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  • Sky Court Koiwa
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Sky Court Koiwa

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Not great... KibokoWise on 20/04/2016 02:29 34 Reviews

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Sky Court Koiwa

6-11-4 KITA KOIWAEDOGAWA-KUTOKYO,Tokyo,JP,Japan 2 Star Hotel
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Sky Court Koiwa

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Sky Court Koiwa

#12 of 12 hotels in Edogawa
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 34 reviews
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Traveller Type business(7) couples(4) solo(14) family(4) friends(2)

What People are saying

Not great...

KibokoWiseon 20/04/2016 02:29

I stayed here for three nights, only because my friend was staying here for work and we could hang out together...

Very much a business hotel, can't imagine why you would stay out here for touristy holiday...

polite staff (it is Japan, after all)
cheap coin laundry

lobby stinks of smoke
duvet cover was so disgusting I tried not sit on it
very old rooms

Quaint little place at Eastern Tokyo about 17 mins from Akihabara and 10 mins from Oshiage (Sky Tree)

gailconson 12/04/2016 08:20

Loved my stay in this hotel.

Mostly residential.
Very near the Keisei-Koiwa station. About 200m-300m away from the entrance of facing the train station. If you are looking for the closest JR station - that would be the Koiwa station which is about 15-16min walk to take Bus No 55 (JPY220) to Koiwa station.
There's a grocery a stone's throw away where you can buy supplies and food. You can choose from their array of deep fried, breaded prawns, chicken, pork, vegetables and others. They also sell pre-packed ready to eat Japanese rice (YUM!) which you can pop into an oven, heat and eat. Price is way cheaper than central Tokyo.

Room size is just right for two people. Bathroom is a bit too cramped but manageable for Asian standards.

Distance to airport:
From Keisei-Koiwa, it only took us 60-70 mins by train to the airport with just 1 transfer. Pretty convenient.

Distance to central Tokyo:
Since it is located at the eastern section of Tokyo, places that are nearby would be Asakusa, Oshiage (Sky Tree), Akihabara, Ueno.

At Koiwa station doorsteps.

Morten Gon 05/04/2016 12:28

It was easy to find, and you could easly get around from the hotel. The staff was ok, and we where directed to our room.

The first impression of the room was that the size was bigger than normal rooms for this price class. The facilitys was quite old, and the refrigerator did not work. The batroom was very small, and you could easly see how old it was. The room should have been throught a small renovation.

The bed was okay, but we cant say the same about the noice. It was like the metro was inside the room every 10 minuts or so, all night long. I have never been at a more noicy hotel as this. So if you are someone who cant sleep with sounds outside your window, dont sleep here.

The network in the room was also good enough to be used for checking facebook, mails, newspaper and use of youtube.
The bed was good, and even with the noice outside did I have a good night sleep.

The location was great as it was placed practically at the doorstep of Keisei-Koiwa station.

Will I use this hotel again? If the price is right, but only then.

Simple and clean

TopDog266on 13/10/2013 13:01

the hotel is located three minutes walk from keisei koiwa train station which is a good thing and bad thing thats why i gave it 4/5 because trains can be noisy, but other than that it was a really pleasant stay, friendly staff, clean and safe place.