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Chrispy World

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Beautiful place, lovely weather, but it's for the french tractorboy78 on 26/08/2017 08:23 544 Reviews

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Chrispy World

RAPANIANA - KOLIMBARI,Crete,GR,Greece 4 Star Hotel
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Chrispy World

#8 of 13 hotels in Kolymbari
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 544 reviews
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What People are saying

Beautiful place, lovely weather, but it's for the french

tractorboy78on 26/08/2017 08:23

Well just got back from 10 days all inclusive at this hotel, there was many positives but just as many negatives. But you make your holiday what it is , so we had an amazing time and weather was always hot and sunny. I will start with the positives:-
1. The hotel is very clean
2. Bar staff and reception staff always friendly and accommodating
3. Rooms spacious and of ok standard.Cleaned regularly
4. Pools are fab, 3 desperate pools and always warm.
5. Italian restaurant you can use once on your all inclusive is amazing ,good and HOT food.
6. Beach is lovely although stone but that really doesn't matter. Still is beautiful and just outside hire.
7. Regular bus service to chania and platanias etc, which are well worth a visit, beautiful harbour in Chania and it comes alive at night and lots of boat trips from here.
8. Trips to samaria gorge and Elafonissi beach well worth it.

1. Very isolated. You will need to get a bus or hire a car for most places. Very little within a close walking distance.
2. The drink selection in the hotel is terrible, vodka, gin, whisky,beer, wine or ouzo. A selection of 4 different cocktails are on offer each night but these are made up in bulk in jugs and sat around all night. THE WORST OF IT ALL IS EVERY DRINK TASTE THE SAME, JUST LIKE WATER, they are AWFUL could not be more watered down if they tried. Spent all week on beer as only decent drink. VERY DISSAPOINTING. Even the coke etc was like water.
3. Food , well there was an ok selection but the meat well who knows what it was and always on the bone and the rubbish meat bits, never fillets etc. It was mostly cold unless you caught it as they changed it. The best meal of the day is breakfast as a very varied selection. We ended up eating out most days or my kids would of starved.
4. Entertainment was awful and aimed all at the french. English people were not approached to get involved you just had to push your way in. A lot of the entertainment was in a conference room inside and again for the french. There was an entertainment programme and some things had in brackets underneath ( only for french) . So entertainment is very very poor, and the one night they have someone in to do Greek dancing it was ok but still on the poor side. So be prepared to go out to Chania or some were as there is an amazing evening entertainment feel and some lively places to eat etc..
So in a nut shell , it is a nice hotel to sleep in but far from most places and not really for the English. I would not go back but we still had a great holiday and done some amazing things

Beautiful hotel but ...

Katension 25/08/2017 11:51

The hotel itself It's beautiful, the family rooms are spacious and the bathrooms really clean and generally well looked after. The pools are really lovely. The place is a little out of the way but there is a local bus service will take you to the next town for about 2€ each every 15 mins or so. There's a place called the red Havana I would recommend very highly! I will review this separately. Anyway back to the hotel. It is predominantly French speaking people so no English entertainment at all, the animation team dont even try to involve the English children. I booked in the hopes the management team had actually tried to change some of this, as the other reviews about this had replies to indicate this was being introduced this year. They haven't done it and really don't think they intend to. What entertainment there is, is underground in a indoor conference room. Not nice at all. The food... well what can I say. It's pretty awful and that's being polite. It's pretty much the same every day with minor variations. If I never see a spinach and feta anything again I'll be happy! The meat in most dishes was unidentifiable mostly. We ended up eating at the taverna about 2 minutes away.

To sum up .. Beautiful hotel, staff are lovely but the food and the entertainment seriously lacking. Really a shame!

Helps if youre French!

jperriamon 11/08/2017 14:47

We travelled as a couple in June and stayed for 10 days, all inclusive in a Promo Room.

Rooms: Lovely and clean. Our room was on the ground floor and we were close to the main pool, as well as the quiet one on the way to the bus stop. Cleaned well and regularly, but adjoining door into the next room was a bit unnerving. The beds were, however, appalling. By the time we came home we both had bad back and sore shoulders!

Staff: Lovely and friendly. There was a blonde lady in the cafeteria who was particularly helpful and whose language skills were really impressive! The Spa Lady on the other hand was really in your face and obvious with her selling tactics. They offered a free 10 minute massage in your first day so I went for that and she was too pushy with trying to get me to pay for one. The girl who did the massage also seemed pretty awkward and inexperienced as she just walked out the room without telling me she was done. The massage itself was a bit weird - it included tickling, fat grabbing and karate chops!

