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48 Hotels found in Shillong

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Whispering Pines
Whispering Pines Zig Zag Road Rilbong,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 373 Reviews
373 Reviews
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Traveller's Nest
Traveller's Nest Buddhist Temple , Polo Ground,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 30 Reviews
30 Reviews
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Hotel Blue Berry Inn - MGH
Hotel Blue Berry Inn - MGH Next to pinewood Hotel, Rita Road,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 860 Reviews
860 Reviews
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Hotel Highwinds
Hotel Highwinds Barik, Shillong Opp. Pine Mount School, Near Lady Hydari Park,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 52 Reviews
52 Reviews
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Hotel Rajasthan
Hotel Rajasthan Thana Road,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 167 Reviews
167 Reviews
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The Boulevard Hotel
The Boulevard Hotel Thana Road, Police Bazar,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 36 Reviews
36 Reviews
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Eldorado Guest House
Eldorado Guest House Dhankheti, Jawai Road,,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 22 Reviews
22 Reviews
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Rohitz Inn Guest House
Rohitz Inn Guest House Rail Bong Zig Zag Road,, Near Shillong Times Office & Meghalaya Assembly house,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 321 Reviews
321 Reviews
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Apsara Guest Hosue
Apsara Guest Hosue FRUIT GARDEN, CLEAVE COLONY, SHILLONG,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 13 Reviews
13 Reviews
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White Orchid The Guest House
White Orchid The Guest House Upper Lachaumiere Shillong - 793001 Meghalaya,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 90 Reviews
90 Reviews
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Hotel Elgin
Hotel Elgin M.T.C Building, Jail Road, Police Bazar,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 22 Reviews
22 Reviews
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Hotel Yalana
Hotel Yalana Main Road, Laitumkhrah,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 43 Reviews
43 Reviews
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Hotel Pine Borough
Hotel Pine Borough Police Bazar,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 12 Reviews
12 Reviews
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Hotel Broadway
Hotel Broadway G.S Road Shillong,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 44 Reviews
44 Reviews
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Earle Holiday Home
Earle Holiday Home Police Bazar,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 18 Reviews
18 Reviews
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Bonnie Guest House
Bonnie Guest House Howell Road, Near Assam Club, Laban, Shillong,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 14 Reviews
14 Reviews
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WelcomHeritage Rosa Ville
WelcomHeritage Rosa Ville Lawjynrieu, Nongthymmai,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 24 Reviews
24 Reviews
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Hotel Silk Route
Hotel Silk Route Keating road, Police bazaar,,793001,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 54 Reviews
54 Reviews
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Hotel Lotus
Hotel Lotus Dey Mansion G.S Road ,Police Bazar,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 100 Reviews
100 Reviews
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Hotel Highway Inn
Hotel Highway Inn Police Point, Laitumkhrah,Shillong,Meghalaya,India 6 Reviews
6 Reviews
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