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  • Jinjiang Inn (Railway StationNingbo)
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Jinjiang Inn (Railway StationNingbo)

No.199West Nanzhan RoadHaishu District,Ning Bo,CN,China
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Excellent location Azim111us on 07/05/2017 09:07 138 Reviews
No.199West Nanzhan RoadHaishu District,Ning Bo,CN,China

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Jinjiang Inn (Railway StationNingbo)

No.199West Nanzhan RoadHaishu District,Ning Bo,CN,China 2 Star Hotel
Check in 15:00
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Jinjiang Inn (Railway StationNingbo)

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Jinjiang Inn (Railway StationNingbo)

No.199West Nanzhan RoadHaishu District,Ning Bo,CN,China
#47 of 724 hotels in Ningbo
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What People are saying

Excellent location

Azim111uson 07/05/2017 09:07

Excellent location and near to train station, staff don't speak English, that's a major problem with non Chinese guest... room are just okay... public transport and taxi just 1 minute... over all very good hotel...

Close to train station

PeepJCon 04/07/2016 14:02

This hotel is a short walk from the train station, just make sure you exit on the correct side!

The room was ok, a little small and dated. The staff on reception weren't very quick with check in and their English was rather limited but we managed.

Next door to train station

Peter Mon 07/08/2015 03:17

Stayed here last month when typhoon came thru. The hotel was great compared to the one l stayed in in Ninghai. The staff where very friendly and helpful . The breakfast was perfect. Western style breakfast of Chinese . Eggs , bacon , toast, etc
Room was very clean and grat view of railway line outside. easy to get to and well with waling distance of the river and the shopping area ijn Ningbo


Jedai79on 15/06/2015 05:41

We have just made our maiden trip to Ningbo. Stayed in 3 hotels, viz., Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort, Langham Place and Jin Jiang Inn (South Railway Station). In Ningbo, unlike other cities like Hangzhou, Wuhan & Zhengzhou, there is only ONE railway station. The other station is for goods only. We chose Jin Jiang Inn because the airport bus took us directly to South Railway Station 南站NanZhan (journey time 20-30 mins, RMB12/person) and it took us a mere 10-min walk to reach the hotel (please note we took a cab from this JinJiang hotel to airport and it cost us only RMB40, a marked contrast from the RMB160 cab fare from JinJiang Zhengzhou Railway station to Zhengzhou airport. Had we known that the cab fare was gonna be that cheap, we would have taken the cab instead ). Additionally, it made practical sense for us to stay near the Railway Station and Bus Station so that we could better plan our time when we travel out from Ningbo city to Fenghua, Hangzhou etc and return.

Once at the Railway Station, walk towards 宁波汽车南站 South
Ningbo Bus Station which is next to the Railway Station, you will find a tall peach coloured Hospital for Women and Children 宁波市妇女儿童医院 from afar. On its left, you will spot a shorter building with a logo "Ji" on it (Ji is short for "Jin" and "Jiang"). Take the pedestrian walkway which has "P" (Parking signs) on its columns, continue your walk and you will find a parking kiosk/office with a vehicular barricade, make a right and continue your pleasant walk on the newly-tiled, tree-lined pedestrian pavement before arriving at a pseudo-tunnel on your right. Walk through the tunnel, by now, you should see Jin Jiang Inn, just walk towards it.

This is the second Jin Jiang Inn we stayed in. It's bigger than the one we stayed in Zhengzhou. The rooms at Ningbo Jinjiang Inn are bigger (250-280 sf) than those at Zhengzhou. Comfortable and clean 3-star hotel. The only surprise we had was when we returned to our hotel at 4.30pm on the second day and our room had not been made up.

