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  • Kupecheskiy Dom
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Kupecheskiy Dom

1/6 VODNIKOV STR.,Samara,RU,Russia
Check in 15:00
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Rude staff Frequent F on 17/01/2017 01:24 16 Reviews
1/6 VODNIKOV STR.,Samara,RU,Russia

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Kupecheskiy Dom

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Kupecheskiy Dom

1/6 VODNIKOV STR.,Samara,RU,Russia 2 Star Hotel
Check in 15:00
Check Out 15:00


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Kupecheskiy Dom

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Kupecheskiy Dom

1/6 VODNIKOV STR.,Samara,RU,Russia
#57 of 94 B&Bs / Inns in Samara
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What People are saying

Rude staff

Frequent Fon 17/01/2017 01:24

I stayed in Samara for 2 nights in early 2016, and this hotel was the worst choice I made the whole year I believe. Front desk lady missing for roughly an hour when I was waiting at the front door and of course no one to respond the phone. And it was winter time. This accident was followed by no excuses or even an explanation. It's just a blueprint of the attitude you might expect here.

the worst hotel I've ever stayed

Sergey_Piskunovon 29/11/2012 21:58

I've been staying in this hotel since November, 27th, in "3b" lux room (more than 100 euros for night). Probably I cannot judge it quite objectively because I had a conflict here.

The problem was that I smoked once in toilet which wasn't OK as the place is claimed to be totally non-smoking. Of course it wasn't that good of me but it was 3 days before my check-out and I haven't smoked a cigarette there since that day not to cause inconvinience for the next guest. Anyway I couldn't imagine the staff reaction.

The next time I saw receptionist she behaved in a very aggressive way and told me that I would be fined for 12,5 euros for smoking. It was the first what she told me instead of "hello" etc. I suppose hotel personnel should at least try to be nice and respectful to guests but the attitude was the opposite.

So, if not considering that situation...
... good stuff:
* one of three receptionists I saw was really nice
* internet is OK - indeed it's better than in many other hotels in Russia

... bad stuff:
* one of receptionist was really horrible and agressive
* they forgot to change towels though they were on floor
* they lock the hotel door every evening (and give you no keys) and once had to wait almost 10 minutes in street until they opened it for me
* there's an old strange lock in "3b" lux - I had problems closing it
* location was really bad for me - though it's rather my problem not to have checked it before coming here

I generally made a huge mistake not to have checked their website before: one of not very numerous hotel services they're listing on site is "free calling a taxi or an AMBULANCE". If I had seen it in advance it would have made me think about the place.