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BOULeVARD DU 1ER NOVEMBRE 1954,Annaba,DZ,Algeria
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By Algerian standard and for a state-run hotel, quite good value AND it accepts VISA sachahuista on 09/08/2016 00:20 38 Reviews
BOULeVARD DU 1ER NOVEMBRE 1954,Annaba,DZ,Algeria

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BOULeVARD DU 1ER NOVEMBRE 1954,Annaba,DZ,Algeria 38 Reviews
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BOULeVARD DU 1ER NOVEMBRE 1954,Annaba,DZ,Algeria 5 Star Hotel
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BOULeVARD DU 1ER NOVEMBRE 1954,Annaba,DZ,Algeria
#5 of 6 hotels in Annaba
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By Algerian standard and for a state-run hotel, quite good value AND it accepts VISA

sachahuistaon 09/08/2016 00:20

As of April 2016, the Seybouse was still the tallest hotel in town and judging by my experience, not the most expensive either in Annaba. That would be Le Majestic next door which charged about 1000 Dinars more for a room half the size and much more dingy. I arrived pretty much with a verbal reservation from the receptionist at the Ibis in Constantine when asked about recommendations in Annaba, and the Seybouse came highly-recommended.

I paid 5700 Dinars (Le Majestic wanted 6500 or thereabouts) for a twin-bed room (1211) with perfect views of the city and the Mediterranean from the balcony. The room was also huge and the bathroom included just that - a bath and a shower. No curtain though so spillage was regular.

Breakfast was poor - it did offer bespoke omelettes - as was the internet but then so is everywhere in Algeria.

But plenty of plugs and everything is close by. A taxi to the bus station takes about 10 minutes.

Visas accepted. Recommended.


AB_Stb_OZon 17/10/2014 16:51

This is an old big hotel in the centre of Annaba. The best is the view on the city. However a big new built Sheraton hotel takes a part of the view. The staff is friendly but the services and hygiene are bit poor. It's a hotel for people who need to be in the centre. Otherwise there are better ones nearby at the beach.

One dirty star.

Stephen Pon 23/06/2014 18:47

Anyone complaining about their life in the US, should be given an all expenses paid vacation at the this place to spend two weeks here, and they'll come back and kiss the ground, as I did. I never felt safe here. When they heard I was from the New York area, there were constant references to the Mossad ! The hotel was dirty, and their excuse for A/C in 110 degree heat and 90% humidity was a small hole on the opposite side of the room from the bed, blowing (sort of) cool air, so I had to rearrange the furniture to be remotely comfortable. When I asked for ice in the "restaurant", (And I speak fluent french), I got a tray with some frozen stuff floating in a liquid with black specks in it. Disgusting! At least I got a hotel room. My colleagues stayed at their "Olympic Village, and got no towels, no soap, no toilet paper; a hole in the ground for a toilet, and only cold water from a sink. I guess in comparison the Seybouse was luxurious.


GUy Son 12/06/2014 08:55

Terrible place. Four stars are at the wall. But this place scores better negative stars. Rooms are totally outdated. Broken fiance, old and dirty carpet, used towels, roaches, toilet did not work, etc etc. Also terrible attistude that in their topfloor panoramic restiarant, you can enjoy the many people smoking. Similarly, at breakfast in the morning. This contrasts totally with the four starts that are on the wall.