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  • Salamis Bay Conti
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Salamis Bay Conti

GAZI MAGUSA FAMAGUSTA 10,Northern Cyprus,CY,Cyprus
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The worst hotel I have ever been too Antonina S on 19/08/2017 21:50 1512 Reviews
GAZI MAGUSA FAMAGUSTA 10,Northern Cyprus,CY,Cyprus

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Salamis Bay Conti

GAZI MAGUSA FAMAGUSTA 10,Northern Cyprus,CY,Cyprus 5 Star Hotel
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Salamis Bay Conti

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Salamis Bay Conti

GAZI MAGUSA FAMAGUSTA 10,Northern Cyprus,CY,Cyprus
#1 of 15 hotels in Famagusta
Overall Rating 4Rating from 1512 reviews
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Traveller Type business(33) couples(525) solo(39) family(580) friends(236)

What People are saying

The worst hotel I have ever been too

Antonina Son 19/08/2017 21:50

I have arrived this evening with my husband and 8month old baby after a long day of traveling to experience what can only be described as my worst nightmare!! Never have I had to call reception so many times, it's 11pm and only now can I put the baby to sleep with all the issues we have faced in our room and worst of all the complications I have faced just to simply make up a bottle of milk for my baby.
I am hugely disappointed with my experience in this hotel

Great hotel!

l0l_l0lon 16/08/2017 21:24

I was here with my family. I have all good words for the hotel and the staff. The room where we were staying was big and very nice. Two pools, beach right ahead of the hotel, delicious food, and very pleasent staff. The beach is beautiful and the sea is warm and nice. Salamis Old Town is 25minutes walk from the hotel, I recommend to see this ancient 'city'. All in all, great hotel and fabulous stay!

A pleasant hotel to stay, amazing stuff

Toma┼ż Con 14/08/2017 12:03

We spent two weeks in Salamis Bay Conti and also spent a few days around the island (North and South) with a rented car. Salamis. Not a 5-stars hotel when it comes to more European standards, but there is really nothing wrong with it. Simple and clean rooms, wi-fi in all areas (albeit a bit jumpy at times), abundant and tasty food and drinks readily available throughout the day as part of All Inclusive package. Spacious pool areas and beach part were all we needed for days in the hotel, although shades on the beach could use a bit of improvement. And if there is something in which this place really excels, it is definitely its staff. In two weeks we have seen only polite, kind, helpful and efficient approach. No waiting, no rudeness, nothing bad, even though the staff has to deal with masses of - I would put it - 1 star guests without any manners. Yes, they paid for AI package, but they didn't pay to treat waiters, bellboys, receptionists and other like their property. This was a bad experience for me, but the hotel and its staff have nothing to do with it, their catered their part with excellence. And I have to say that each evening on the terrace Ahmet managed to bring huge smile to our faces with his kindness, professional approach and a big soul.

All in all, Salamis Bay Conti was a nice refuge for us during our stay in Northern Cyprus. I would not hesitate to return, but maybe slightly out of main season, but just to avoid some of the hotel guests. :)

Think twice before booking

Peter_Pet1on 13/08/2017 20:08

With the exception of a few rooms, this hotel is in dire need of some TLC. Not only it is quite run down, the hygene is also extremely poor and the rooms are dirty. And if I learned anything from Hotel Impossible, cleanliness and hygene is not something we need to be making compromises about.
If I start with the staff - I have whitnessed the receptionists (in this case Hasan) agressively yell at guests complaining about their dirty rooms. His behaviour was more suitable for a Turkish bazaar then a (supposidely) 5 star hotel. In general, other staff don't seem to be well trained (in bars, restaurant and guest relations) and behave as if someobe would ban them from ocasionally smileing.
The restaurant looks like a huge factory cafeteria - queing everywhene. In addition, it seems that the clientele this hotels attracts - mostly Turkish families - is not particularly sensitive about the hygene either. Each one in our group withnesses several "incidents": from thehe usual food touching and fingering, to hotel guests eating their soup directly from the big bowl. The hotel staff does not react to this, even more, the tables are not properly cleaned in between different guests.
The beach is quite nice. However, the umbrellas do not offer sufficient protection from the sun, and e sun beds are dirty - certainly not cleaned over night, I wonder if they are cleaned at all. Cigarette butts everywhere.
To conclude, this hotel is definitely not 5 star, on one hand due to rundown facilities, but even more so, due to unplasant, inefficient and rude staff - particularly those whose job it is to interact with guests. If you want a much better quality of services, go to other hotels in the area. Aikin Palm Beach or Kaya Artemis are wonderful - and, differently from Salamis, do offer you a 5 star experience that you pay for. Ah, and one last comment: not well behaved children are the real masters of this hotel. So, if you don't want to have your meals among screaming children, throwing tantrums while their parents ignore them, do not stay in this hotel.

Nice hotel but maybe doesn't deserve 5 stars

ikrinskyon 12/08/2017 13:46

Just came back from 5 days at the hotel with friends and family and enjoyed very much. The rooms were clean and nice (though simple). Wifi was excellent both in the room and in the public areas. The hotel's beach is very nice and the swimming pool as well. The staff were friendly. The overall experience was good. However the hotel lacks the style and standard of 5 stars hotel. To my mind it deserves more a 4 or 3 stars.