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  • City Hostel Buda
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City Hostel Buda

SZURET UTCA 2,Budapest,HU,Hungary
Check in 15:00
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Dirtiest hostel I've ever been Tiia J on 02/08/2017 12:44 62 Reviews
SZURET UTCA 2,Budapest,HU,Hungary

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City Hostel Buda

SZURET UTCA 2,Budapest,HU,Hungary 0 Star Hotel
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City Hostel Buda

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City Hostel Buda

SZURET UTCA 2,Budapest,HU,Hungary
#432 of 634 Specialty lodging in Budapest
Overall Rating 3Rating from 62 reviews
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What People are saying

Dirtiest hostel I've ever been

Tiia Jon 02/08/2017 12:44

I've stayed in many hostels and I'm usually easy to please but I can't recommend this hostel to anyone.

It is by far the dirtiest hostel I've ever been. The common toilets were filthy; garbage everywhere and no hand soap. Can't tell when was the last time the floors had been washed. The most disgusting thing was my bed; the blanket and the mattress smelled like vomit. After complaining about it I only got new sheets that I had to change myself. I didn't even get any apologies from the staff.

Even the location was poor. Long walk from the nearest metro station and no restaurants/shops/life nearby.

I have nothing positive to say about this hostel except the price. Luckily we had booked just one night.

Very comfortable

Madara Ton 23/07/2017 22:11

This is my first time in Budapest, and this hostel is very nice and warm place to stay. The reception guys was really awesome, they helped me with city map and tourists things. My room was very clean and everything was fine!

Dirty and disgusting, do not stay here

lktaylor98on 12/07/2017 20:04

When we arrived in Budapest it took a long time to actually get to the hotel, the walk from the metro station was 20 minutes up hill in a badly lit area. Upon arrival we waited a very long time to check in to the hostel and staff were not very helpful at all. The rooms all come with showers, which would have been great however we didn't have towels with us and when we asked at the desk they said they didn't even have any we could rent. This was highly inconvenient as it was late and there was nowhere around to purchase any. When we entered the room we were unpleasantly surprised by how filthy it was. The floors were dirty and window sill had dead bugs on it, also found clumps of hair just next to the bottom of the bed frame. The bathroom was disgusting, bugs were crawling across the floor. The bars on the window were also extremely unsightly and unnerving. We would've gotten past these things however when we went to use the shared toilet, which was located halfway down the corridor, we found that there were only two working out of the four and no toilet roll in any of them. These were also really dirty and bugs were crawling across the ceiling. At this point we were completely dissatisfied with the quality of the room and the facilities so called up the company we booked through to complain and try to get an early checkout. They then called the hostel and sorted this out for us and we moved to a different hotel in the morning. The night we did end up spending there was unpleasant to say the least. The room was hot and there was a lot of noise coming from the corridor. Would not recommend and would not stay again even if someone paid us to. Absolutely disgusting accommodation and very bad customer service. Doesn't even deserve the money paid for the room.

Completely satisfied considering the price

tttinttion 07/01/2017 23:40

I stayed in City Hostel Buda with my friend in July. We weren't expecting much because the price was extremely low (like we wanted) and the location was good. We just expected to have two beds and a shower.

When we arrived to the hostel, at first we kinda missed the entrance. It wasn't very clearly marked and we didn't really believe that the hostel was actually located there. But we did find there and we got our room, just to be happily surprised to notice that we did have a private bathroom instead a shared one. We were totally ready to use a shared bathroom but a private one was just a positive surprise. The room wasn't the cleanest (some dust in corners etc.) but we didn't really mind. At first we had some problems with the lock on the door but the staff repaired it immediately and after that it worked without any problems.

To put it briefly, I'm totally satisfied with this experience and would totally stay in this hostel again. The staff was friendly, they spoke English well (and one guy even knew some Finnish!). The location was good, it was easy to go to the hostel. It was calm and quiet. Wifi wasn't the best but it worked well enough (and it was free then). I don't really have anything bad to say about it, considering the price.

If you respect yourself, don't stay here

Viajando con Mon 17/09/2016 11:04

First of all, I must say this was the cheapest place I found to stay in August. Even so, it was 30€ per night (2 people) with city tax included. That's the only reason why we stayed and because we were going to use the "hostel" only to sleep.

The "hostel" it's actually a students residence, not occupied by students in the month of August, reason why rooms are free to rent. There is not cleaning at all! Bathroom smells like pee all the time. We had a private shower inside the room and it was full of hairs, the sheets the same. Really disgusting in all senses! There are two computer in the "lobby", which barely work, not to mention the tons of dust on it.

The staff: young people, probably students. When you complain they really don't care. We asked to change to a clean room and what the gave of was the same crap. If I come back to Budapest I would rather sleep in the station than coming back here, no joke!

About location, well, hard to find, uphill street and very far away from the center: aprox. 45 minutes walk, or if you take metro or tram, anyway you have to walk 10-15 minutes.

It's not my first time in a hostel, so I must say this was by far the worse one in my whole traveller life which is a lot to say.