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  • Haiqing Building C
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Haiqing Building C

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Horrible Hotel Juliawati W on 18/07/2017 17:57 191 Reviews

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Haiqing Building C

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Haiqing Building C

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Haiqing Building C

#91 of 1,479 hotels in Qingdao
Overall Rating 4Rating from 191 reviews
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What People are saying

Horrible Hotel

Juliawati Won 18/07/2017 17:57

We were on a vacation with my family-the four of us two adults and two kids. We upgraded our room to a two-rooms suite at building C. It turns out to be a horrible place to stay. When you enter Building C, you have to pass a bathroom area which has no door and the smell of urine permeated through out the hallway. When we came to our room, I first saw a mosquito on the wall. The baseboards were unfinished, the door to our room could not close completely. I saw another two dead mosquitoes on the wall, one with blood smashed on the wall. The bathroom is very small and the sink is too low and has no room to place your toiletries. The carpet is not vacuumed on the corner and is overall dirty. The first room is spacious and the second one small, which was ok for my kids. Don't believe on the management pictures because they always want to present the very best for marketing photo but in fact the room couldn't be much worse. I am totally disgusted and feel ripped off. It's around $600+ per night. 4-5 star ratings doesn't mean anything in local hotel in China. The hygiene is not up to western standards. Will not come back.

Haiqing Hotel a Short Walk to the Beach

Laura Ton 11/05/2016 06:43

After reading the reviews I had learned that most people felt Building A was the best choice. I stayed on the sixth floor in room 7611. It had a view of the city. Most days it was foggy and you could not see to the water so I do not feel bad that I did not have an ocean view room. Maybe different times of the year are different but my visit was in early May.

We asked for a double room non smoking. While the room was smoke free I still smelled cigarette smoke from time to time through the ventilation system. The beds are more like over sized twin beds. Chinese beds are quite hard, which you are aware of during sleep. I asked mentioned it to the front desk and they had two mattress covers put on with a quilt under me. That did the trick to make the bed soft enough for a good night's sleep.

My son likes a cool room I feel like the air conditioning never got the room as cool as he would have liked. It seems to be the style now in China's hotels to have see through glass to the bathroom including the toilet. If you are traveling with a spouse that would be no problem but I was traveling with my son. In this particular room they have a shade to pull down in the bathroom for privacy. The bathroom has a glass stall for the toilet, shower and then separate bathtub. Hair dryers and basics like shampoo, conditioner, soap and etc are provided.

The room has a flat screen tv, two upholstered chairs, safe, desk chair, small fridge for drinks, tv service, telephone and a outside porch. The room was nicely decorated but the carpet could use a good cleaning. There is free wi fi in the room. The rooms seem to be quiet not much noise coming from next door or the hallways.

The front desk was helpful when ever I had a concern. There was always someone who could speak English. The hotel has a pool. It is kind of dimly lit nothing like the picture. It turns out none of the amenities are free. It costs 98 rmb to use the pool. There is a pool room, ping pong, game rooms, locker rooms etc. but again most charge a fee. This was just started in 2015. They have an outside company run it. In the room it says these are for free in their printed materials. There is also a spa for massages.

There is parking outside and a parking ramp as well. There is also outside tennis courts but I didn 't use them. We ate at the restaurant for breakfast twice. The first time was a national holiday and a lot of the food trays were empty. The second time it was better stocked. It costs around 60 rmb close to $10.00 usd per person. I didn't really care for the breakfast. The scramble eggs were running or soupy I should say. Many of the Chinese breakfast items I just didn't know how to eat them. I was hoping to eat some congee but that was not thickened like I am use to. Some rooms come with a breakfast package. I am glad we chose not to do it. Most days we had yogurt in the room for breakfast or we had picked up yummy almond croissants to eat. I don't feel like there are other restaurants close by but maybe a 15 minute walk around the back would get you to some other choices. They have big banquet rooms here for special occasions. They seemed to decorate then very nicely for weddings. There is also a gift shop as well.