Entertainment: Enough to do during the day, such as pool, table tennis, tennis, basketball, swimming, spa treatments and a free gym. There was also some nightly entertainment which we only saw once but was really good! The french guests seemed to have access to a club downstairs which sounded really fun - but as we're English we weren't invited!

Excursions: We didn't do any excursions with the hotel as we were happy to get the bus to Chania or Platania. If you're after nightlife, that is definitely the best thing to do, as the atmosphere in the hotel seemed to dry up after a while (probably because most of the people are French and went downstairs!).

Food and Drink: Food was nice, varied and always really well presented. We always found something we liked. Of course some dishes were repeated, but that's what you should expect when booking an all inclusive hotel. Drinks were good, I preferred the ice tea at meal times as the juice was from concentrate so a bit tangy for me personally. Alcohol included Brandy, Ouzo, Beer and Wine which is quite limited but the Brandy was actually really nice. All Inclusive also included cocktails each night which was lovely!

Overall, a great hotel if you're on a budget. If I had paid through the nose I may not have been as impressed as it is quite isolated. The beach is lovely, but only has 1 cafe. My best tip, would be to go to Alexandros up the road (in the direction of Chania, about a 10 minute walk). It is lovely and the food is lovely and well priced.

Making memories

Darrenmtbirdon 10/08/2017 09:04

stayed here for 10 days and loved it, the staff are so friendly and helpful and never seem to stop working, its in a less touristy part of crete so was nice to relax and enjoy all the services without any stress, a bus stop is just outside the complex which is cheap and very regular, we used the bus which was about a 10min ride to go to Platanias for the beach and bars plus loads of gift shops, also a fun bus is available outside the resort that takes you to a good waterpark, you can book tickets for the bus and park at reception. thank you to all the staff at chrispy world for making a holiday to remember, miss this place so much.

A hidden gem

villagelincson 09/08/2017 20:34

We stayed here for a week at the end of July on a last minute booking. After reading the mixed reviews I was unsure as to what we'd find - but we only wanted a relaxing week in the sunshine so decided to risk it!
From the minute we checked in we enjoyed ourselves - our room was enormous and the air con was very efficient. The beds were on the firm side but we all slept really well and a second pillow was provided for each of us when we asked for them. The room was cleaned daily and the bedding changed twice, towels 3 times. The water pressure wasn't brilliant in the shower but the water was instantly hot and plentiful.
The hotel was full but we never had to queue at the bar or in the dining room. The food was fresh and predominantly Greek which made a nice change from most AI hotels who serve 'international' food. We really enjoyed the food, the dips, olives, tapenade and tzatziki with fresh bread. Yum!
Our room was by the 'middle pool' which was one of three swimming pools. The water was beautifully clean and there were plenty of beds which didn't need to be reserved. There was one day when someone pinched our bed while we were in the spa for half an hour but we were able to find another one.
We had lunch at the Italian restaurant one day and it was great - pasta and pizza - but not really a 'restaurant'
The staff at this hotel are the real gems - they work hard and always have a smile. They can't do enough for you. (Special mention to Annaspatcia (spelling!) on reception and Alexandros behind the bar)
There weren't many Brits there when we stayed but this wasn't a problem, quite the reverse in fact!
The beach is a short stroll away but we only went once as the pool was so nice. The hotel has a little minimarket where we bought water and there are a couple more minimarts at the opposite end of the hotel out on the main road.
We had a cab into Platanius one evening (€17 each way) which is a lively town with lots of bars, shops and restaurants which stay open til the early hours.

There were a couple of cons that I have to mention!
Firstly the all inclusive bar is limited until 6pm and the only spirits available until then are brandy or ouzo. After 6pm local spirits are available and with the exception of the white rum, were perfectly ok. The 'bacardi' smelled and tasted like diesel. Branded Bacardi & coke was available for €6 a drink. Annoying to have to pay when you've already paid for AI..
The spa .. every guest is offered a free 10 minute massage which was lovely. However there is a hard sell and every day the spa manager walks around the pool areas trying to get more appointments booked. We had 2 each and they were ok. Be sure to barter though as she will do a deal! However after each treatment - including the free one - you are given a form to complete about the service. They stand over you while you fill it in and I found this uncomfortable and annoying. Also the outside massage gazebo is poorly placed right by the tennis/basketball courts and far swimming pool which doesn't make for a relaxing experience!

The air conditioning in the reception and restaurant could be better!

The good things about this hotel far outweigh the niggles so try this lovely place for yourself and you won't be disappointed!