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  • Shakespeare Apartment Opera
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Shakespeare Apartment Opera

Dalszinhaz utca 10,Budapest,HU,Hungary
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Awful RussB31 on 26/07/2017 04:20 88 Reviews
Dalszinhaz utca 10,Budapest,HU,Hungary

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Shakespeare Apartment Opera

Dalszinhaz utca 10,Budapest,HU,Hungary 1 Star Hotel
Check in 15:00
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Shakespeare Apartment Opera

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Shakespeare Apartment Opera

Dalszinhaz utca 10,Budapest,HU,Hungary
#5 of 23 Restaurants in Hightstown
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 88 reviews
Rating Summary FoodAtmosphereServiceValue
Traveller Type business(1) couples(10) solo(6) family(32) friends(7)

What People are saying


RussB31on 26/07/2017 04:20

I don't know where to begin. They do a great job of screwing up diner food. We did get lunch so maybe breakfast is their thing. I mean don't you really have to try to screw up a tuna melt!!! The matzo ball soup was embarrassing, basically a soft ball floating in a puddle of yellow grease.

Good old fashioned eats

Don Hon 08/04/2017 03:02

If you are anywhere near Hightston or Princeton NJ, you need to stop at the Hightatown Diner for a real diner experience. Great breakfast, lunch and dinner specials served in an authentic diner since1927. You will not be disappointed

Local landmark didn't disappoint.

Gregory Lon 14/02/2017 21:18

After being disappointed by some of the local fair in and around town, this diner was recommended by a friend of mine. My wife and I stopped in for lunch recently. There were a lot of locals having lunch, soccer players, moms and dads, families. Made for a nice atmosphere. Service was steady and the meal was tasty. Not a five star joint, but a five star hometown feel!

The heart of Hightstown

andrewjmentoon 09/02/2017 20:23

A throw back in time !!! Great breakfast, lunch and OK dinner. A great place to meet old friends and to make new ones. A very comfortable feeling as soon as you walk through the door. Worth a try.

well...they don't skimp on the gravy...

telemarkJaneon 28/12/2016 21:06

We had eaten something non-traditional for Christmas and the day after we stopped here. The turkey, stuffing and gravy platter sounded good to me. Started with a salad so brown, rusty, and wilted...and stopped picking the icky pieces out and sent it back for a cup of matzoh ball soup. It was great but took a long time and was a bowl...a bit much. About the time you'd expect the main course to come out, the waitress let us know they hard almost no fish, including the one my husband ordered. Our meals came. His orange roughy looked pretty good. My turkey platter was a pile of stuff hidden under a giant blob of yellow gravy that went out in a gelatinous jiggle to the plate's edge. Under the mass was freezer-burned (or nucleated) pieces of turkey, some okay pieces and the stuffing looked like it was already digested by...hmmm....maybe that gravy blob? I don't think we'll be taking that detour anymore.