There are other restaurants in the other buildings but I didn't make it over to them.
It is like a 15 to 20 minute walk to the beach. Access is around the bend going left as you leave the building. There are taxi's at the hotel for use but a Chinese friend often called a service similar to Uber that was more reasonable.

I most likely would not stay here again only because in the end it was not close to our friends. But all in all it is not a bad hotel to stay at. You just need to understand if it is in a close location to what you want to see and visit.

Some outings we enjoyed was a walk to the beach, a tour to Laoshan mountains, a trip to the hot mineral springs 1 to 2 hours away and a trip to the zoo. Make sure you try Peking Duck while you are in town also.

Can't beat the location, for the price

Pecalunuson 03/05/2014 15:20

This hotel has any price range that you are looking for. I went for the budget room. There was some mold in certain common areas, the wallpaper was peeling, and there was no minibar to speak of, besides a single beer and a can of coke. The nearest mini-mart is a walk of about 700 meters. That being said, the rest was pretty good. It's a beautiful, 24 minute walk to the Olympic Sailing Center, the bedsheets, comforter, and drapes were of excellent quality. The shower design was a cool see through the wall type. The TV was a Sony Bravia of good size, and the internet was tolerable. Overall, I doubt I could find a place that was better, without a huge increase in the nightly rate.

One piece of advice: Don't not bring a beer to the pool. About 30 minutes ago, I popped open a can of beer and headed down the long, cold corridor to the pool, to swim a bit. I totally understand that some places won't let you drink anything near the pool, because they don't want broken bottles or drunk people hanging trashing the place or getting rowdy. However, when I showed up with my can of beer that was 4/5ths full, the attendant said I couldn't bring the beer into the pool area. The pool was entirely empty. I said, "Ok, no problem, I'll finish it in the lounge and dispose of the can, and then go for a swim." He said no. Because I had been drinking, that I could not swim in the pool for the entire night . . .
I thought maybe there was a language barrier so I handed him the can so he could feel how full it was and explained that I had not "been drinking" and that I had just opened this one can, and that was nearly full. He walked me over to a sign that had an English translation saying that you couldn't swim if you were "drunk." I explained again that I wasn't drunk. He said, but your face is red . . . "I laughed." I definitely had raccoon eyes and my face was totally red, like usual, because I am here for a business trip, which puts me in the sun all day. I explained to him I'd spend the entire day in the sun and that I'd had only, and exactly, three sips of the beer that I had brought. He said I couldn't swim at all tonight. Wow. That's not the service of a 4 star resort.
I'm not sure if what happened tonight was a Chinese Cultural thing, or just a simple error on this overzealous attendant's part. Either way, I asked to speak to the manager. He said the manager would be working again at 7am the next morning. I chose to smile, thank him, and said I'd be back in the morning at 7am. I liked this hotel, so I will be back in the morning to let the manager know that barring guests from an empty pool, due to over-discriminating employees who think that a red face guarantees that someone is drunk, might not lend itself towards 4 star service.

Nice hotel by the sea

Vivian Fon 15/10/2013 08:10

We went to Qingdao in China's National holiday. We didn't book a room before we arrived the city. Almost all the hotels were full. Finally we found this hotel at Booking.com. The location is good. But the room is in average condition. The breakfast was not included in the price. The price was very high for the room.

Cleanliness to be improved! But good location

guestnapoleonon 19/08/2013 09:30

We stayed with a couple of friends at the Haiqing hotel for the International Beer Festival, and we had mixed feelings about this hotel. Its location is good, sort of half way between the touristic areas and the location of the beer festival. However, what was disappointing for us was the cleanliness of the rooms. the first room we checked in had a very bad smell and we were immediately transferred to another one, which had no smell but was not much cleaner: carpets, bed structures, etc... could be bettered maintained! I guess we were unlucky but we had very noisy neighbors, who thought it was ok to let their kids play in the corridor at 7am...

However, we did not stay much in the hotel as there is so much to do in Qingdao! Just cross the street and go enjoy the beach!