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  • Sagana Resort
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Sagana Resort

Sagana Resort, Cloud 9 Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte,Siargao,PH,Philippines
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Best location on Cloud 9, warm welcoming staff and excellent service August E on 17/04/2017 05:48 92 Reviews
Sagana Resort, Cloud 9 Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte,Siargao,PH,Philippines

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Sagana Resort

Sagana Resort, Cloud 9 Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte,Siargao,PH,Philippines 92 Reviews
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Sagana Resort

Sagana Resort, Cloud 9 Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte,Siargao,PH,Philippines 3 Star Hotel
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Sagana Resort

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Sagana Resort

Sagana Resort, Cloud 9 Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte,Siargao,PH,Philippines
#6 of 41 B&Bs / Inns in Siargao Island
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What People are saying

Best location on Cloud 9, warm welcoming staff and excellent service

August Eon 17/04/2017 05:48

We are four Norwegian guys that spent a week at Sagana during Easter Holidays. We had the front cabana directly overlooking Cloud 9, the famous surf spot.

The Australian hosts, Gerry and Susan, and the rest of the staff, took excellent care of us for our entire stay. They helped us organize trips and activities of all sorts - island hopping, surfing trips, motorcycle trips, barbeques and more. They really know the island well, and will help you fix anything. Rooms were kept tidy and clean every day.

They have excellent food at their own restaurant - we did not have the all-inclusive option, but still had breakfast there everyday (the Filipino Breakfast with pork is amazing by the way), and occasionally lunch and dinner.

Gerry is a VERY experienced and talented surfer, even though he is too humble to admit it. Leave your ego at home.. He gave us spot-on advice on where and when to surf, and helped us out with board selections for our rentals. For me, at least, the board (*a small minimal - 7ft2in. Great "transition"-board from longer to shorter boards, even though you might not be too popular in the lineup*) was exactly what I needed for a week of wave-catching and progression instead of endless paddling and struggling with a board too advanced for me. Go out by boat to surf - it is just amazing. Crystal clear waters. Stimpys (left, mid/low-tide) and Daku (right, high-tide) were my personal favorites, and Gerry will tell you what places will be good depending on times and conditions.

In short - we had an amazing trip. For Siargao in general, be aware of the Filipino weather - our flight back got cancelled due to heavy rain, and we had to stay for two more days. Guess who fixed us accommodation in the perhaps busiest week of the year - Gerry and Susan. Not so bad to get stuck in paradise, after all.

Thank you for an amazing trip!

- The Norwegian Boys

'twas a cozy night in a Paradise

AlyannaReinhardton 14/01/2017 14:36

It was our second day and night in Siargao and we stayed here with my husband for one night only because we like hopping on different resorts. So we book a different room but the owner generously changed our room into something bigger, nicer and with extra room which cost way higher than what we had booked.
They also serve good food, the location was really really amazing because it's close to the surfing area.
Also the resort has surfing boards for rent for the surfers. The owner was really really accommodating.


Dean Mon 14/12/2016 02:25

I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, with family and friends, from cities to villages to beach paradises but in October I found my number one destination.

Sagana resort, on the island of Siargao.

I travelled here with 5 of my best mates on the way home from a wedding, searching for waves and some much needed time off before all making the long journey home to our busy lives and young families.

From the minute the plane landed I knew we had found something special. No hassles, big smiles and the humidity in the air that makes your thongs slip off your feet as you walk across the tarmac.

We were greeted by one of the drivers from sagana, who took us straight to the resort, approximately 45 minutes. We were greeted by the most amazing owners, Gerry and Susan and were immediately made to feel like home.

The grounds and the rooms were perfect for what we needed. It had that Swiss family Robinson feel but with enough Mod Cons to still ensure you were comfortable.

We scored some waves, drank way to many beers and ate some of the most amazing food.

It was the slow pace and relaxed attitude that Gerry and Susan are blessed with that just filtered through the entire resort and in to the people that were there. Exactly what we all needed and appreciated the most.

As we sat on the beach one afternoon over a few beers as the sun went down we tried to debate what would make this better, after all of 2 minutes we all agree this was a 10/10 trip all made perfect by the people and the place.

Thanks again guys for your wonderful hospitality, as soon as we can talk our wives in to letting is do it again we will all be back.


spoko75on 08/12/2016 13:51

What a place. Susan and Gerry... thank you for creating such an amazing, cruisy spot. Nothing was to hard for you. We came to you bruised and battered and you did everything in your power to make our time special. Your staff are wonderful, your property incredibly well maintained and the photos of location speak for themselves. We would recommend this haven to anyone who is looking for a classy well run piece of old school Philippines. We will be back xx😃

Probably the best place to sleep and dine in Siargao

Ron Don 08/11/2016 16:42

Sagana resort has everything you need , from a clean room to fine food and ocean view!
if you are a surfer its the perfect place because its just in-front of cloud 9, and if you are just a traveler its also great because the place is beautiful, the food is one of the best on the island and the owners (Gerry and Susan) are very friendly and will take care of everything you need!

stayed there for 3 weeks with my girlfriend and we loved it very much!