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  • Toyoko Inn Otsuka Eki Kita Guchi N� 2
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Toyoko Inn Otsuka Eki Kita Guchi N� 2

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Very disappointing Lulee44 on 13/12/2015 16:04 209 Reviews

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Toyoko Inn Otsuka Eki Kita Guchi N� 2

KITA-OTSUKA TOSHIMA-KU 2-5-9,Tokyo,JP,Japan 3 Star Hotel
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Toyoko Inn Otsuka Eki Kita Guchi N� 2

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Toyoko Inn Otsuka Eki Kita Guchi N� 2

#15,335 of 20,832 Places to Eat in London
Overall Rating 3Rating from 209 reviews
Rating Summary FoodAtmosphereServiceValue
Traveller Type business(9) couples(70) solo(7) family(39) friends(39)

What People are saying

Very disappointing

Lulee44on 13/12/2015 16:04

Staying at a nearby hotel - The Cavendish- we decided to try breakfast at this restaurant. The service and qualify of food was much inferior to what our hotel offered. And Franco's was more expensive. Perhaps we just hit a bad day. The sausage was of low quality. Service was slow.


Q8i13on 11/09/2015 23:53

Very bad and slow service, We waited for 1 hour to get our poor foods !!!!! overpriced , The bill without any details !!!!!!

Bit of a swizz

joannae220on 28/05/2015 12:08

Nice house wine, nice garlic bread, average pasta and average lamb shank....shame I got overcharged by a tenner but maybe I should have checked my bill at the time and not when I got back to my hotel.....

Worst experience ever

mara pon 20/05/2015 09:51

My friend and I went to eat a pizza and we got taste card. The service was rude. The waiter took the order and he forgot cutlery and glasses of another table on my table. When he came to take the order I asked how much was for the extra topping and he said £1.50 but on the bill was £2.50. When I asked for the bill and I asked to remove the service charge because I didn't like the service and I know that in London service charge is an optional even because I worked in a restaurant so I know how it works, the waiter told me that I HAVE TO PAY for it and he started to complain about being a waiter (how hard and difficult is a waiter's life). Dulcis in fundo he added service charge on the full price bill and not on the discounted price as it supposed to be. Worst experience ever.

Nice little Italian Restaurant

Loonabillyon 15/05/2015 23:53

I read the other reviews here and wonder if I'm in the same restaurant, my Wife and I go when we are in London and we both love it. service is great, food is great, wine is great. It's not the cheapest Italian you'll ever go in but it's in the heart of the west end so it's not going to be. I'm truly sorry if the other reviewers meals, service, experience wasn't good, but mine has always been brilliant, I've only been 4 or 5 times so I'm hardly a regular but it's always been good and we will continue to go back when we are in the area