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Gateway Condominiums

16 SNOWMASS ROAD,Crested Butte,CO,United States of America
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Wonderful day at Puy du Fou Lorna C on 20/08/2017 22:10 7719 Reviews
16 SNOWMASS ROAD,Crested Butte,CO,United States of America

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Gateway Condominiums

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Gateway Condominiums

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Gateway Condominiums

16 SNOWMASS ROAD,Crested Butte,CO,United States of America
#1 of 2 things to do in Les Epesses
Overall Rating 4.5Rating from 7719 reviews
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What People are saying

Wonderful day at Puy du Fou

Lorna Con 20/08/2017 22:10

Wonderful attractions. None of us attended with ages ranging from 15 to 30 to 57. All of us had a wonderful day. My personal favourite was Le Bal Des Oiseaux Fantomes where 200 hundred birds provided an aerial ballet. It was fabulous with cranes, hawks and owls all flying above us. The big attractions like Les Vikings and Le Secret De La Lance have very long queues but were well worth the wait. This was our second visit, about 9 years since the last time and it has grown and become even better. New attractions like Le Grand Carrillion have added to an already fantastic park. This is a musical event featuring singers and bells. It was excellent. Be aware that Le Signe Du Triomphe does feature lions and other large cats, so if you don't like to see these animals as part of a staged event avoid that one as several of our party did.There are plenty of other things to see and do. For example, La cities medieval where you can see and purchase artisan crafts. The gift shops provided a wide range of gifts with a range of prices. You won't see everything all in one day, so it is worth deciding what your 'must sees' are. If you are expecting rides like Disneyland Paris then you will be disappointed as that is not what this park is about.

Fantastic Day

Klane2014on 20/08/2017 21:51

I can't praise this place enough. No rides (not needed) and had fantastic day. We went on a tuesday arrived about 9am, pre-booked, also booked our dog in to the excellent kennel facilities on site. There were many people but still we got to see the shows we wanted and had time for lunch and a cheeky drink. Waiting time per show wasn't out of the ordinary, I've queued much longer at alton towers and disneyland and paid a lot more for it. The bird show is an absolute must, yes its in French but your in France!!!, its easy to follow the storyline, I had the app but found I didn't really need it. All the shows we saw (about 5 or 6) were fantastic, every thing was done to the finest of detail. The man before the 'knights of the round table' was very funny made everyone laugh whatever nationality, very good and the pooch was well cared for also, on booking you get a log in password to view your pet throughout the day on camera! Could have done with another day but...Had a good day and the weather was good also. Price is excellent, how many shows can you see in the UK of this quality for 33€, not many!


Fiona Lon 20/08/2017 15:22

We visited last Sunday with our 14, 12, 10 and 5 year old, luckily it was a dry but overcast cooler day which was nice as I feel if it was hot and sunny it could be a bit much with the sun beating down all day. This park is incredible, I've never and probably never will again experience anything quite like this. The shows were out of this world, just when you think you've seen something amazing and it couldn't possibly get any better it does just get better and better. We visited for just one day and we managed to see all 6 main shows except no 3 the ballet of 200 birds. I thought 1 (roman games) 2 the vikings and 4 would be the best and they were incredible but don't miss 5 and 6 which initially I did think may not be so good, but wow!! They were really something else and you must see them...we went on a Sunday and got 7 the organs of fire thrown in for free it starts at 21:45 and feels like a long wait but please stay it's so worth it. My son the 14 year old has been to Disneyland Paris with the school and he said this is much much better - they all loved it the older ones - my 5 year old was rather tired by the end of the day and probably didn't enjoy it half as much as the older ones I think due to a lack of understanding I will take him back when he's nearer 10 I think for him to appreciate it. Highly recommend this.

Amazing day out! The showers couldn't dampen this hotspot!

Rich Non 19/08/2017 13:17

We have just been to the Puy du Fou. It has been on our "to do" list for some time so finally getting there was overdue. It did not disappoint in any way.

I could write plenty but having read the numerous extremely positive reviews before we went I know that I cannot really add much polish to this diamond. The whole park is just really well maintained, organised and staffed. Each performance offers something amazing and unique. The standard of acting and performing is world class. The animal performing is equally brilliant.

Believe me this park has something for everyone and will not disappoint even the most discerning. Perhaps the few who have left negative reviews went with exceptionally high expectations or were just very unlucky indeed; there really was nothing not to like on our visit there.

We had a great time but I would offer a few tips so that others can have an equally enjoyable day out.

Arriving at around 9:30 a.m. will ensure you get parked easily and through the security with minimal fuss. We had a one-day pass and managed to do virtually all the shows by 8 p.m. Purchase online in advance means a discounted price and having printed the tickets off we were able to go straight through the ticket barriers.

The food all seems good enough though we chose to bring a picnic. This certainly worked for our plan as we could make baguettes and munch away in the very acceptable queues for the shows and also while sat before each one commenced. The seating is generally plentiful and well spaced so you dont feel you are imposing on fellow Puy du Fouers.

The day we went was one of scattered showers. If that is your weather forecast I recommend you take a lightweight raincoat AND some plastic sheet (large carrier bag is just fine) to sit on. The park sells branded ponchos (€6 for adults, €5 for children) if you are caught out. Most of the shows are outdoors and have wooden or stone bench seating. A small cushion would make the day that extra bit comfortable.

We didnt buy the translation devices. Most shows were easy enough to follow, the magic is in the performances not merely the storylines. However, the App is good and it offers in app translation for free. Just don't forget your headphones.

The App is just right, it allows you to create a plan and with notifications turned-on it will alert you to when the show is open and also when it is about to start.

Awesome theme park

amelruon 18/08/2017 09:33

Simply fantastic! Second visit and yet again it did not disappoint. App is fantastic to plan shows, translation headset was rubbish, though you can use the app for translation.