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  • Smart Sea View Brighton
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Smart Sea View Brighton

ST CATHERINES TERRACE 9-12,Brighton,GB,United Kingdom
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Cheap and cheerful Arrietty81 on 23/05/2017 06:25 194 Reviews
ST CATHERINES TERRACE 9-12,Brighton,GB,United Kingdom

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Smart Sea View Brighton

ST CATHERINES TERRACE 9-12,Brighton,GB,United Kingdom 194 Reviews
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Smart Sea View Brighton

ST CATHERINES TERRACE 9-12,Brighton,GB,United Kingdom 1 Star Hotel
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Smart Sea View Brighton

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Smart Sea View Brighton

ST CATHERINES TERRACE 9-12,Brighton,GB,United Kingdom
#18 of 23 Specialty lodging in Brighton
Overall Rating 2.5Rating from 194 reviews
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What People are saying

Cheap and cheerful

Arrietty81on 23/05/2017 06:25

The place is clean and comfortable and very reasonably priced, can't really fault it for how much it cost! Nice sized t.v., and a small, but spotless bathroom. The staff seemed very helpful and friendly. I'll say one thing; perhaps it's not for the elderly or the very drunk, as there are a lot of stairs!

Would not recommend.

Agostina Ron 30/04/2017 05:17

Ive emailed with the girl working there so it seemed like a nice place to stay from the photos online and the dorm was a good price. I didnt know it was in Hove and not actually Brighton. I went because Brighton was packed on a Saturday night and there was no room somewhere else. I get to the place and some guys were smoking at the front door. Hove is full of junkies, apparently a known fact for the English, and these guys might have been, not saying they are, but they looked like it, also long stayers.
One of the guys working there was so friendly, I feel bad writing a bad review because of him, but the place is just not good. He showed me the dorms. One room had just one guy there who has been there for a year, nobody else stays in that room cause he and the room stink. The dorms' windows are covered with a brown paper, that is not good news, and also, I like to have a view, even if its of the street the hotel is on, doesnt have to be a great view, but i want to be able to see out the window. So from the 36 for two nights that I was going to pay for a dorm, I paid 65 for a single room in the 2nd floor. I thought it was a fortune for what it was. The room was ok and had a sea view, had table with kettle, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, the bathroom was nice, it was all clean, tidy. As a girl travelling alone I didnt feel safe staying in the dorms with the guys, there were no other girls and the dorms are mixed, so I found myself having to spend a money I couldnt afford to feel safe.I dont think that after emailing a few times, that should happen. So the shower was cold and the heating wasnt working. The nice guy told me it was because "nobody showers at night so they used the hot water already" which is hotel slang for "we turn the boiler off". So they turned it on but I was on the 2nd floor so it takes longer to reach. I really wanted to go to bed but I desperately wanted a shower, I felt tired, dirty and cold after the trip and im paying 65 to at least shower whenever I want. The manager offered me a double room no charge. I wanted to see and check the shower there first before changing rooms. THe shower was working fine there but the room's view, was to the bins. I had a sea view so I wasnt changing that for bins, he told me that I shouldnt care cause I was only sleeping there. I replied that I like to wake up to a view. So I asked to shower there and go back to my room. He said if I did that he cant sell the room. This was 3am, dont know who shows up at 3am and also, I told him "I already tried the shower to see if it worked, it already looks used" so then he allowed me to do that.
My bed lamp didnt work so I asked the guy who fixed my WiFi, which you had to log in every 2 hours. He said he couldnt do anything at the time but he would write it down so maintenance deals with it the next day to what I answered "Cool, but Im not here tomorrow and im paying 65 for this. So I talked to the nice guy and he asked the first one where the bulbs were. He pointed at a cupboard which was full of light bulbs. The nice guy came again to my room, they were not the right bulbs so he went back and brought the right one. SO they had the bulb! The other guy just didnt want to work.
I was happy about the cooked breakfast. It was old looking sausages, very cheap beans and chunks of scrambled eggs. There was a weird smell in my plate that I couldnt work out what it was. It was the scrambled eggs. It just smelled like cleaning product, like mild bleach. I tried a bite to check and they seemed fine but flavourless. So I stuck to the croissants and cereals just in case. The ladies at the dining room were so lovely, though. Most of the staff seem really lovely and caring, but the hotel is just not ran well. I get that they probably run it on long stayers most of the time and weekends and special occasions they get more people, but still, online its sold like a charming house-hotel which is not. The walls are thin so I could hear this woan moaning really loudly all night and morning. The next morning the water was cold. The girl ive been emailing said it wasnt normal, they've been having a problem with the boiler and the handy man came to fix it. It was then that I finally had the hot shower I wanted and left to the YHA hostel which is cheap and on point, delightful in every possible way for 13 a night in a dorm. Im giving a "Poor" and not "Terrible" because some of the staff were really lovely people.

Good room with sea view but some of the hotel is a hostel

crowey123456789on 26/04/2017 16:44

We stayed here for one night April 2017 for a gig in Brighton, needed somewhere fairly cheap but brighton does get booked up very quick. It wasn't really that cheap but in comparison to others and considering there wasn't much choice we decided to book. Part of the place is a hostel and looks a bit run down, there are lots of people always hanging around and smoking outside the front door which is bit annoying and should be stopped, but the staff were all freindly and efficient. The building is huge and ramshackle, very old, some of it has been refurbished in the 70s or 80s I would guess but some of it is original and really nice, ornate, Victorian maybe? Quite an interesting building really. Anyway most importantly the room was fine, twin room 2 nod floor, it was clean big enough, sea view, little table and chairs, beds were comfortable and bathroom Was fine, everything worked as it should and was clean. It was a bit of a walk into Brighton, about an hour along the front, but you can get a cab if your short of time. I was a bit delicate the next morning and I have to say the breakfast was not the best. It was a bit basic, sausage beans and egg which was supposed to be scambled I think but was weird... And grey? Don't know why, I think it had taken the colour of the plastic dish it was in. Anyway I've had better and worse but my other half ate it and was fine, there was cereal and fruits and pastrys as well. All in all I would stay here again for just one night but only if I couldn't find anywhere better.


elbow_lbson 19/04/2017 13:55

Worst place I've ever stayed. Don't go here. Horrible, and it take a lot to piss me off. Loud, police in lobby, bad service, would not compensate for horrible stay. Knew it was cheep going in, and i still did not get what I paid for.

It is what it is

Jamiee Hon 11/04/2017 11:23

Stayed here for 2 nights, in separate rooms as I booked the 2nd night last minute. Walls are thin and you hear lots of noise, but it's not as bad as some places I've stayed at. Friendly staff on the front desk. The 2 rooms I had had plenty of space