The staff did not wear a smile on their faces except Mr Zhang Jin Jing 张进京(Staff number 311025). Mr Zhang who was accommodating, upgraded us to a room with windows since we would be staying there for a few nights. Subsequently, he also helped us to locate the tour agency staff for one-day trips. Very well-mannered, helpful and proactive. Most importantly, he replied our questions, unlike several other front desk staff remained silent or helped the least they could when questions were posed to them 惜字如金。Comparatively, staff at JinJiang Inn Zhengzhou Railway Station were much more helpful and friendly than those at JinJiang Inn Ningbo Railway Station.

The hotel provides essentials like towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, hair dryer, kettle, paper cups, a place for you to hang clothes (no wardrobes though) and slippers.

Catch a bus down to Tianyi Plaza 天一广场 along 柳汀街Liu Ting Street, just 3 or 4 bus stops away. Bus stop name at Tianyi Plaza is 东门口Dong Men Kou. Over there, you will find mid-priced to branded goods boutiques, eateries, restaurants, cafés, cinemas, musical fountain performances, Tesco Hypermart etc. Tesco Hypermart is directly opposite Westin Hotel which is a brand new, tall dark grey building.

We took cabs to and fro Tianyi Plaza many times and cab fare varied from RMB12-13 (always metre fare plus RMB1)

We did not take the Chinese-style breakfast at the hotel. For convenience, you can take it at the hotel (RMB18 for hotel guests) or at the two eateries just next to the hotel of which one we had a meal at and bits and pieces of food were scattered on the floor, dark and cramp. Alternatively, you may consider taking a 10-min stroll to 甬味快捷Yong Wei Kuai Jie at 马圆路(Ma Yuan Road). Just walk towards the tall Howard Johnson Hotel. Cross over to the opposite side of 柳汀街 Liu Ting Street (at the traffic junction, you will see a prominently-located fruit shop, walk towards it), on the opposite direction from the Railway station, on your right is the Women & Children Hospital which we mentioned earlier and make a left at the first road called 马园路 Ma Yuan Road, just walk another 3 mins and you will find yourself at an old dark orange coloured Asia Garden Hotel and next to it, a small, brand new, double-frontage eatery called 甬味快捷 Yong Wei Kuai Jie. It is new, clean and received at least 12 awards. You can enjoy your Chinese-style breakfast while having a not-too-bad street scene to look at. They serve lunch and dinner too. But please note their rest time (we only know breakfast starts sevenish or earlier, lunch starts 10.30am and dinner starts 4.30pm, just 1-1.5 hrs before start time is rest time). I doubt the staff can speak English, however, it's canteen-style, grab a tray, just point at whatever you like to eat and they will dish them onto plates and pay up. We had good breakfast, lunch and dinner there at approximately RMB13, RMB 35-50 for two people respectively, depending on the type of dishes you order. Rice is free-flow.

Another advantage of staying at this JinJiang Inn is that a very popular and clean massage and foot reflexology is just 15-min walk away or a 5-min cab ride away. Please go to 新盈光 (Xin Ying Guang) at 苍松街Cang Song Street which is highly-popular amongst the locals. Catch a cab from Jin Jiang Inn to Xin Ying Guang, probably RMB10-11 only, very near. Once you stay at Jin Jiang Inn for a few days, you may wanna try walking there, it's only a 15-min walk. Please try to avoid their peak period (7pm-10pm) as you may have to sit and wait for 5-10 mins. I was seated at the lobby of the 3-storey massage outlet waiting for my partner's session to end and the flow of customers was endless, wow! They serve you tea and fruit while you wait. Just in case they don't speak English, body massage with facial : 90 mins for RMB100 only (remember to ask for the package deal 配套 pei tao) and foot reflexology plus pedicure with NO painting of nails : 80 mins for RMB80.

The advantages for staying at the JinJiang Inn Ningbo South Railway Station outweigh the few tiny hiccups here and there.

Note: The above general guide on transport is based on Metro Line 1 that was operational when we were there. We were told that Line 2 would be in operation in Oct 2015. The cab driver said Line 2 would start from the Airport and it would ply through South Railway Station (南站 Nan Zhan)