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Royal Golf

CIHELNY 5,Karlovy Vary,CZ,Czech Republic
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Teriffic Ambiance and Value scubathreefifty on 03/04/2017 21:59 40 Reviews
CIHELNY 5,Karlovy Vary,CZ,Czech Republic

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Royal Golf

CIHELNY 5,Karlovy Vary,CZ,Czech Republic 4 Star Hotel
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Royal Golf

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Royal Golf

CIHELNY 5,Karlovy Vary,CZ,Czech Republic
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What People are saying

Teriffic Ambiance and Value

scubathreefiftyon 03/04/2017 21:59

I am still trying to believe what a teriffic luxury bargain this was. The room was neat and clean but the spa facilities were first class and new. Everything was provided, without restriction in the way of facilities. Steam bath, Salt bath, Finnish bath (Sauna), Solarium, hot tub, and a pool with wonderful. Bubbler features along with two large jet sprayers. Showers were also top of the class with features. Elegant mansion with 18th century class with free breakfast. All of this for $50 a night, unbeatable!!
Hop on a local train 5 minutes down the hill and you are in Karlovy Vary in 8 minutes or 45 minutes the other way to Marianske Lazne another beautiful spa thermal town. Karlovy Vary is only 2 hours from Prague, by very nice modern comfortable ,inexpensive bus. Price cz166 each, not worth renting a car, which we did on our prior trip. Go and enjoy a week at this spa, you will love it.


IvPaon 22/11/2016 14:11

The room was really nice and clean. The living well was really good. Really nice view and surrounding. The breakfast and the dinner were really good. Also the prices were reasonable. We spent there 2 romantic nites with the snow :).

Very Good!

regalekson 21/08/2016 13:01

The rooms were big and comfortable, the beds were very good. The restaurant offered a very good breakfast. The service was great, the staff was very friendly and helpful. The pool was very good too - big with different water devices. There are three saunas which are open from 16.00 till 20.00. The hotel has a lovely park. it is good for exploring the area - you can get to Karlovy Vary withing 15-20 minutes. A little bit more - to castle Bechov, fortress Loket, Marianske Lazne.

Фll you can imaging when you think about small family castle

AndroGenomon 19/08/2016 19:54

I am writing this review seating right in the hotel room. The hotel is gorgeous. It has all you can imaging when you think about small family castle. It is a peace of the architecture. You can enjoy marvelous view on the hotel when you approaching it already. It is nicely visible from the road, staying above trees, like a small ship in the forest ocean. The hotel stays on a side of small mountain, next to lovely, elegantly planned golf club. The hotels beauty is well emphasized by the landscape, with a small river, mountains and curly, rather antique railroad. The hotel is well restored outside and inside. The designer is definitely talented, he or she did a great job – there is not a single thing, where most demanding eye would find any mistake. It is one piece of visual and style harmony.
I envision the main clients being sportive, enjoying the nature, maybe even playing golf and with desire to relax and enjoy own time in the wellness area. If you belong to this category, you will definitely enjoy your stay in this hotel. It has several and very different saunas, steam bath, nice and rather spacious swimming pool, training facilities and reach set of wellness services. The massage was just great.
Speaking about rooms it can be described very easy: stylish, spacious and well equipped.
Services is also nice, ladies at the reception are very kind and ready to address clients’ needs, in the same time you feel yourself at home because you do not see anyone who makes your life at the hotel so pleasant.
Indeed, as it was mentioned by other guests, hotel is located a bit outside of the Karlovy Vary. It is about 8-12 minutes by car to the center. The road is nice, going around small lake with pleasant views and even one restaurant on the way to Karlovy Vary. If you do not have a car, you can use a train, which brings you to the main station and back, just be sure you check the schedule - it has different frequency during the rush hour and during the day.
The food is the only one topic where hotel might perform better. The breakfast is fine for such small hotel, but the dinner is something you might wish to be different. One day, when we have ordered a dinner for our group about 15 people and in advance, it was fine, but next evening, when we were along who has come down to the restaurant, the quality vs price was not performing up to the style.
Other things to think about before booking this hotel: there is no elevator, remember, it is a historic place, you would need to use stairs to get up and down. Hotel has sufficient number of parking slots. It is located in the forest, meaning it is quite there.
If you would ask me whether I would like to stay there once again? The answer would be definitely yes.

If you have any preferences - just ask the hotel before booking. I did it and our family has 100% match to our wishes. In general, what I could see all rooms are nice, and all are different. The room in the castle would be nicer.

A small palace. Very old fashioned but a great way to spend an evening

Joe Aon 17/08/2016 21:30

We were on our way from Bayreuth to Prague and stopped for the night. We were sure the hotel is close to Karlovy Vary but it turned out that the hotel we chose was in the middle on nowhere (the city could be around the corner but we did not see it).

The hotel is and old fashioned place with old style everything.

We had dinner and breakfast at the hotel as we were tired. Both were good.

The room we received was not cleaned but after some negotiations we received an alternative room which was fine.

Down sides:
Old fashioned. Isolated. No cleaning personnel at evenings. No Technical staff either.
Old fashioned. Isolated. Good food.