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  • Kongensbro Kro
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Kongensbro Kro

Gl Kongevej 70 Kongensbro,Ans,DK,Denmark
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Recommendable jan o on 01/02/2016 19:39 64 Reviews


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Gl Kongevej 70 Kongensbro,Ans,DK,Denmark

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Kongensbro Kro

Gl Kongevej 70 Kongensbro,Ans,DK,Denmark 64 Reviews
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Kongensbro Kro

Gl Kongevej 70 Kongensbro,Ans,DK,Denmark 3 Star Hotel
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Kongensbro Kro

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Kongensbro Kro

Gl Kongevej 70 Kongensbro,Ans,DK,Denmark
#5 of 11 hotels in Silkeborg
Overall Rating 4Rating from 64 reviews
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What People are saying


jan oon 01/02/2016 19:39

We went for a sunday to monday stay, coffee/cake at 3 pm and then a lovely dinner and decent breakfast monday am.
The dinner was lovely, and the Bourgogne white and red wine super at decent money.
Their hotel room very nice, and with a lovely view.
Can only recommend this, but be aware its not posh or fance, very ''down to earth''.

Charming Quiet Place with beautiful views, however Service not good enough.

ChicBohemianNomadon 19/08/2015 00:18

We booked this Hotel as my mom had stayed there 50 years ago with my dad and because there are not many other hotels in the area with such a nice location.

When we arrived we were met by a lady who gave us the key and told us to go downstairs to our room. We were not asked if we had any luggage or needed help with it. So we managed to drag it down two sets of stairs on our own.
The room was small but clean except for an un-flushed toilet with a large "number two" floating in the toilet. Not very nice and very unacceptable!

We had not made reservations for dinner, but managed to be seated instead in the front room by the reception. We waited 15 minutes before our drink order was taken and then another 20 minutes to received it. We ordered 2 crab-tail soups. We waited 50 minutes and asked the only server there, if they had forgotten us. She replied that the soup was being made just now. Another 10-15 min later we finally received our soup. It was extremely salty and no crab tails or any kind of shellfish was found in the soup. It tasted like tin can gravy with added half a jar MSG (Monosodium glutamate or shellfish flavor enhancer cube)
We mentioned that there was no shellfish in the soup and the owner Christian went to ask the Chef what had happened. He came back laughing to inform us that the Chef had forgotten to add it, but that he had used an essence instead for flavor since they did not have any crab tails for the crab-tail soup!!!
How disappointing as the soup is the most expensive soup on the menu and it states (minimum 2 servings) for them to make it!! Needless to say we did not eat there again next evening.
(However after complaining we paid less.)

We had a good night’s sleep, as the hotel is very quiet.

Breakfast buffet was okay with lots of choices, but with all the tables busy we had to eat in the "Trophy" room, which was a challenge because all the walls are covered with Dead Animals with big fake eyes looking at you. Difficult enough to have to walk through it getting in and out of the hotel, but to spend time trying to have a peaceful breakfast with a nice view...it was needless to say very heartbreaking and challenging for a conscious person. So if you are an animal lover this place might not be for you.
When departing we paid the bill and here again the International customer service was void. No thank you for staying, come again, have a nice trip and not even any eye contact.
If they ever get competition in this area they will have to add one more server and learn about customer service.

Fantastic food and good place to stay

Alex Pon 18/02/2015 16:32

Stayed here with a family member for just one night in connection with a business trip.

Best part was the dinner: truly excellent food! A must try in the area.

The staff was nice and welcoming. We stayed in a "basement" room which has full window views to the garden (so the name is a little deceiving). The room was a little old fashioned but comfortable. It had a nice little couch in addition to 2 double beds.

Would stay here again.

Good hotel, however Some discretion with respect to the open adult TV channels would be welcome!

825lieson 08/04/2014 17:18

Hotel was fine - bit with one serious note. Arriving at 00.30 in the hotel and switched on the TV for some news broadcasting I was confronted with around 20 open (no pay tv) channels that showed very explicit adult content. I was unpleasantly surprised but blamed it on the late hour of arrival. However the next morning when I switched on the tv again for some news at 6.30 some of this content was still shown not on channel 99 or so but number 6. I would urge the hotel management to rearrange the channels so a bit more discretion and class is presented. Buy the way a English news channel would be welcome. Without this the overall stay was good!

Idyllic Country Charm

Dart-7on 02/10/2013 13:39

A country inn with a marvelous setting looking over the river and meadows, with not another building in sight. All rooms face this wonderful view and share the country quiet although the inn is in fact very close to the Aarhus - Viborg road and immediately accessible. Its charms are those of a comfortable old inn, not those of a modern city hotel. The rooms are cozy and comfortable. The restaurant is outstanding, serving variants on traditional Danish cooking, with an extensive wine list. A great place to eat and relax in the lovely dining room overlooking the gardens and river. The staff are welcoming and helpful, especially the owner/chef who is extremely hands-on, making all guests feel at home. Truly a great place for a relaxing stay, with a lovely patio for drinks before dinner in the nice weather.