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  • Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort
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Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort

Tulubhan, Manoc Manoc,Boracay,PH,Philippines
Check in 14:30
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Great location, great rooms and a wonderful private beach. But repeated service issues Robinyy on 14/06/2017 10:12 255 Reviews
Tulubhan, Manoc Manoc,Boracay,PH,Philippines

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Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort

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Internet Facility Restaurant Room Service Swimming Pool Laundry Airport/Station Transfer

Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort

Tulubhan, Manoc Manoc,Boracay,PH,Philippines 3 Star Hotel
Check in 14:30
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Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort

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Lingganay Boracay Hotel Resort

Tulubhan, Manoc Manoc,Boracay,PH,Philippines
#43 of 145 hotels in Boracay
Overall Rating 4Rating from 255 reviews
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What People are saying

Great location, great rooms and a wonderful private beach. But repeated service issues

Robinyyon 14/06/2017 10:12

My impression of this resort is quite mixed. I found the location on a hill top in the south of the island with the great views from the studios and the roof tops very appealing. I also liked the private beach a lot. The free 24hour shuttel to the D Mall is another "pro". The level of the restaurant was fine, too.
The style of the hotel, a mixture of an immitated medival castle and several other styles that can hardly be determined may be a matter of taste.
My main trouble makers here were on the service side. A very weak and slow wifi which did not to work in the room, but on the balcony only. No phone is on the room and I had to call reception from my smartphone - if they picked it up. There were no bath towels at the beginning. And I dident get any shower gel even after asking for some. The shuttel which I had ordered at the harbour jetty was not there. And not all of the staff seems not to be trained properly. I had to burst out laughing when the female receptionist welcomed me with the words "Why are you here alone, Sir"?

Fantastic place, idiot staff

Stefan Mon 07/06/2017 04:40

Don't get me wrong, this is a great place. The German owner has done a fantastic job, and I really cannot fault the place itself. Quiet hill-top location, nice little private beach, romantic paths below the lower pool.

However, when it comes to the staff, they just don't seem to care. And if you will read the other negative reviews, you will see that they are all about the STAFF. And this in turn says something about the owner: He has incompetent staff, unhelpful staff, useless staff, and people complain in great numbers, and yet he still has... incompetent unhelpful staff.

After staying at this hotel resort for 3 days, I recommended it to a friend. He decided to stay there also, so we went online to book. However, there was a problem with the booking and we were left in a state of not knowing whether the booking had been made... or not. 36 hours later, we still have NO IDEA whether my friend and his wife have a reservation, or not.

Why? Because despite emailing the staff 5 times, we have had no answers to our questions: our questions are ignored, but we are given answers to questions that we did not ask. My last two emails have commented on the 1-star reviews they are receiving due to useless staff, and despite this they continue to be useless. So here's my 1-star rating.

In summary:

I clearly explained the situation in my first email, including screenshots and complete details. I asked to know the status of our booking: Accepted or cancelled.

After several hours I sent a text message to their front desk, asking them to please check their email and respond. They responded, "How may I help you?" (I had just told them!) I asked someone to please read my email, subject "Re: New Reservation" because it contained screenshots, and asked if they monitor their email address. They responded, "What is your room number?"! I pointed out the subject of my email, and told them that I do not have a room number. They responded, "Yes, sir, please call this number for more information" and gave me another number. Aaaargh!

After a few hours, a response: Blame directwithhotels, the site we used to make the reservation.

My second email: I asked them to kindly cancel our reservation, if they were unable to confirm it.

Response: "We would like to inform you that we cannot confirm or cancel this booking"... Contact them at "noreply@directwithhotels.com"

Translation: They have no idea about the status of their own bookings and are too lazy to look anything up. Then give us a "noreply" email address to contact!

My third email: I pointed out that we would receive no reply from a "noreply@" address and added, "Kindly tell me the email address that YOU use to contact directwithhotels.com"

Response: None at all

My fourth email: I asked again for the status of my booking: Have they received it; is it confirmed or not? Has our payment been received, or not? I asked them to think carefully about their response this time because I was about to write my TripAdvisor review and it was going to confirm the other negative customer service reviews.

Response: The booking is not confirmed, here are our bank wire details.

Fifth email: Fine, I give up. Going to tripadvisor.com.


36 hours after trying to make a booking, we still have absolutely no idea whether our money will be taken or returned, and whether I have successfully booked a room for my friend or not. The staff have not provided any assistance whatsoever, aside from suggesting that we wire further funds direct to their bank account. In other words, send a second payment just in case the first has not been accepted -- and by the way don't know if it has.

Summary: The staff are a bunch of unhelpful, illiterate (look up the definition of that word) idiots. They do not answer any questions; they simply make up answers to questions that have not been asked.


If you don't mind having a bunch of unhelpful idiots handling customer inquiries and needs, then this is a fantastic place. The two pools are beautiful; both are "salt water" (the water tastes salty and there is no chlorine smell), but I wonder what else in there because the water really stings your eyes (worse than chlorine) and burns the skin a bit, which pure salt water does not. Muriatic acid in high concentration?

As mentioned in other reviews, there are no phones in the rooms and the only way to contact the front desk from a far-away room is to walk for 4 minutes or call them up on your own phone.

The Internet is terrible during "waking hours" (I had to get up at 3am to get any work done), but probably not the hotel's fault because Globe Broadband was the same (zero) speed despite a full bar signal. Boracay's Internet infrastructure apparently needs improving.

Note to owner: Your "Petty Beach" is gorgeous. Such a romantic, beautiful spot. But did you know that your gardeners/staff are dumping large amounts of compost *and* garbage into one of the small inlets where the coral meets the Sea, less than 10 yards from Petty Beach? What a way to ruin a perfect spot: first the smell, then a real eyesore if you venture a few yards to the left and look down at the water. Also: bottles and other garbage strewn around on the ground and what seems to be waste water from above flowing through a black pipe that dangles over a small cliff. I mentioned this to your front desk staff and received blank stares in response.

Perfect and awesome place

janeN3860HWon 05/06/2017 08:36

The hotel staff are very polite and accomodating. When i asked to add a blinds in thr washroom they fixed it right away.Very clean , nice ambiance and very peaceful place. I really enjoy and feel relax when we stay there.

3D2N stay

Michelle Chiew ... Son 03/06/2017 00:25

Paid for extra bed when check-in but the bed was sent to the room after few hours (in the evening) even after being reminded twice. Apart from that others quite good. 25 hours free shuttle van service to D mall is really convenient. The view of the pool facing the sea is really great!

Nice view n room, bad everything else

Jon Bon 02/06/2017 10:24

Beautiful view n room, horrible everything else. Do not stay if your care about customer service. From the horrible front desk to only giving us beach towels instead if hand or bath towels. Unreliable transportation as well