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  • Infinity Beach Hotel
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Infinity Beach Hotel

KALE MAH. ISKELE SK. 3,Alanya,TR,Turkey
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Very good Huriyeuysal on 12/07/2015 17:02 34 Reviews
KALE MAH. ISKELE SK. 3,Alanya,TR,Turkey

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Infinity Beach Hotel

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Infinity Beach Hotel

KALE MAH. ISKELE SK. 3,Alanya,TR,Turkey 4 Star Hotel
Check in 15:00
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Infinity Beach Hotel

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Infinity Beach Hotel

KALE MAH. ISKELE SK. 3,Alanya,TR,Turkey
#38 of 65 hotels in Konakli
Overall Rating 3Rating from 34 reviews
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What People are saying

Very good

Huriyeuysalon 12/07/2015 17:02

The concept of the hotel and the rooms is quite modern and beatiful.
Foods are very delicious and everyday there are fruits and cakes.
The staff are friendly and helpful.
The rooms are clean and most of them had poolview.
İt was better than our expectations and it is not as bad as written here.
Give a chance.

Good hotel on Turkish standards!

H.Coombson 08/10/2014 14:28

This hotel is a lot better than the reviews on here are.

Food is samey that's if you decide to go all inclusive.

Staff are fab so friendly if you make the effort with there language ... There lovely guys :) photos of my experience is to follow..

Try out both the towns alanya and konakli there fab :-) ..

And the hotel trips is a must do, don't do the the town trips as there dodgey..

Best restaurant is Mr restaurant by far .... Tastey and good waiters .. All of this is lovely at night the whole towns come to life.

Give if a chance ...

If you're not too fussy it's a place for you

Denis Łon 14/09/2014 15:21

So about the hotel itself as a building it's quite new and modern, rooms are decent size, nice bathrooms. 7/10

Food is average, not too delicious but edible and there's a selection of fruits and cakes everyday. 7/10

Staff is not the best, receptionist guys are not really to friendly but not rude too. All the bartenders and chefs are quite nice though, smilling all the time even if their English is not the best, they try to communicate even with sign language. 6/10

There is a beach close to the hotel but it's rather ugly, but if you will walk around 15 minutes left through the beach you can find some really nice ones, and if you will go left until you will reach the little mountain, you'll be surprised how nice it can be. Also beaches in Alanya city - dalaman and kleopatra are great, you can take a bus from the bus stop close to hotel and taxi stand for 3 liras.

Be careful and DO NOT go to the shop close to hotel, the one on the right between hotel and taxi stand. The russian woman is a big c*** and she charges 10 times more for some products for tourists! She charged me 10 lira for two bottles of water and the next day I went to Hasbul, the actual supermarket and it costs 0.50 lira!!!!!

But there are good peopl there too, if you will leave the hotel and go right all the time, then thorugh the tunnel to the other side of the road, then still straight heading in the mosque direction you will see a big sign with tours. It's called something like akturk tours, it's a really big sign, can't miss it. Staff that works there are amazing, there's few guys speaking Turkish, Russian, German and English and there's one Polish woman Miss Krystyna who is great!

She told us all about the city, where to go, where to buy things etc. She also sells boat, jeep and all the types of trips that are realy good fun. I don't think that 12 euro for a 6 hours boat trip with lunch is a lot, plus you get loads of attractions, great views and a foam party on a boat! If you are in Konakli, you must go and see her!

Worst hotel in Turkey

Al Gon 07/03/2014 16:49

The hotel is new, but everything is just too dirty, full of fungus, kitchen is poor and everyday the same food.
Beach is rubish. I mean there is no natural sand on the beach, it just rests of concrete and rubish from demolition sites.

Toilets znd bathroom always leaking, lights switch were coming off the walls.
Air conditioning was stinking.
Have a look at the pictures.