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  • Le Shalimar
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Le Shalimar

JINENE EL HAMMAMET BP 63,Hammamet,TN,Tunisia
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Lovely hotel Sran1 on 09/07/2015 12:57 340 Reviews
JINENE EL HAMMAMET BP 63,Hammamet,TN,Tunisia

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Le Shalimar

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Le Shalimar

JINENE EL HAMMAMET BP 63,Hammamet,TN,Tunisia 4 Star Hotel
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Le Shalimar

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Le Shalimar

JINENE EL HAMMAMET BP 63,Hammamet,TN,Tunisia
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What People are saying

Lovely hotel

Sran1on 09/07/2015 12:57

This hotel offers 'soft' all inclusive, which means that alcohol is not served after 11pm. That was fine for me as I'm not a big drinker. The staff are very polite and helpful and the guys in bar always knew what we wanted before we ordered. The animation team are fun and they took us out in the evenings to clubs (which are free) and a good time was had by all. It's in a quiet area, close to the beach and the rooms are cleaned every day. We got bottled water in the room every day, and on our arrival, there was a basket of fruit, which was a nice touch. The food was nice too, with a wide range that was different every day. Definitely recommend this for those looking for a quiet break, away from it all. The beach was close by too, which was a bonus.

Expect what you pay for!

LKS85on 23/03/2015 20:20

There are a lot of unfair reviews below. A lot of people with unrealistic expectations when they're paying minimal amounts for what they get! If you want pizza and chips and are completely uncultured, stay at home and go to Dominos. What you have to remember is that Tunisa is a developing country, and the majority of your home comforts won't be available to you. But that doesn't mean it won't be a comfortable stay.

For what you pay, it's perfectly adequate. Nice accommodation, apparently the TV had a long of movies played in English according to other guests - but we didn't go to watch TV so we don't know first hand! We had a love room with a balcony overlooking the pool. The beach area was lovely and we spent most of our time down there, the beach bar staff are lovely and will look after you. The sea is beautifully warm, there's loads to do on the beach too. The all inclusive food - there's always something to eat. And if you don't fancy it, it's the equivalent of a few pounds for a huge pizza and the same for a good selective menu.

The only real downside was the blaring music at the pool. When the music was a bit more eclectic, it wasn't too bad, but most of the time it was out of date thumpy thumpy mostly European dance music. It was a shame because it was a lovely pool, just not one you cod really relax next to!

Out and about - definitely go on the catamaran exertion - that was a great day. The zoo is ok, though the animals should really have had more water, and you can swim with dolphins for the equivalent of £85 each for 45 mins which is amazing. Avoid the sound and light show, especially on a hot day - it's ok but a lot of waiting around.

Wandering around the marina you'll get a lot of people offering to be your guide and saying they work at your hotel - they don't, they just recognise your wristband. Don't go with them, they'll demand money from you. Luckily we read the warnings about this before we went, but we had a few people attempt it. Just say no and they'll leave you alone - they're not intimidating.

Prepare to barter with people in shops - they WILL try it on, we had one guy try and sell us mirror for £100, we ended up paying £15. Also for the smaller nick backs like pottery and stuff - wait until you get to the airport. It's exactly the same and loads cheaper! You'll find loads of places before you go through security.

Top recommendation is The Boat Restaurant on the marina. On an actual boat, dirt cheap but high quality and the best meal we had there.

All in all, an enjoyable trip and it was our first holiday together as a couple. We probably wouldn't go again, but oh because we've seen it and done it now. But would recommend it for the same reason.

Nice place, lovely people, get what you pay for.

Sam Mon 14/01/2015 17:06

The rooms are massive and there is plenty of space. We went as two adults and two children age 7 and 13. The pool is gorgeous as you can see from photos, animation staff are funny, friendly and great with the children (although am aware they change almost every year) They have daytime activities for children, although it is usual for children to prompt but then we didn't go in high season. Evening entertainment was good.
Food will not be to everyones standards. We always found something to eat but will not be idea for fussy eaters. No ice cream for children and if on all inclusive snacks weren't great and at set times in the day. Not a great variation of alcohol choice either.
Beach is a 2 minutes walk away which is lovely too. Did a few excursions. The prate ship is a 100% must. We also do zoo in whatever country we visit and although their 'cats' were lovely it wasn't massive but you can pay to feed elephants, ride camels so worth it if you love animals.

Perfectly adequate for what you pay!

Lauren-Klair Son 14/01/2015 11:53

Reading some of the reviews here, a think a lot of people expect a lot for very little money. We paid a grand total of about £900 for two people including flights, a weeks accommodation, all inclusive meals and drinks, transfers and a check in bag each. That's a weeks holiday for £450 each all in! That's not bad going.

This hotel is listed as 4 star, which I think in Tunisia - it is. It's more like a western 3 star, however it seems in some of the reviews below that people seem to have forgotten that Tunisia is in Africa, and is not in the western world....

