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  • Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan
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Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan

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Idyllic Location HowardBiggs on 04/03/2017 23:04 36 Reviews

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Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan

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Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan

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Island Garden Resort in Pangubatan

#2 of 9 Specialty lodging in Samal Island
Overall Rating 4.5Rating from 36 reviews
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What People are saying

Idyllic Location

HowardBiggson 04/03/2017 23:04

We were totally taken with this resort which is right on the beach. Stayed in the lower treehouse for the first two nights which was amazing. Only small but perfectly adequate. Situated right over the beach with the waves lapping on the shore. Use of communal shower block, however, being more or less the only people there we had it to ourselves... The next three nights stayed in a cottage. More spacious and with en suite. Rooms all clean, fresh linen and bottled water. In the grounds there are hammocks, sun loungers, sitting areas, an aerial walkway and not forgetting the 'Magic Circle' for WiFi. The food was very good and although there was a bar, it had limited stock, but this was not a problem as Jeff would go out and get what we wanted or we could buy it ourselves and drink it in the bar with their blessing. The journey from the ferry took about 1hr 15mins, the final 45 mins approx. was on a dirt track, known as 'The Road from Hell'!!! This was definitely our best location.

Beautiful resort without service

Werner Ion 01/01/2017 14:58

Yes it's very beautiful here. Absolutely. But don't do same mistakes as me. Book a room for new year. Because they close 6 pm and all go home. They leave their gusts. You can't get anything to eat. Or drink it's closed.
It's only one Cr for all gusts. And it's really dirty. How this place can get 3 starts it's impossible to understand. One star. But never 3.
Other problem is you have to bring much cash. They don't accept card. And it cost 1000 pesos if you want go 15 km to an ATM. Even if you go there you maybe don't get any cash. I really want to give this place one more chance but I couldn't because I could not pay. They don't like you book room with Agoda. They want cask only
One more problem for me was their booking office was closed. I was not sure how to go there. I text and call contact number but no reply. When I after many problems at least arrived I ask how to contact them they told me contact booking office in davao for information. I said no answer when I call. They said yes it's because they closed a few days because holiday.
So how to find out how to visit? I don't know. I go with bus from Sasa Davao to Penaplata Samal. Then tricycle in rain 15 km. Tricycle could not go all way there because road is no good. So driver leave me other side Samal. After 2 hours I find a multicab and driver bring me last 11 km for 1000 pesos
They have a car here so they can pick you up in Babak Samal at ferry terminal but no information about it. I go with their car back to boat for 1000 pesos. I live temporarily in Davao city and I travel very much around Mindanao but to go here was very complicated and also very expensive
No I am sorry I will never return again
No service and no interest to help. They don't care.

Get the tree house

Bunsoon 30/10/2016 07:46

There was only place I'd return to from time to time to have a lazy vacation/beach bum - Boracay. Now this place ranks 2nd or maybe they're a tie for 1st place. To get to the resort was a long, time consuming (but worthy) travel. The resort's nothing fancy, has basic amenities, not even a TV in any of the rooms. There’s only 1 in the restaurant. But you won’t need it anyway. We got the tree house on our 1st night. I loved that experience! The tree is surrounded by lights at night. They provide Off lotion, but because you’re high from the ground, there are no mosquitos. There’s 1 fan in the room, but it’s enough since it’s not really hot. The tree house doesn’t have its ensuite bath so we have to use the common bathroom, which is just fine because it’s clean. I’m sure it helps we’re the only 2 checked in (with my teen aged daughter). There’s hammock below the tree house, which my daughter owned during our stay. On our 2nd night, we stayed at a cottage with its ensuite open roof bath (but just a fraction =)). Again, basic amenities, 1 queen size bed with a fan and a rechargeable lamp. They provide soap, tissue and towels. There’s bottles of mineral water as well, all these on both the tree house and cottage. Their towels and blankets, by the way, smell good. I have to mention this because before going here, we stayed 1 night in North Zen Hotel (due to late night flight) and their towel and blanket don’t smell fresh (I have a separate review for this). You can stroll or just bum on the shore. The shore line is actually made up of crushed corals, so being barefoot hurt a bit. They have a floating house where you can lounge and snorkel (boat/mask/life vest are for rent per hour). The food – good with big servings (we loved the calamares). If you have left over, you can ask them to keep them in the fridge and reheat when you get hungry again. The only 1 thing I didn’t like: they don’t have contacts for island hopping (because my daughter is into island hopping); but for me, I’m lazy, so over all, it’s an awesome vacay!

I Love the Place

Marlita Con 19/10/2016 05:09

I love the duyan and the tree houses. Where else can you find a place that is so peaceful and quiet. It is a secluded place so very quiet.

Their pancit is good too. I will bring my friends there next time.

An oasis of excellence in a remote part of Samal Island

SimonDabbson 22/06/2016 14:48

Whenever I bring guests to the beautiful, unspoiled east coast of Samal Island, we always take lunch here. The food is always of a very high standard and the restaurant is set within a beautiful area fronting a white-sand beach to die for. Sometimes the service can be a little slow, but who cares when you can relax near the beach or take a stroll. If you linger near the beach, staff will call you to the table when the food is ready. Prices are surprisingly reasonable. Staff very helpful and friendly.