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Seacoast Suites

5101 COLLINS AVENUE,Miami,FL,United States of America
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Seacoast Suites - everything you need to know DIANAMC405 on 20/08/2017 02:35 221 Reviews
5101 COLLINS AVENUE,Miami,FL,United States of America

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Seacoast Suites

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Seacoast Suites

5101 COLLINS AVENUE,Miami,FL,United States of America 3 Star Hotel
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Seacoast Suites

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Seacoast Suites

5101 COLLINS AVENUE,Miami,FL,United States of America
#40 of 78 Specialty lodging in Miami Beach
Overall Rating 3Rating from 221 reviews
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What People are saying

Seacoast Suites - everything you need to know

DIANAMC405on 20/08/2017 02:35

My family and I just returned home today from our 9 day stay at seacoast on 51st Collins. We were a big group of 3 families staying in 3 separate rooms. My family stayed on the 14th floor (14 U). The unit was very clean and spacious and absolutely beautiful bay and city views. Room was equipped with towels, toilet paper and basic kitchen supplies (pots, pans, plates, utensils, cups etc). The room description stated 2 Queen beds but the beds were really full sized beds. Not a big deal for us but worth mentioning. There is free wifi as part of the resort fee but it is terrible. You will be reconnecting several times a day and each time you leave the room. Again not a big deal for the adults but if you have kids, they will complain.
There is renovation going on in the building and the result is drilling and hammering VERY early in the morning.
There is an average sized pool not much to comment here as I'm not much of a pool person. Kids said pool was just ok and a little dirty. We spent all of our time on the beach.
The beach is breathtakingly beautiful but it's too bad the 2 men working the beach chairs were a thorn on our side EVERY morning. So here's the deal folks. As part of your daily resort fee there are 2 beach lounge chairs included and one beach towel per person. Beach umbrellas will run you an additional 15 per day. These 2 men are the most miserable and rude people I've ever seen working in the hospitality business. Every morning was the same discussion on needing 6 chairs ( 2 per room for the 3 families). Every morning we were scolded on the amount of chairs we had and we had to go thru the room numbers and reservation names to prove the chairs were correct. Next, you are not allowed to move the chairs from where these men place the chairs. Move them closer to the ocean you will be reprimanded and told chairs need to be even rows. Move them to the side and you will be told you are out of the property line. I mean it is totally ridiculous. While I understand they are just following rules for the up above, these men have such a terrible attitude and do not know how to treat people respectfully. We had a few unpleasant exchanges with these individuals and while they were being tipped they did not deserve it so at some point we just stopped tipping. Sooo this is how we started our day every day for the entire stay. I can honestly say this is the only reason I would NOT return to this specific location. Looking around at nearby hotels you can see people sitting wherever they pleased. Oh and I forgot to mention chairs are collected promptly at 530 and you will be asked to get up. So if you are an evening beach person, make sure to bring your towel to sit on. There is a tiki bar by the pool but the drinks were terrible. Bring your own to the beach. I loved my vacation and the beach really is beautiful but I would not want to deal with these guys on my next vacation. Hope this helps for anyone looking to book their next vacation. I've included pics of our room and bay views and of course the ocean.

Outdated and definitely not as website shows

pnagisaon 13/08/2017 15:41

Currently staying st the hotel. When booked with Orbitz was told it was 2 bedroom with 3 queen beds!! Definitely not the case!! Got 3 full size beds. The apartment was old and worn down. The kitchen had an outdated stove that the electric burner worked when it felt like it. He toaster in any setting burned the bread. 2 tvs and no remote control!!! Had to ask front desks for remote controls. The bathrooms you can definitely tell were not properly cleaned. Soap scum was definitely visible!! The cabanas men were rude!! Been here now for 5 days and still get questioned about room number. The beach lounges are old and wearing. Some I was afraid for my husband to sit that he would fall through. Definitely no stores nearby. Need to uber or use your car. And beware they hit you with a resort fee and part of it was for wifi. But wifi really suxs and kicks you out every 1/2 hr.

Family vacation

Marcus Hon 26/07/2017 17:20

Perfect place with great "private" part of the beach (fantastic Miami Beach) kids liked the pool which was 6ft at the deepest. The apartment was clean and fresh with marble floor. We had to call for maintenance two times to fix the bath tub sewer but they were happy and friendly.
There was a supermarket in the hotel. All staff was super friendly and helpful except the guy who checked us in who was mr unfriendly personified.


Jayla Pon 18/07/2017 01:25

So first of all they had all of these extra freaking fees that weren't included on any site except their actual site. Then we couldn't check in until 4pm not even an early check in. While we waited we were told that we can't bring our luggage in because we had too many before check in. Then we were told they had to hold our keys way before we even checked in. There was another group of black girls too that had to do the same but later we saw a bunch of hispanics in with ALL of their luggage. So then after we finally check in we go up to our room and when we get off the elevator the hallway looks like a roach motel! Carpet is disgusting, its dark and old. So we go into the suite and some men were still in there. But it looks NOTHING like the pictures. I got the Junior Deluxe Suite with the bayview. The only true thing was the bay view. The showers weren't clean for maybe months because there was soap scum and milldew everywhere. Stove was different and chipped, windows were filthy the carpet was stained. I went and complained and got another room it was an free upgrade so we go to that room and it is the freaking room I ordered EVERYTHING in the suite was somewhat how it looks in the pics. The only the that was different was the view so apparently they put that suite with the bay view. Everyone in that hotel was mean and nasty except the security guard Julia she was awesome I loved her she did everything she could to cheer me up. And the Valet guy named that was Cuban and kind of older with salt and pepper hair almost bald was great as well. The entire time there was just different things we were told that were policy late like the resort wrist band we had to keep on the entire stay. I didn't even know they were apartments! Yes people live there and I know they charge them a lot. Never got housekeeping and it took them forever to bring extra towels. Also they need more people who speak better english.They shouldn't be in business honestly. They only goid thing about this place was the access to the beach and the views. Never EVER go to this place. They charge too much for a crappy disgusting place like that. It is a rip off.

Old and Dirty Hotel

diya777on 17/07/2017 19:08

I booked this hotel on Booking.com, I don't know how it's listed 4 star Hotel, it was totally misleading us.
The room was very old and smelling bad, during my stay i got bad cough because of the bad air quality.
the towel service on Beach was bad and the staff was not welcoming.