There were quite a number of people whining and complaining when they arrived, mostly about the food - which was perfectly fine! Again, what do you expect?? If you intend to travel to Tunisia please remain open minded. If you want to eat in McDonalds and KFC every night, stay at home and save some money.

Some people had pretty bad rooms so quite rightly complained - but the hotel staff very quickly organised them alternative rooms so don't be afraid to ask then if you have a problem.

I'll give you a few bullet points worth being aware of below:

- The Room: we were very lucky and had a lovely room, with a lovely balcony overlooking the pool. The air conditioning worked just enough, the bathroom was adequate and had a separate toilet which was handy, and the shower was amazing! The only downsides was that although it was supposed to be a double, we had two singles pushed together. However we could still be close in the night and to be honest, we were warm so moved away mostly anyway! And the TV wasn't working, though I'm sure if we'd have reported it, they would have fixed/sorted it. But we didn't go on holiday to watch TV, so we didn't bother.

- The Food: Now again, you had to remember that you are in an East African country, so you're not going to get pizza and got dogs every night! The breakfast was interesting, it looked as if they were attempting to westernise their foods, which didn't really work. But they have a crepe station and they cooked those beautifully, so we had those every morning. They also have a chilled stand with fruit, cheese and cereals. The lunches and dinners were mixed, but there was always something you could eat. There's plenty of bread and they always have chips if all else fails! They had a number of things that we had no idea what they were but we tried them - which was a good opportunity to try new things.

A lot of people complained about the food saying it was 'disgusting' but that is a complete over reaction. I am a very fussy eater and I always found something to eat.

- The Facilities: There is wifi in the reception/lobby area but it is temperamental. The pool was lovely, a really nice space with two islands in the middle where you could sit. The one thing that baffles to was that there are two pool bars, but neither we're being used? This may have been because we were there right at the end of the season (late September and apparently the hotel closes over winter) but I am unsure. The biggest downside is the loud thumpy rubbish music they play around the pool. One day they played a bit of soul and Motown and it was ok, but the music was just crap. If you're looking for a relaxing poolside, this isn't it. Well, they have occasions where there's no music on and it's lovely, but not often!
There is also an indoor pool and a spa on the premises, which are very reasonably priced. We had a tour of the facilities but didn't end up using them. We would have done but decided to spend our money on swimming with dolphins instead! (Look into this at the zoo, it's £80 for 45 mins!!)
The beach is literally a 5 minute walk away, and the hotel has it's own section and beach bar, where you can buy food and drink (not included in all inclusive). We had lunch a few times down here as they do pizzas, burgers, chips etc and it's dirt cheap. We spent most of our time on the beach, it was blissful and the water was beautiful. I don't like getting in the sea but we did every day! We spotted a jelly fish one day though so keep your eyes peeled!

I would recommend a restaurant called 'The Boat' which funnily enough, is a boat on the harbour and a restaurant. Food was exquisite and the meal was next to nothing, two steaks, a vodka red bull and two pints of lager cost about £30 and it was beautiful. The best meal we had there.

Also recommend the catamaran trip and swimming with dolphins!

When you're out and about, people may stop you and say they know you and they work at your hotel. Keep walking - no need to be intimidated, they're just trying to get money out of you and be your 'guides' on your trip. We had a bit of fun with this and questioned what hotel that was, what job they do etc. They soon have their tail between their legs! And don't be afraid to barter if you're buying anything, in one shop we bought a mirror which was pitched to is at £100. Because we were prepared to walk away, we got it for £15. Play good cop bad cop if need be! If you're after any little ceramics like ash trays, bowls etc wait until you get to the airport - they're dirt cheap there! And bear in mind you cannot leave the country with any of their currency. Once you're through security, you can use any other currency.

Overall we had a lovely trip, which as our first holiday together as a couple. We probably wouldn't return, only because we've been at here and done it now and there are loads of other places we want to go, nothing against the country as we had a lovely time . It's somewhere worth going especially if you're looking for somewhere cheap. Just have realistic expectations!!

It's always nice to have the option...

Vunguon 24/10/2014 22:27

I'm going to write this in bullet points to save you getting bored...

* Lovely big clean pool and beach less than 5 minute walk
*Bed comfy, rooms minimal but just don't expect the ritz. (take hairdryer if you need one). Rooms also cleaned daily and new towels provided by lovely smiley lady.
*Food is basically inedible (unless you are of their culture). I put on weight having to mainly just eat bread and chips. One day they didn't even provide soup and it's always nice to have the option!
*Do not go with just girls - the men are like rats. They are pushy and don't give up. If you are invited for 'discotechque' or 'cafe' DO NOT go. When we turned down (I quote) "The best sexual experience of your lives' we were then snubbed and forced to pay for drinks we were told were free. Saying you're married or gay doesn't work either!!!!
*Ignore Ishmael at the bar, he is rude and very unwelcoming!
If you want a laugh come here... all the guests were laughing (it was that or crying) but make sure you take lots of money so you can go and eat something decent.