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  • Century Plaza Hotel
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Century Plaza Hotel

Juana Osmena Street,, Cebu City,Cebu,PH,Philippines
Check in 14:30
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The hotel fitness centre and spa goodbyeby on 28/03/2017 23:22 21 Reviews
Juana Osmena Street,, Cebu City,Cebu,PH,Philippines

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Internet Facility Room Service Coffee Shop Business Center Spa Travel Desk Physically Challenged Friendly Laundry Car/Bike Rental Facilities Conference Facility Power Backup

Century Plaza Hotel

Juana Osmena Street,, Cebu City,Cebu,PH,Philippines 3 Star Hotel
Check in 14:30
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Century Plaza Hotel

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Century Plaza Hotel

Juana Osmena Street,, Cebu City,Cebu,PH,Philippines
#49 of 86 hotels in Cebu City
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 21 reviews
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What People are saying

The hotel fitness centre and spa

goodbyebyon 28/03/2017 23:22

The hotel elevator s are the worst. Every trip is a Hail Mary! If you can find the service elevator,you will get there much quicker and may meet some smiling employee s. The fitness centre advertises itself as air con but the gym is hot and at least they could fan cool it but they don't.The equipment is old and delapitated, and should you choose to use the sauna and locker rooms,you have to embark on another journey on their elevator system which has layovers. Sadly,they don't even allow their gym members to use their pool,do not provide towels,overall a terrible gym in a hotel that has seen better days and desparately needs a complete renovation and new elevator s installed!

Noisy environment at night

Shane3000on 28/03/2017 03:16

There were 4 of us in a family room. Lots of noise outside due to a disco bar nearby so you can't have a restful sleep. There is no refrigerator in the room so we can't store leftover food and drinks. The battery of the aircon remote was weak so we had some hard time during the few hours of our stay. The free breakfast meal is in a small open canteen outside offering free bottled water, service water and budget meals. It is a free smoking zone so beware. There is a convenience store across the street for simple needs. We didn't notice any other hotel guests. Wifi in room is good. It is near Fuente Osmena so the location is good. Very senior citizen-friendly with the ramps and rails.

6 day stay.

Paul Ron 14/02/2017 19:44

Excellent and good value for money..quiet room even though located in the center of the action.
It is a basic hotel so do not expect Hilton standards and extras. For a solo male traveller it is perfect.

Good size for a good budget

Hanz Yon 02/02/2017 09:22

Stayed here with family. We took a family room for only 850 pesos during that time. The room was actually big but nothing fancy. Just don't expect too much but also don't expect too little. If you want to walk around Colon and Carbon, you can stay in this hotel. If you also want to ride a taxi or a jeep going to Ayala, the jeepneys stop just outside the hotel to pickup passengers so there's no need for you to walk to jeepney stops. There are also nearby cheap shops outside if you want to look for cheap clothes, gadgets, watches, etc. Plus they have a wifi. The only problem I encountered staying in our room is that there is no mobile signal. I had to go outside the room and look for a signal.

The absolute wrong price category

BalikpapanRainon 31/12/2016 07:18

I stayed in Cebu at a $20-per-night hotel the night before. I decided I would upgrade to a nicer, classier place, so I stayed at this place which was almost triple the cost of the other place I stayed in. Man, was I disappointed.

I walked into the lobby, and it was air conditioned, so that was a nice first impression. The staff were professional and welcoming. Check in was easy enough. I needed to leave a 1000 peso deposit.

Then I went to my room. The first thing I noticed is that there is about a one inch (or more) gap at the bottom of the door to the room, which opens to the outside. As you can imagine, this create two huge problems. 1. The air conditioning goes out of the room. 2. Any insect (cockroaches, mosquitos) can come into the room whenever they would like to. To try to solve these two problems, I used one of my bathtowels whenever I was in the room and laid it across the floor to cover the gap as well as I could.

The beds were nice, and comfortable. Overall, a quiet enough place to sleep too.

The TV did not work. The elevator to the lobby occasionally did not work. The two deal breakers for me though, were that the site I booked said the hotel has laundry services and in room wifi. The wifi... DID NOT WORK. ...and there was no laundry service. I went to the front desk, and changed my three day booking to a one day booking. I figured at the very least, I would go back to the $20 per night hotel and at least have good wifi when I needed it to book things.

I killed the biggest cockroach I have ever seen in a hotel. That was expected since the door is basically an insect-welcoming one inch gap over the floor. It crawled in under the door from outside (through the towel I had used to try to keep them out) and headed straight for the bathroom, as I expected. (Interestingly, these cockroaches do not employ the 'dodging skills' of cockroaches I experienced in China, which you had to swing at like 20 times before you got it. These Cebu cockroaches seem to not even be aware that you are coming for them, which makes it easier!) While going to the lobby to use the wifi there since there was no room wifi, I saw a wide variety of sizes of cockroaches. Again, stomping my feet, and waving things at them did not deter them from coming closer to my feet than I wanted them to be.

I would have given this place a 2 rating, but this was a PRICEY HOTEL for Cebu standards!!! They should not be charging more than $30 a room to stay in such a place! There are many hotels within a five minute walk which are much cheaper, where you would have the same problems, but with good wifi and better insulated doors.

This is not like America. You are very unlikely to find a 'bug free' room for under $100 USD per night, so it is not the same kind of indictment as it would be in the USA. But still, I was insulted that I had paid more money to come to this place which was worse than the much cheaper place I had stayed in the night before... There is no way to express the disappointment except by giving the first 1 rating I have ever given to a hotel.

Even if the room wifi had worked, I would have left and gone back to the previous hotel, which was very similar, but less than half the price.

I will say that this hotel is in a good location (like all of the cheaper ones beside it are) and you can easily walk to a variety of restaurants, coffee, and bars. They say they usually have wifi but it had not worked for a few days.

I can't say I would ever stay there again... I hope they improve on these things in the future after getting this kind of review, which I know nobody wants to get.