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  • Sherwood Dreams Resort - All Inclusive
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Sherwood Dreams Resort - All Inclusive

Mehmet Akif Caddesi Bogazak Mah, 29 Sok. No 9,Belek,TR,Turkey
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Family holiday Gael H on 16/08/2017 09:04 706 Reviews
Mehmet Akif Caddesi Bogazak Mah, 29 Sok. No 9,Belek,TR,Turkey

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Sherwood Dreams Resort - All Inclusive

Mehmet Akif Caddesi Bogazak Mah, 29 Sok. No 9,Belek,TR,Turkey 5 Star Hotel
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Sherwood Dreams Resort - All Inclusive

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Sherwood Dreams Resort - All Inclusive

Mehmet Akif Caddesi Bogazak Mah, 29 Sok. No 9,Belek,TR,Turkey
#2 of 10 hotels in Bogazkent
Overall Rating 4Rating from 706 reviews
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What People are saying

Family holiday

Gael Hon 16/08/2017 09:04

Hotel is nice. Clean rooms and poolside. Plenty of staff, although none spoke English, apart from the entertainment team. Very disappointed with the lack of Thomas Cook rep or information available at the hotel. Very German and Russian orientated. Food was repetitive but nice. Great selection of fresh fruit at each sitting. Activities were also good. Anna, who did aquarobics, Zumba and step and also the evening kids entertainment, was fantastic. Vulcan was energetic and Marco made us laugh regularly. Kids club was also well received by our 8 year old. Would recommend, but be prepared to be one of only maybe 5 English families. Not really a 5 star that we would know but a lovely hotel all the same. Turkish baths were also great, but a little on the heavy side. Both me and my friend were visibly bruised after the massage 😮

Great family resort 🌞

Karen Won 09/08/2017 12:13

We have just returned from a week at Sherwood Dreams with two children - we really enjoyed our holiday; the food was great with plenty of choices every day and the staff were all helpful and friendly. The kids enjoyed both pools and slides plus the beach/sea but they were a bit old for the kids club which is aimed more at younger children.

The only problem we came across was when the hotel was full which seemed to be Tues to Fri - the restaurant could not cope with demand at busy times so my advice would be to get there at 7pm to ensure you can get a table unless you mind waiting. Our kids preferred to get lunch from the snack bar by the pool (burgers, chips, pizzas etc) and there was always ice creams and Turkish waffles at different times in the afternoon. The wifi was also a bit hit and miss especially when the hotel was full.

We ate in the a la carte restaurant one night which is part of the all inclusive deal - really nice four course Italian meal. Definitely worth booking (the day before at Guest Relations). Drinks were all fab - cocktails for the kids (and the adults!)

Advice I would give other families travelling here:
1. Take plenty of sun cream as it is very expensive to buy at the hotel (£22!)
2. Bring English tea bags if you're a tea fan
3. Beach shoes are a necessity as the beach is stony underfoot if you plan to paddle
4. Bring basic first aid kit/painkillers etc as the doctors service is chargeable

Overall I would recommend this resort if you want a good all inclusive experience - some of the facilities were not open or available at times but that didn't detract from our experience. The spa area is also free and a good place to cool down when it's high sun outside. We had a photo shoot with Barbah which was done well and gave us a reasonably priced souvenir of our stay. The entertainment team work hard to ensure that most nights there are things to watch - disco, foam party, salsa show etc. We came back feeling thoroughly relaxed and a stone heavier from all the lovely food!

Have a lovely trip!

Absolutely disgusting

brooklynashon 27/07/2017 09:35

This would of got 0 rating if I could..

This hotel was absolutely appalling in terms of service. My daughter and I experienced racism from both the hotel staff and other guests.

If you are British than you are treated different to the other guests with majority of them being Russian. And being a person of colour made the racism even worst

Everyday we were given dirty looks, or people asking to take pictures with us like we were some animals in a zoo, as the guests had said "they don't see people like US in their country"

The staff were so rude and unpleasant, and barely spoke a word of English.

