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  • Irako View Hotel
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Irako View Hotel

1460-36 Honeyama Hii-cho Tahara-shi Aichi,Aichi,JP,Japan
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Traditional Onsen Resort SL C on 08/05/2017 12:12 174 Reviews
1460-36 Honeyama Hii-cho Tahara-shi Aichi,Aichi,JP,Japan

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Irako View Hotel

1460-36 Honeyama Hii-cho Tahara-shi Aichi,Aichi,JP,Japan 3 Star Hotel
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Irako View Hotel

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Irako View Hotel

1460-36 Honeyama Hii-cho Tahara-shi Aichi,Aichi,JP,Japan
#1 of 20 hotels in Tahara
Overall Rating 4Rating from 174 reviews
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What People are saying

Traditional Onsen Resort

SL Con 08/05/2017 12:12

This hotel is located at the tip of the peninsula, about two hours from Nagoya. The location is very secluded, being high up on a hill, so without a car, it would be difficult to go into town. However, as an "all inclusive" resort, it's fabulous.

Although we were the only Caucasians in the dining room (and presumably in the hotel) this traditional Japanese resort was a wonderful experience. I agree that the beds were hard, the buckwheat pillows were uncomfortable and the room was too warm at night. However, the hotel room was very large by Japanese standards, and the view is unmatched from the room and common areas of the hotel. The Onsen "Spa View" facility had sweeping vistas of the sea- with 8 different hot baths to choose from. I especially liked soaking in the outdoor infinity pool. It was similar to sitting in a regular cold outdoor pool, except that everyone (same gender) is nude and the water is hot. During the day you can watch the boats go by and at night, one can look up at the stars.

We booked the accommodation plan with buffet breakfast and buffet dinner included and we were extremely satisfied by the quality and variety of dishes (Asian and Western) for both meals. Almost all the classic Japanese dishes were on the buffet, sushi, seafood, grilled meats, soups and sides. The hotel is located about an hour's drive from the nearest train station so we took advantage of the free hotel shuttle from Toyahashi Train Station. The bus only picks up at 13:30 and 16:30. Be sure you email the hotel to reserve your seat on the shuttle ahead of time as it can get quite full. We plan to go back and spend more time at this resort, the next time we are in Nagoya.

Room with an amazing view!!

Nathan Son 30/04/2016 18:16

This place is worth every penny for the view you will get from your window over the coast. Incredible!!!

After reading some of the reviews of non renovated rooms.we were lucky enough to get one but same as other comments the air-conditioning is stuck on whatever the hotel selects.

We had the buffet dinner which was amazing. Would recommend the 5:15pm to watch the sunset. The food was fresh and tasty with a variety that I couldn't even try every dish.

The Spa View is another added bonus especially the private baths. These look out over the bay but I would recommend booking.early so you don't miss out.

Scenic and cozy

phoenixstuon 02/04/2016 04:33

We were quite satisfied with this hotel. As it is situated on the very top of the hill, the hotel has a wonderful view from every window of the hotel. Staff was very helpful and friendly. I have many tattoos and while I cannot use the public onsens, this location has a private onsen that you can rent for about 30 dollars for 45min. Fortunately, our room package, this private onsen was included in our package. Quite a relaxing setting. Also, seeing the sunset from the onsen is a big plus. Be sure though, to schedule your timing for the bath at the time of the sunset. The dinner and breakfast buffet had many different varieties of food to choose from and certainly leaves you satisfied. Wile there is free WiFi in the rooms, it is somewhat slow and spotty, but it is there to be used. My only big complaint is there is not a thermostat control for the air conditioner in the room. There is a fan for the central heating/air however, you are stuck with what the hotel has it on. In other words, if the hotel itself is using the heater system, then every room the heater is on. You can control the fan. But if it is too hot for you, your only option is to turn the fan off and open the window to cool off. It would work the way in the summer. If they are running the a/c, then you only have the option to turn the fan up to make it cooler. If you wanted to turn on the heat, you can not. So, yeah, that is a turn off for me. I use the a/c sometimes in the late winter so, this option was not available to me. For the price, you would think they have a thermostat in each room. Even cheap hotels have this option. Other than that, the trip was great.

Beautiful View

MLI_MLIon 17/04/2014 16:27

View from room was beautiful. It was on a hill facing the sea. The hotel seems to have lots of decoration meant for wedding.
Onsen has also beautiful view but the toiletries and facial product in the onsen is quite limited.
Hotel room is clean and basic.

Great sea views....but service could be better and some things seemed a little too much trouble!

aichiion 05/03/2014 04:19

The Irako View Hotel offers great sea views.
There is a free return shuttle from Toyohashi station which is a definite plus as it takes more than an hour to get there.
The choice of food offered at the buffet for both breakfast and dinner was of a good quality compared to other hotels we have stayed at...as long as you don't mind queuing for food and you accept that the food will not be hot by the time you sit down to enjoy it!
Also none of the staff spoke English and although some of the signage was in English there was no English translation for the different foodstuffs on offer or on the drink menu so unless you can read or speak basic Japanese it'll be a case of trial and error.
This seems to be a very popular hotel so the restaurant at breakfast time especially seemed rather busy. There is not a lot of space to move between the tables as you go back and forth for food and drink...and the staff made a point of coming round to tell everyone when the food would stop being served so this was not so relaxing.
The restaurant offers guests many types of Japanese water which is a nice gesture...but you have to keep going back to get a re-fill....a jug on each table might be more convenient!
The restaurant offers a nomi-hodai service for 1500 yen but from what I could make out you have to keep going up to the bar yourself every time you want another drink.
The bar on the first floor was completely empty when we stayed but they offer the same nomi-hodai choice for 1000 yen for 60 minutes...if you are looking for the chance to drink and relax while looking out at the water.
The spa has a number of baths with wonderful views over the ocean but again there is a feeling of cramped space in the shower area and the spa facilities are available to outside guests so the outside bath can feel rather full depending on the time of day. The spa closes at midnight and then again at 10 a.m. so the last 30 minutes before closing seems to be a quieter time for people staying at the hotel...or you can pay extra to use a private bath but the temperature of the water was too hot for us and there didn't seem to be a view of the water while sitting in the bath itself.

The room was not a bad size with a small seating area but could do with a refurbishment especially in the bathroom.The air-con was set at one temperature in our room on the 6th floor and there was no way to alter it so that could be a problem for some as the one small window took a lot of coaxing to open and close!
The beds were very hard and the fridge and safe were old (as others have mentioned) but apparently a number of rooms have been recently refurbished so it all depends on the plan you choose.
All in all this hotel was good value for money. I would choose this hotel for the sea views. The cold foodstuffs on offer were good.The baths were nice and the free shuttle was a definite added extra....but there is a real feeling of just being a number rather than a valued guest because of the number of guests staying there and a lot could be done to make it a more pleasurable experience for non-Japanese speakers.