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  • Vili International Hotel
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Vili International Hotel

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Poor quality and service Soroush A on 08/06/2017 10:47 30 Reviews

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Vili International Hotel

167 WEST LINHE ROAD TIANHE DISTRICT,Guangzhou,CN,China 4 Star Hotel
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Vili International Hotel

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Vili International Hotel

#378 of 3,049 hotels in Guangzhou
Overall Rating 3.5Rating from 30 reviews
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What People are saying

Poor quality and service

Soroush Aon 08/06/2017 10:47

I've bern there for 2 nights. It wasn't good at all. The staff can't talk in English but a person. The quality of everything is poor from net to bed. There is no taxi station in front of the hotel. Actually I count the seconds to check out from this hotel as it was so inconvenient.

Not Worth it and Becareful when you go out at night.

renz824on 03/05/2017 05:09

stayed there for the Canton Fair besides providing shuttle service to canton fair. I didn't really enjoy my stay. The internet was poor and the breakfast was bad. Service was extremely bad at the breakfast buffet and the food was abysmal. The massage next door was good tho but they are charging tourist price. I don't know if its because of Canton fair but if you desperately need a massage. You will definitely be satisfied with their service but for a price. Also, at night there are 24 hours fast food restaurant there, DONT GO OUT AT NIGHT! its not safe, too many homeless people sleep in fast food chain. I'm not trying to say homeless people are dangerous but they become very aggressive when they ask you for money and you don't give. I don't remember them being this aggressive late at night when I was staying at the Ritz (pleasure stay).

Not worth it to economise

Julia Kon 25/04/2017 12:18

I booked this hotel for my visit to the Canton Fair and have stayed at two other hotels in the area, but was trying to save money this time. The economy was not worth it. Mouldy bathroom, peeling wallpaper, damaged furniture. The shower didn't work and the bed was as hard as the floor. I take with a pinch of salt comments about language barriers in China because from experience it depends on who you are talking to but this was no joke. I had questions here and there but gave up. Breakfast, the price of which was pleasantly included in the price of the room, turned out to be another false economy. This hotel is geared totally toward the Chinese and breakfast was so limited for my taste I went to Starbucks instead both mornings. Maybe I'm fussy but instead of my usual fresh fruit, yoghurt and muesli, none of which were available, I could have chosen from assorted pizza or gruel. Hm. It's not often I say there is no way I will return somewhere but this is a cert. oh, and forget the wi-fi. It's free but only because they'd be too embarrassed to charge for it. I gave up in the end. Sorry to be harsh, but not happy.

Not too bad

Brittany Son 28/03/2017 09:10

This hotel has a great location and was super convenient as we headed into the city through the east railway station. The hotel is clean and the rooms are fine. There were a few problems that weren't major but that I wouldn't expect at a 5 star hotel. Lights were broken, the fan in the bathroom didn't work well, the shower head could not be adjusted. These were not huge inconveniences, it's just I expect more when I'm paying a decent price in a Chinese hotel.

Tips: stay for the convenience of location (metro, shopping, food) and not because you want a luxurious hotel.

Past its hey day

Edith Gon 05/03/2017 01:15

Stayed here one night. Must have been a 5* hotel in its day; today it's 3*-, 2.5 would be more appropriate.

You enter into a grand lobby. Once in the spacious room you quickly notice the clear lack of maintenance that ensures proper upkeep of a facility.

That said, the bed was firm, affording a good night's sleep, and breakfast was good.

There are better choices available.