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  • Siana Springs Tented Camp
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Siana Springs Tented Camp

Masai Mara,Masai Mara,KE,Kenya
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People make all the difference! kmackay2017 on 23/07/2017 10:53 121 Reviews

Property Location Siana Springs Tented Camp is located in Masai Mara.

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Masai Mara,Masai Mara,KE,Kenya

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Siana Springs Tented Camp

Masai Mara,Masai Mara,KE,Kenya 4 Star Hotel
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Property Location Siana Springs Tented Camp is located in Masai Mara.

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Siana Springs Tented Camp

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Siana Springs Tented Camp

Masai Mara,Masai Mara,KE,Kenya
#92 of 136 Specialty lodging in Maasai Mara National Reserve
Overall Rating 4.5Rating from 121 reviews
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What People are saying

People make all the difference!

kmackay2017on 23/07/2017 10:53

Stayed at Siana Springs July 18-20 2017 and enjoyed it. Tent was clean, nicely appointed and safe. People were great. Made us feel welcome. Food was terrific.

Sounds of animals at night is special in a tented camp experience.

It was warm and the pool would have been nice after game drive but sadly it wasn't working.

Watch the extra charges

106john2017on 02/07/2017 05:16

I visited Siana Springs many years ago (2000) and enjoyed my time there. I have since visited the Masai Mara 2 other times to different camps. I am planning on visiting again in July but will not go to Siana Springs. I booked through another website and Siana Springs came back and told me that the high price they were charging did not include game drives. It was going to be an additional 1200 dollars for the game drives. This property is DEFINITELY NOT a 5 star property. You can easily find another property of similar quality and even ones of 5 star quality for less money. I highly suggest you not book at Siana Springs.Trip Advisor will certainly help you find a better deal.

Homely and unforgettable stay at Siana Springs

elitzaterzovaon 27/04/2017 15:47

Our group of 4 adults and 2 children stayed at Siana Springs for 2 nights in the week 17 April 2017. This is my 7th time in this establishment and I always stay there when in Masai Mara. We have tried other places inside the park but they are no match for the cosy, natural and relaxing ambience you will enjoy at Siana Springs.
The location is great - exactly becasue it's outside the park - you avoid the crowds of matatus and SUVs in the camps and hotels, you also see a lot of wildwife on the way to/from the camp - elephant, monkey, tik-tik, zebra, giraffe, to name a few.
Then the camp - warm and family-like greetings and support (much more that service) by all staff, we felt so good and at home! There is a unique garden and an open fireplace with tree trunks you can sit on around it, and a guitar man who plays and sings African songs or whatever you want :-) - imagine this in a quiet starry evening!
Surroundings - the best hotel/camp garden I have been to, tall, impressive mature trees (rose wood, bamboo) where you can spot colobus monkeys jumping from one branch to another.
The food - delicious, by a multi-star chef I'd say, we were even asked what dish we wanted for the last dinner we had there! And you can exchange some recipes with the chef who would personally come over to your table to say hi.
The staff - warm and caring, truly treating the guests not as tourists but as friends who will want to come back.
Tents - spacious, super clean, cosy and comfy. I particularly enjoy the hot water bag tucked in the bed before sleep time.
And there is massage you can book just 1-2 hours earlier (while on a safari I asked the guide to call the camp and that was all it took) - one of the best I've ever had.

So, if you really want to get up close and personal with Mara, its people and the area, go for Siana Springs.

Magical experience at Siana Springs!

Thij von 02/02/2017 11:59

We visited Siana Springs and Maasai Mara in early October of 2016, and it was a magical experience! First off: the garden. It was perfectly tended by several professional gardeners, and there were real tame impalas (african deer animals) walking between all the perfectly cut grass and wonderfully colored plants and trees and flowers everywhere! Secondly, the rooms: they seemed like the magic tents from Harry Potter! Never before have I seen a tent which had a beautiful and perfectly functioning bathroom inside of it! And third, the food in the restaurant: this was flawless as well! Excellent food, I had perhaps my best meals in all of Africa there. And best of all, I think, were the people working there. Kenya had struck me already as having very friendly and helpful people, yet never were people so nice as in Siana Springs. Due to a delay on the way there, we arrived quite late in the evening, around midnight, and all the staff of the hotel stayed up to welcome us personally! And they even had a spacious campfire, where a very skilled local singer with a guitar sang songs on request (and he knew a lot of songs).

Amazing time at Sianna Springs

_victorkatrinaon 10/11/2016 15:46

Siana Springs was a wonderful experience for my daughter and I. The staff went far above their normal duties to ensure our stay was delightful. The tents were clean, comfortable beds, a hot water bottle each night was put in beds each night. The food was delicious. A 5+ star stay for us.