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  • Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club
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Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club

Playa Kalki 1 Westpunt,Curacao,CW,Curacao
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Secluded and relaxing Pedroye on 09/06/2017 19:34 201 Reviews
Playa Kalki 1 Westpunt,Curacao,CW,Curacao

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Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club

Playa Kalki 1 Westpunt,Curacao,CW,Curacao 4 Star Hotel
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Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club

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Kura Hulanda Lodge & Beach Club

Playa Kalki 1 Westpunt,Curacao,CW,Curacao
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What People are saying

Secluded and relaxing

Pedroyeon 09/06/2017 19:34

We were really surprised with the room - we got a suite with ocean view which was amazing. It was clean and in nice condition. There is even a kitchenette for people who haven't taken the all-inclusive package (we did ). The resort was VERY quiet (plus we were in low-season) - especially during the week - it is busier on week-ends when locals are staying. So if you like to dance or party, this is not the place. The staff is nice and friendly but we would often have to fetch our own drinks except on rare occasions (so not the typical all-inclusive you would find in Cuba/DR where people are expecting tips). But it was no problem for us. The food was very tasty - yes the choice may be limited for some people but we were very satisfied. Food is very well seasoned and always have a choice of meats and fish - nothing extravagant but all in all pretty good value for money. Note that the all-inclusive does not include premium drinks only local beer, rhum, vodka and gin - but we liked the local variety and we did not feel deprived.
The beach is small but very nice to look at - bring your water shoes as there are many rocks/coral debris as you enter the water. The water is very clear and snorkelling is awesome. The pool is ok - could have been cleaner - but it was always quiet and palapas with chairs always available during our stay.
Fauna and flora is amazing on the site - tons of birds (we were visited by parrots on our balcony), iguanas, lizards - the climate is dry so lots and lots of aloe vera and cacti.
To sum up - a great resort if you want a relaxing vacation!
N.B. We highly recommend to rent a car. We rented a car for a week and were able to really experience Dushi CuraƧao!! There is a lot to see so do not miss out.

Great location with oceanfront rooms and well run diving operation a short walk away.

maggienmason 17/05/2017 06:06

Nice room with comfortable king bed and kitchenette. Food ranged from very good to OK depending on the night. When new about 15 years ago this must have been top drawer, but has been through several owners and could use some TLC to get it back to its former state. We did enjoy our stay and would consider returning.

Ivory provided excellent service and a great personality. Could use a few more like her!

I would return

tsbson 15/05/2017 17:38

At first it was somewhat confusing with being all inclusive for some & others who do not have that package. We needed to figure out what exactly was included.
The bar drinks are simple, rum, vodka, whiskey, wine, beer. No flowery mix frozen drinks, just simple and the "cocktail of the day" was available.
The food was minimal in choice, but I found what was available was done well. Really only 1 or 2 choices for dessert.
The room was very nice, ocean front, however we did not have hot water for 4 days, we asked repeatedly to have this fixed, it was getting a little ridiculous, but finally it was fixed. We also had an issue with our A/C not working, we also asked that it get fixed, that never happened!
The pool is very small, but clean. The beach is also small, had a few shells upon entering the water, take beach shoes, but the water was beautiful.
The resort is also small, well laid out, lots of vegetation, and very pretty to walk around.
There is NOT entertainment like other resorts, a couple musicians 3 times a week during dinner. This was very nice. It's a resort for relaxing, if your looking for party central this is not it. No activities around the pool etc. It was perfect for us!
I will definitely return, even thou we had a few issues with A/C & water, but we still had an amazing time!
I found the service, for the most part was very good-excellent. Always staff that go above & beyond, then the few that do the bare minimum.

Great location for snorkeling, diving and access to the rough north west coast

voyagemikeon 25/04/2017 00:43

The location is beautiful and in a quiet natural environment. Taking your meals or sitting on your private terrace with a view on the Curacao blue ocean is a daily high point.

The beach area is rather small but cute. The access to some of the best snorkeling in Curacao is just steps from your room. This is clearly the strongest selling point of the lodge.

It is possible to go on long runs or hikes on many trails around the north east coast. You can jog for hours without seeing anyone, except for some occasional white tailed dears and rabbits. Take you GPS since there almost no signs but many random trails (dirt roads, MTB trails and simple trails) with essentially no one around. I often ran from the lodge in the direction of the various Bocas along the north coast and Watamula. The nature there is rough. The north shore is windy, dry, hot and the land is full of plants with needles.

The hotel grounds are nice, except for the tennis court, which not usable for a real game. the pool is small and not very appealing when you have such a nice ocean in front of you. Some groups seem to enjoy the pool a lot and its very low key so that you can use it anytime (even at night).

The restaurant is disappointing. The food is ok but nothing special or interesting. The bar is annoying because of their restrictive all inclusive policy.

The internet works reasonably well. We had a beautiful room with 2 terraces and a nice view on the ocean. The cleaning staff was very accommodating.

The hotel is not close to any services. So if you need something you can either take the hotel shuttle to the "city" 45 mins away (but it can be full) or you need to have a car. We rented a car for half of the week which is a ice compromise (offers mobility but you are still in a quiet and natural setting).

Curacao is a mixed bag: rough nature and history (important slave trading post and important refineries dominating the economy in the past). People are friendly and open and most speak English. Everything is expensive (more like in Europe than in the Caribbean). No local fresh products (all is imported). Dense around the city but very few people in the north west. Beautiful water with many snorkeling and diving opportunities and some nice beaches.

great potential, very quiet resort

marienaton 16/04/2017 20:01

This place is remote, very quiet and relaxing and the snorkelling is great. There are many things that need to be repaired in this resort starting with the door locks of the rooms. Ours did not work when we arrived and we had to wait a few hours to get room but I don't complain because they upgraded us in an ocean front room. The room was very nice, large including the balcony. It was quite clean and the AC worked well. There was a safe, kitchenette, etc... Loved it.
Based on the reviews, I was afraid of the food. However, even if the buffet is limited and basic, we always found something good to eat. Actually, the fresh mahi-mahi was delicious. At times, the dining room was empty and other times, people could not get a seat. The All inclusive is not clearly explained especially for the drinks (despite what is said on a paper that we received on arrival). Note that it is permitted to smoke in the restaurant which was very disturbing.
The beach is very small and can be crowded when people outside the resort are coming. Not enough chairs and umbrella. Bring beach shoes as there is a lot of broken coral. Water is blue and clear and snorkelling is great.
I found the ladies at the reception and most of the people at the restaurant very nice. However, that's a very different story at the beach bar. There are some grumpy people there that don't like to serve you (maybe it is because we were AI maybe?). It is like we were disturbing them.
If you are looking for a relaxing place with amazing ocean views, this is the place.