The food was appalling, we lived on chips and apples for 7 whole days and being 5 months pregnant this was not exactly ideal.

The water slides were only open for 4 hours out of the whole day, in two, two hour intervals.

My daughter couldn't join in the kids club as they didn't speak English and I did not feel comfortable with her being away with me in those circumstances

I had adults shouting at my daughter as they didn't want my daughter playing with their their children.

I have made a complaint to Thomas cook whom i will NEVER be flying with again. They have not taken my complaint seriously at all as it's been 4 weeks and I've heard from someone only once. The hotel sent a basic letter of apology via email inviting us back!!

Do I look stupid?? Why the hell would I want to go back and stay there after we had an awful time.

I visited turkey back in October and stayed in papillon zeugma which was a very pleasant hotel and this hotel is about 10 mins drive from the Sherwood so I didn't expect the disgusting level of service that we received..

Never ever ever will I go back to Antalya! And I will be taking this further with Thomas cook as this is unacceptable.


Elonaa1on 20/07/2017 23:01

I enjoyed every second I spent on the hotel. Everything was great. The animators were so kind with everyone, they were always looking forward to make people happy. To mention Anna who was a very nice person, Tutku and Akay who were so sarkastic and Can who was so energetic . I will never forget time I spent there.

Not what we expected

Vulpinhoon 08/07/2017 22:22

So, I came with pretty high expectations to this hotel, along with my wife, almost 3 year old son and my wife's parents. I'll try to make this review as short and detailed as posible.
Considering the staff, I do not have much to complain. The check-in was weird, because there was only one bellboy and we had to wait at the reception for him to accomodate other guests first. Other than this, the bartenders and the waiters were very polite and helpful, funny and in big numbers.
The animation team was excellent, with Malik and his team being active, friendly, funny and very communicative. They created a good atmosphere and kept you active throughout your stay.
A VERY big minus was the housekeeping services. I usually tip the housekeepers, but at Sherwood they should have been taxed. In one day, they changed our toilet paper with only one already used toilet paper (YES, ALREADY USED, STARTED)!!! They didn't wash the floors in the bathroom for 3 days!!! I had to ask them. I don't think they washed any floor really. Disgusting and outrageous housekeeping services.
Moving on, if I were to talk about the room, well, it is 4 star and not 5 start room. The room and I think the entire hotel needs serious improvement works. I never saw the indoor pool, nor the turkish baths, but besides that, the bars look average. The pools are clean and very big, nicely arranged for shadow breaks, swimming, children pool and so on. The hotel also has a small aqua park for kids and a bigger one for adults (fun for a day or two). There is another small fun park, with a train, a plane and a wheel, all for kids, but they actually don't work all at once. They actually look old and they are operated by the same entertainment team!
Inside the hotel you can find also a few shops, which have very good prices compared with other hotels i've been to.
The beach is mostly rocky and deep in a few meters after you get in. The sea water was pretty dirty, which was not pleasent.
Besides the daily activities, you had good evening fun with either live music, pool party, dancing shows and so on. Furthermore, until 2 am you could find a disco which was always full of at least 20 or 30 people and, of course, the entertainment team.
The food was generally very good and diverse only in evenings. For breakfast you didn't have to many things to choose from, but for lunch and dinner they usually surprised you every day. The big dissapointment was the barbecue, which was most of the time made with some very dubious pieces of skin, fat and bones (chicken barbecue they say) - it was awful. Also, along the resort you had turkish donuts, hamburgers, ice cream, etc.
The drinks were pretty bad, because you only had included local drinks (after a few days you can't drink them anymore). All imported drinks were charged extra, but the bartenders always tried to make good cocktails and keep you happy.

So, I think I covered everything. The price of the package should have prepared me for a weaker holiday, but I can say that it did its money's worth and relaxed us and most importantly, my son had a great time (fun park, kids park, mini disco). Overall, this is a max 4 star hotel and I learned my lesson (meaning that I should pay a little extra to find a good hotel).