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  • Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa Oimachi
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Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa Oimachi

Oi-SHINAGAWA-KU 1-27-3,Tokyo,JP,Japan
Check in 15:00
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Still improvements needed Dave741776 on 19/02/2017 22:27 64 Reviews
Oi-SHINAGAWA-KU 1-27-3,Tokyo,JP,Japan

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Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa Oimachi

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Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa Oimachi

Oi-SHINAGAWA-KU 1-27-3,Tokyo,JP,Japan 3 Star Hotel
Check in 15:00
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Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa Oimachi

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Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa Oimachi

Oi-SHINAGAWA-KU 1-27-3,Tokyo,JP,Japan
#26 of 42 hotels in Shinagawa
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 64 reviews
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What People are saying

Still improvements needed

Dave741776on 19/02/2017 22:27

Well we're back in Tokyo and again stayed at the Toyoko Inn Oimachi location. Over all is good not to far from the station and shops and such.

Still though the Washer and Dryers need to be upgraded!! Specifically the dryers! Not sure why Toyoko inn thinks these small dryers are good for their guests as most have them. I know the Tennozu location they have these huge commercial dryers which are fabulous but most locations like Oimachi have dryers that are way to small and inadequate for drying clothing properly especially jeans and heavier clothing. I know we had 4 pairs of jeans to dry following a side trip and it took 2 hours (4 half hour cycles) to dry out all the clothing including the jeans and that was splitting the jeans 2 in each dryer and rest of clothing split. These small machines just do not do a good job at drying!

As for the rest of the hotel it remains as it was in my review from last year. Could use more meat in the breakfast menu as some days I would just have the bread and nothing else as no meat options some days.

Also feedback for the entire Toyoko Inn chain

You offer an eco plan but in your eco bag that you hang on the guests door you need to add a roll of toilet paper to it. At least on the rooms with double occupancy that way guests have enough toilet paper to get through to the next cleaning as sometimes the maids don't swap out smaller rolls so toilet paper is sometimes low and we have to ask for additional rolls. So a roll of toilet paper in the eco bag would be great!

Not the friendliest Toyoko Inn staff

MonikaSuryadion 10/02/2017 08:46

I've stayed twice at different times at this particular Toyoko Inn, and must comment on the level of hospitality of the staff (especially the young lady on the front desk earlier this month) which is sub-par compared to other Toyoko Inns I've stayed in other cities. Bordering on rude and very unapologetic, a stark contrast compared to the usual level of politeness and friendliness of Japanese people in general. Which is why I only give this review a 3-rating.

On the plus side, the hotel itself is what you would expect from a Toyoko Inn, although this being in Tokyo the rooms are even smaller than the ones in other cities (I find that the bigger the city, the smaller the rooms) which is somewhat to be expected if you are in Japan often. All the amenities and facility are comfortable enough for a short-stay, and the proximity to Haneda airport is one of the main reason I stayed at this location.

Convenient and good area

fayyongon 17/04/2016 09:37

We stayed two nights at this property, one with the double and another night in semi double. Double room was quite roomy, with an extra coffee table and pair of chairs. The toilet is still using the old bidet without seat warmer like some other chains in tokyo. Room is slightly bigger than the hamacho & haneda 2.

Location is very good! Oimachi has elevator service, no worries for big luggage. There is a Keikyu Airport Limosine bus to Haneda right in front of the Oimachi station , i think it's less than 600 yen ( very good if you have many luggage). The blue line (rinkai) nx to oimachi JR can be use to reach Odaiba easily. There is a huge supermarket Ito Yokado near Oimachi station, very good to purchase!

Breakfast is the usual toyoko standard, plus a little extra compare to other sisters hotel. Simple deal, don't expect luxury.

Do apply for a membership card for long stay.Cheaper member rates and stay 10 free 1.

Good but some inprovements needed

Dave741776on 27/01/2016 10:40

This is our first stay at Toyoko Inn Oimachi but not our first in the Toyoko Inn Chain as we have used this chain all over Japan!

Over all the hotel matches the quality of other hotels in the chain.

Rooms are not large but then you are mainly just sleeping in them so they work perfectly for this and include both internet and breakfast.

2 items though that this specific hotel needs to improve.

Breakfast: Some form of meat should be added to the daily menu. I know I love the mini sausages but seems these are only offered every other day and some hotels also mix in some fish chunks every now and then to mix things up but most Toyoko Inn's offer some form of meat on the morning breakfast so this should be considered for this location as well.

Also Eggs need to be reconsidered as they are way to watery making me think they are powdered eggs so this should be reconsidered as this is the only location I have seen eggs so runny or mushy!

The other item is the Washer Dryers for guests. Larger capacity dryers should be considered as it took me 2 hours to get most our clothing dry and even then the jeans for a little damp as these dryers are not good at all for drying laundry as we have seen these before at another chain and same thing they just do not dry clothing very well.

Toyoko Inn over at Tennozu has large capacity dryers and these do much better job at drying clothing within an hour making it easier for more people to wash their clothing when needed!

Other then these 2 items the rest is good. Only a short walk like 5 minutes or less and has a couple of places near by for shopping and getting food and of course the train to other ares of Tokyo or Japan! You can also catch a bus that takes you directly to Haneda Airport or arrive from the Airport.

Works well for 1 night stay

Kaede_Lon 16/11/2015 16:35

We stayed at Toyoko Inn for a night to facilitate traveling out of Tokyo. We stayed in Double room. It is compact but it worked for us, the price is unbeatable so please downsize your expectation of the room size. The "kettle" provided only allow you to boil a cup size of water each time so for families it may be an issue.

Travel route:
I want to touch on the route home back to hotel from Shinjuku. We naively took JR Saikyo line to Osaki and switch to Rinkai line. It costs us 380¥ 1 way much to our horror! ( JR and Rinkai belong to different operators so it cost more). We wise up and stick to full JR back to hotel. We took JR to Shinagawa and switch to Keihin Tohoku line which stops at Oimachi. We paid 220¥ in fare and travel time is 5 minutes longer. Basically any station on Yamanote that allows you to switch to JR Keihin Tohoku is the best option.

Please note from the hotel to the train station is unsheltered so it can be tedious when it rained.