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  • Jaz Aquamarine Resort
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Jaz Aquamarine Resort

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Happy trip to jazz aquamarine radwan a on 31/08/2017 09:15 4430 Reviews

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Jaz Aquamarine Resort

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Jaz Aquamarine Resort

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Jaz Aquamarine Resort

#32 of 208 hotels in Hurghada
Overall Rating 4.5Rating from 4430 reviews
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Traveller Type business(13) couples(1509) solo(79) family(2046) friends(450)

What People are saying

Happy trip to jazz aquamarine

radwan aon 31/08/2017 09:15

It was a really pleasent trip with the family we had a wonderful time in this hotel.
I would like to thank the friendly staff in the hotel and specialy I want to thank MOHAMED ABDIL SEID YOUSSEF in the H.K department for his great honesty in his work. To prof that I lost my wallet in the w.c and it had a big amount of money and he returned it to me untouched.
I must say it's a really nice hotel for all the family,nice swimming pools, clean rooms, nice H.K and the hotel is always In a clean state
I thank the staff again and keep up with the good work.

And inshallah we will come back next summer

We had a top vacation

nancyvM2834THon 30/08/2017 10:40

The hotel was really good!! Only dinner in the topaz must be better. The rest was perfect! The staff really does there best to serve you and keep everything clean. Top hotel. Never had the feeling there where a lot of people in the respect.


alannajade10on 30/08/2017 10:34

The animation team are amazing very friendly and funny.it has all the activities for all ages. The shows are amazing.Henda is very funny and lovely to me and my dad. They're many pools in the hotel their is not one pool too full . The beach is very close by. Nino's restaurant is very posh. Beach bar is very beautifully decorated

Animation Team

Carol Mon 29/08/2017 15:07

The animation team provide a great time for entertainment for little ones, teenagers and adults. The team provides a variety of activities suitable for all ages. Henda will always be up and about getting everybody involved and explaining all the programmes for the day ahead, she is lovely, bubbly and always makes the activities enjoyable. Youssef provides plenty of entertainment such as volleyball, table soccer, water polo, table tennis and football in the night time, he's also very funny.. Anastasia is always up for a chat and makes you feel so welcome, asking for photos for memories of her time on the animation team, she's lovely and makes you smile a lot.. overall the animation team are a great team who work together to make sure everybody enjoys their stay at Jaz Aquamarine.

Clean, Friendly .. did I mention clean ? :)

cerbera69on 29/08/2017 13:39

Just arrived back from 2 weeks of absolute scorching Sun.

In Summary, the hotel is everything you would expect from a big chain, that provides an all inclusive package. Yes it has its negative points, but from my perspective, the positives far outweigh these.

Rooms were spacious, air-con was fantastic and the beds were comfortable too.
Minibar was present, but we requested it to be emptied as we wanted to use the fridge for the bottled water that is provided complimentary.
Toilet and shower very big and clean.
Sheets were changed every 3 days and we had towel art every day.
TIP. The shower floor is very slippery when wet, and we used additional towels on the floor as one of our part had a nasty fall while getting out.

Pools are lovely. We deiced to stay at the quiet pool, with the white in-pool loungers. There is a bar and snackbar close by too.
The activity pool is HUGE, but with small children, we didnt like it.
There are small pools at 30cm and 50cm under cover for smaller children as well as a large pool near the beach too.
Although there are signs that there are no life guards around the pools, there were staff who made sure that children in the pools could swim, or if they required armbands, they were with adults.

One exception here seems to be the water slides, the staff there were happy to let children who clearly could not swim without arm bands or mulsim women wearing the full body coverings use the waterslides, and subsequently require rescuing as they were unable to recover and return to the splashpool sides unaided.

The water slides run for 2 hours in the morning and around 2.5 hours in the afternoon. These were brilliant, both our children loved them.

The Beach is as you would expect for the Red Sea .. if you want endless white sandy beaches, your in the wrong place, however the marine life just a few hundred meters from shore is breath taking.

Food is as you would expect from an All Inclusive hotel. It lacks in any real flavour, but there is usually something for everyone.
My only criticisms here are that by the time you have selected your food and queued for your meat, your food will no doubt be cold. There is however a microwave, so 30 seconds and your food is piping hot again.
There is very poor selection of food for children and it is located right out of the way of the other food, and is very poorly lit.
Beef burgers / chicken nuggets / chips would have been a better choice.

Outside the Jaz AquaBlue reception is a small precinct of shops, Rami in "Tesco"s" is the man to see for a good deal on face masks / snorkels. He is a lovely man who was telling me about the impact the loss of tourism has had on Egypt, and really hopes English tourists return soon.

Now the negatives ...
Wifi at the hotel is absolutely diabolical. The free Wifi is very intermittent and the paid 1MB Wifi is a joke !...

As you pass from the shuttle bus to the terminal in the airport, there are signs informing you the visa cost is $25. (If you take time to check the Egyptian Consulate website, it also states $25 or £20). As you approach the immigration / passport desks, TUI reps will guide you to a line of booths, where they will ask for £25 or $30 for a visa. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT CORRECT. (Even the pilot on the plane announced the cost of the Visa as being £25).
I refused to pay the amount requested, stating that the cost of the visa is £20 / $25 and was rudely told "Go to the Bank" (2 kiosk's to the right of the line of booths, where you can purchase the visa for the official prices).
I witnessed so many families being extorted out of additional money here. I complained but no one wanted to listen.

Around the pools, the area is tilled. It looks loverly, but when wet, its absolutely lethal ! One of our party jarred their back as they slipped, and seeing people slip over was a daily occurrence (infact the number of people we saw limping each day due to what we presumed were ankle injuries related to slips or falls was quite alarming). Why the hotel has not put artificial grass or anti-slip matting around all the pool sides is surprising.

Big shouts out to the following staff who made our holiday one to remember ...

Denise from Guest Services. She never did manage to locate my daughters missing giraffe soft toy that we presume went with the dirty laundry one day, but she never stopped looking.
Youssef who supplied us with endless drinks with a smile
The Staff at NINO's Italian who were fantastic.
The cleaner of room s 3023 and 3025 was brilliant, friendly, always smiling and genuinely concerned that our rooms were ok, and there was nothing additional we required.

Will we go back ? ... Absolutely !.. Deposit ready to be put down in the next few days for 2018 !