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  • Seven Suites Hotel Observatory
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Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

Hollywood Hills Subdiv., Blk. 1 Lot 2, Sumulong Highway,Antipolo,PH,Philippines
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very dissapointed agapaose12cvf on 18/05/2017 15:07 24 Reviews
Hollywood Hills Subdiv., Blk. 1 Lot 2, Sumulong Highway,Antipolo,PH,Philippines

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Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

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Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

Hollywood Hills Subdiv., Blk. 1 Lot 2, Sumulong Highway,Antipolo,PH,Philippines 3 Star Hotel
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Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

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Seven Suites Hotel Observatory

Hollywood Hills Subdiv., Blk. 1 Lot 2, Sumulong Highway,Antipolo,PH,Philippines
#2 of 4 hotels in Antipolo City
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What People are saying

very dissapointed

agapaose12cvfon 18/05/2017 15:07

I am lost of words... i am overwhelmed with disappointment.
The hotel is disgusting and needs a renovation... No proper maintenance, poor housekeeping(or should i say..NO HOUSEKEEPING).
We waited at the lobby for about an hour to be led in the filthy room...the windows, toilet bowl, and tub were dirty. We didn't get the room we reserved(garden suite) because the cable was down but the other room's cable is not working too(celestial suite) I thought the reason why we wait is because they are preparing the room to be habitable... but to my dismay it is HORRIBLE!!!
There are nude painting on the walls of our room (i have nothing against artist who like painting nude but it just doesn't feels right to see it there in the room)
The pool looks like a pond.. it was scary to swim.. you might get skin diseases taking a dip on it . The food can be good if they served it warm. But my husband have a different opinion about food though.. he said the french toast suck, they had no bacon even though it was on the menu.
My husband and I will never ever go back in this hotel...
Too pricey for the service they are offering..
And the funny part is... it cost more on the weekend.. lolol. (i mean why?? it's not like they are gonna be full) i only saw ONE guest..
friendly staff though,
i guess it's too much for being lost of words.

Needs an upgrade

BigMark23on 14/02/2017 22:28

Had to leave after a nights sleep. The service was slow and at times it felt like they were students practicing at the hotel, you'd see that puzzled look when you request or ask for something.
The view that would be the redeeming factor of this hotel.

This hotel has 5 floors, but it is missing something called an "Elevator". I feel sorry for those people who are bound to a chair, they would never get the chance to enjoy the night sky.


Nerissa Jon 14/02/2017 09:54

Poor service - staff are not properly trained to handle customers. Poor management - the hotel needs renovation, especially its dilapidated walls. Poor food - definitely not appetizing to eat! Accommodation is too costly. Nothing to offer!

Slow service

vandolphon 02/02/2017 11:55

We recently had our planning session last month. We booked a function hall with lunch included. Lunch was served past 1pm and there was not enough food prepared for everyone. We had to wait another 30 minutes before the food was replenished. The dessert was fresh fruit salad in syrup. It tasted kinda odd because eucalyptus or mint was added. It tasted like menthol candy was added to it.

It looked like students from the culinary school prepared lunch. It's ok if it was prepared by students. But, the event was booked in advance. Management should have prepared for it.

Astronmer in you

arbsnobleon 30/07/2016 17:20

We went there as a family to try out celestial watching. The place is quaint and nice but swimming pool is not well maintained though. But we won't dare swim as we all know that the temperature is quite cold. We just passed the time staying in our room 'till evening. The room is quite nice and comfy. When evening came, we went up the observatory deck and the resident astronomer is already there waiting for us. The astronomer calibrated his high powered telescope then they let us peek into it one by one alternatively and we saw the moon like that close. It was fantastic. He has to calibrate it from time to time as the earth is rotating and the moon is revolving. He then set focus on mars, jupiter and saturn. And we have never seen them like that close and clear as we only see them on books. Seeing the planets requires certain luck that the skies are clear enough without clouds. We can never forget that experience and i would highly recommend that you try it also.

Thanks tripadvisor