's husband (Costa) seemed to spend most of his time working behind the bar. A friendly guy as well. Their two daughters also helped out, so all of them were going flat out most all day long; so much for the caricature of the lazy Greek sitting around in the sun all day long, doing nothing. The little girls were great and they would not let you carry anything yourself. If you tried, they'd take it out of your hand and say - "we have to go to the kitchen ourselves anyway" or some statement like that. They spoke pretty good English and that's because they go to a special school to learn it.

I'll finish by relaying a story that shows their attitude towards their guests. My girlfriend likes a slice of lemon in her beer. However, one time we were at the beach bar and they'd run out of lemon. We said - "it's really not a problem. Don't worry about it." and we meant it and we said it in a way to show we meant it. Electra said nothing but five minutes later she shows up beside our beach chair with some lemon. After chastising her for being so silly to go running off to the hotel like that for a piece of lemon, she answered - "why not, if I have the time."

... as if she didn't have enough to do!
Trust me, if you decide to stay at Cavo Christo you'll not want for attention.

Authentic, small family hotel with a lot of love!

betina2805on 16/10/2015 14:47

Small family hotel, very authentic. Room very spacious and with stunning view over the Aegean sea and mountains. Very warm velcome and you immediately feel like home! The food there is devine, very delicious greek meals! Costa and Elektra are the perfect hosts! You don't want to leave this place again!

Lazy lunch with my mum!

Sue Aon 28/09/2015 10:09

Lovely people so welcoming. Food and drinks were excellent a huge choice and everything so fresh and a beautiful beach and view of Petra. What more do you need? Relaxing was so easy. Very reasonable prices.
There is also a lovely hotel and swimming pool.