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Leticia By The Sea

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A private getaway Rachel Ann S on 14/07/2016 17:46 22 Reviews

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Leticia By The Sea

TALICUD ISLAND SAMAL,Davao,PH,Philippines 3 Star Hotel
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Leticia By The Sea

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Leticia By The Sea

#1 of 1 Specialty lodging in Talikud Island
Overall Rating 4Rating from 22 reviews
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What People are saying

A private getaway

Rachel Ann Son 14/07/2016 17:46

Serene. Scenic. But needs improvement.

Had a great time here. Staff are really attentive and accommodating. They prepared a feast for us. Generous servings, really. Lunch was served at the pavilion, dinner under the stars. Since it's my boyfriend's birthday, they helped me pull a surprise. A cake was shipped from the city to talicud, and they even prepared a romantic dinner by the sea.

When we said we wanted to explore the island, the staff accompanied us to the other resort. They also arranged for our transpo to BabuSanta.

The beach here isn't wide but the place is great for snorkeling and kayaking. It is mostly corals. You can snorkel and kayak all day. Or do what we did - lie on a day bed and enjoy the company of a good book while having outstanding view of the sea.

Since the resort is surrounded by trees, flowers and other plants, there are mosquitoes and other insects especially at night. The management should address this problem.

Also, the villas are few meters away from the staff house. Hence, it would be an added convenience if they install intercom or phone in the villas.

Two Thumbs Up for this resort. Will surely come back.


xiaoqian02on 02/07/2016 04:34

I've been looking forward to this trip for a long time. Since Leticia by the Sea has rates similar to that of Pearl Farm, we kept our expectations high. Both my husband and I are employees, so times like these are very rare for our family. We arrived at the resort after an hour of riding the resorts ferry. We hoped to be served lunch on time. However due to the late arrival of their cook, our food was also served late at around 1:30 in the afternoon. Food came and I must say that for a resort connected to two restaurants, a hotel and a business inn, their food was disappointing. Dry, lacking of taste and they served limited rice for a room for 3-4 persons. The cutleries used  looked old and still had white stains on it. Our juice was served with 2 free, floating insects.
In the afternoon we walked on the same path several times, the resort is small. At one glance I could already see the entire thing. The place has lots of mosquitoes. There was even a spot were I could see stagnant water which was already a breeding ground, several worms just waiting to become mosquitoes themselves (its on top of the buddha head before the stairs going to the pavillion, as I write this review). The management clearly hasnt made any effort to prevent this problem from occuring. Good thing I brought mosquito repellant or else we would be a walking feast for them! The room was also small, no mini bar, no cable television, no phone/intercom and the lights were too dim.  The resort never stated that they used brackish water for the guests brushing and bathing needs. Well lo and behold, imagine my surprise when I had to brush my teeth and take a bath.
We went to the pavillion a lot because this was the only place with internet access. Considering this, one would think the staff would clean it often. But underneath their mats and rugs,  I saw  thick amounts of dust. 
For their costly rates one would expect good (if not excellent) customer service. Think again. I guess its because they hired locals from the island. But management could have atleast given them customer service seminars or orientation. Especially on our second day (we were the only guests on the island) the staff neglected to dish out our food several hours after we had finished eating. I checked the dishes from our 7:30 pm dinner, those were still outside our room by 12 midnight (not only this meal, it took several hours to dish out EVERY meal). Bottles of san miguel beer  were still present at the pavillion a day after the guests have checked out. Towels used by the previous guest were still on the benches hours after they have checked out as well. I saw atleast 2 male staff walking around the resort with no shirt on, and one shirtless staff even sat down near me for a few hours because he was using the pavillions internet (we were the only guests on the island, also  he greeted me "good afternoon, maam" while clutching his phone, so Im 100% sure he is a staff and not a guest). While passing by,  I also saw one staff  sitting down on the bench and watching tv. However, I do not blame the staff for this. I saw that they had good intentions. They were courteous and tried to cater to our concerns as much as they could. They even gave us buko juice and some white bread when I asked for merienda. I think it is mainly training and orientation on BASIC  customer service that they lack.
Upon waking up, there were lizard droppings on one side of our bed, around 13 pcs accumulated while we slept. This happened on  both nights we were there. On our last day, I saw 2 staff smoking outside the kitchen while waiting for our breakfast to be cooked.
 The resort has a great view, though.  I like its bali-inspired theme. I like the other accomodating staff and Irwin, who assisted me through our booking. Thats basically it though.
 Now I know what "having a bucket of sand dumped on our heads" feels like. As a previous reviewer stated. Im very disappointed that what should have been  memorable family bonding time turned out like this.

Beautiful Resort

packrat09on 03/05/2016 08:06

We had our company outing here last April 15-17 and we had the whole place to ourselves. Our overall experience was great, the staff are very attentive and prompt. The whole resort is beautiful and really clean. The food is also great. The only downside that we experienced was that the water and current supply seems to be limited. There were times when there is no electricity and water, luckily the staff were able to resolve these immediately.

A few suggestions thou, I hope other rooms will have AC and doors because some guests are very particular with the accommodations.

I'd like to thank Sir Erwin, Ma'am Romelyn and the rest of Leticia by The Sea for their assistance. I will surely recommend this paradise to my friends.

Value stay for a resort

bravo son 22/01/2016 22:16

This is a resort of intense experiences from natural wonders and cultural delights. It is a destination where every moment counts. LBTS possesses a mixture of exotic and authentic cultures. The people provide visitors with a service rooted in cultural traditions and qualities of loyalty, friendliness and charm.

Excellent!!!!... Keep it up...

jheanniceon 03/09/2015 05:29

I'am so amazed with your resort, I feel so relaxed & great hideaway from stress & busy work.. It's a great place to bond with family & friends.. The food are also great.. Thank you for all the staff & crews of Leticia by the Sea.. It's a great experience that will treasure for life.. Thank you Sir Erwin & Ma'am Tetet & the rest of the staff of the Resort for accommodating our company MINRICO LUMBER ENTERPRISE. We really enjoy our Team Building workshop... Great Job & Keep it up!!!.. mwah... :)