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  • Kai Wah Plaza
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Kai Wah Plaza

157 BEIJING ROAD,Kunming,CN,China
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Excellent hotel in great location bandsmorrison on 16/08/2017 10:25 225 Reviews
157 BEIJING ROAD,Kunming,CN,China

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Kai Wah Plaza

157 BEIJING ROAD,Kunming,CN,China 5 Star Hotel
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Kai Wah Plaza

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Kai Wah Plaza

157 BEIJING ROAD,Kunming,CN,China
#12 of 1,091 hotels in Kunming
Overall Rating 4Rating from 225 reviews
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Traveller Type business(25) couples(14) solo(5) family(12) friends(6)

What People are saying

Excellent hotel in great location

bandsmorrisonon 16/08/2017 10:25

Super 5* hotel (I believe it was the first 5* hotel in Kunming) with clean tidy rooms, super attentive staff, pleasant public spaces, good restaurant and food. The hotel really does cater for the international traveller.

Beautiful hotel

White315601on 06/06/2017 06:20

This hotel is a 5*, good location to the city, the staff so good nothing to much trouble for them, I moved to Kunming in April and stayed here with my Chinese partner, I had 4 boxes sent from England and stored here if I need anything from my boxes I just come in and do what I need without any problems, the food is very good and the rooms are excellent, all I can to the staff is a big thank you,

Perfect location and great service !

Charles Con 28/04/2017 12:00

Amazing room, great view in the city, morning breakfast is veey diversified and good quality
Location is in downtown
I highly recommend this place!
The in room service was fast and full of smiles
The hotel looks very popular as it was very crowded

beautiful and close to the train station

Jacqueline Son 09/04/2017 04:50

I wasa bit concerned that the claimed 5-star status might nit be up to standard, given the downtown location of the hotel, but I was pleasantly surprised! The rooms are big and airy, with all the thughtful touches of a 5-star hotel. And the breakfast buffet was sumptous!

Decent value, and excellent staff, but not 5 star level yet.

howardxp1on 22/01/2017 06:35

This Hotel is 16 years old and trying hard to keep up a 5 star level. But, like all aging humans, there's just so much one can do before gravity takes over.
Ok, the staff I dealt with were second to none and really helped in every way. From the Engineer to the room cleaner, they are all super friendly. The Assistant Manager, Candy Li really takes her job seriously and will help to keep you happy & comfortable.

Here's the scoop:
First the good: The rooms are 5 star, large and with great views. The hotel is conveniently centrally and located only 1 minute from the subway's two lines. There's an indoor swimming pool and many of the staff do speak acceptable English.
Also, doing a strict comparison of prices, I'd say this hotel will save you $ over others with similar amenities. I had a 70 square meter room and amazing view for 600 rmb/night. Admittedly that was a highly discounted Corporate rate. That simply cannot be found elsewhere, but the sacrifice is the following- "room for improvement "

Room for improvement:
There are temperature controls in the room, but useless because the Hotel controls it totally. For me, it was just too cold both morning and evening. They gave an extra blanket to help.
Also, the DVD player would not play my DVD's. The Engineer came and switched out 2 others, but they were very old models and did not play any. I used their computers drive in the business center which worked. Still, not the same, right. Next, almost all the electrical outlets in the room were old style plugs that need adapters. To their credit, they brought me plenty of adapters as I have an iPad, cell, laptop as does my wife.
Breakfast was ok, but just ok. "Vito" the Manager, is very helpful there but can do just so much. The level & quality of breakfast foods cannot compare to the freshness of baked goods on premises and variety of many other, more expensive Hotels.

Finally, my specialty - the exercise-related areas.
The indoor pool looks nice and is ok, as long as you don't mind swimming in freezing cold water! It was 26 C. Thats below 80F. In air temperature, it's fine, but for swimming, it's COLD! Worse than that is the lockers. They are very small, dark and damp just off the pool and ceilings covered with black mold. Also, there is a jacuzzi but it's empty and not being used. There is no sauna or steam room unless you pay in the spa. (Even that was closed for the whole month.)
The "gym" consisted of a few antiquated work benches and some equally old and worn pieces of equipment. All was located in the corner of the pool area. Overall, the exercise facility is in a very sorry state.
I should mention however that both pool attendants were extremely friendly and would do anything they could to help!

So there you have it - if you dont mind the negatives, then you'll save quite a bit for the large room received. But if you want the "real deal", it'll run you an additional $30 to $50 more in a Hilton or Wanda - type Hotel.
Lastly, Eric, the Sales guy was also very good in that he really wanted me to be happy and upgraded the room. His English is also quite ok!

This Hotel can play with the big boys, but they'll have to spend a bit to upgrade in the areas mentioned. With such a good location, it should be worth it!

Howard S.